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Watching My Wife ch. 1-5

Watching My Wife
byWoody Woodwood©

I watched my cute little wife get gangbanged and enjoyed it.

Where on earth do you start a tale like mine?

I guess I should set the scene first. My wife, Anna, is a cute little thing, 5ft tall, 34B-24-34 figure, shapely legs, sexy arse, and pert little tits. But what I have always found so sexy about her is that with this dynamite body, and gorgeous looks, she still comes across as one of those women that all men would love to have, but know she just wouldn't give them the time of day.

Now don't get me wrong, she is a lovely person, it's just that she can be so prim and proper.

I guess the real story started on holiday. We love going to the balearic islands on holiday, all that sun, and quite amazingly, Anna has always been happy to sunbathe topless there, and the thought of all those other men bing able to feast their eyes on her breasts, while watching her cute bikini clad arse often meant I had to sunbathe face down to hide my erection.

Then one time we were exploring a part of Menorca we hadn't been to before, and decided to walk across the hills to what looked on the map like a lovely little cove to have lunch and sunbathe that afternoon. It was more of a walk than we thought though, up and down hills, probably two miles in total, but eventually we reached the beach. We started to walk down the waters edge, looking for a spot, and then we noticed that the people in the cove we all sunbathing and swimming naked. Well I expected Anna to want to go back, and we talked for a few minutes, and I was amazed when she said that she was tired from the walking, wanted to stay in the cove and have linch, and if that meant sunbathing nude, then so be it.

So we carried on walking, and found a spot as far away from the others as we could and settled down before discreetly slipping our clothes off and eating lunch.

While we were eating three or four boats came into the cove, all carrying ten or twelve people, and you guessed it, they came into the beach not far from us and suddenly we were surrounded by about thirty naked people, swimming, playing ball games, eating and drinking around us.

Anna didn't seem at all fazed by this, and was remarkably relaxed laying sunbathing nude – I was staggered. There was my prim and proper wife, who wouldn't wear a mini skirt back in England calmly massaging suntan oil into her naked breasts and buttocks not ten feet from a group of naked teenage boys.

She seemed to change a little after that experience, in fact we often seek out naturist beaches now, as she enjoys the freedom.

Anyway, when we returned to England, during the long hot summer we often went out for days in the country, and more and more we would look fir quiet spots where we could strip off and sunbathe nude, and needless to say my thoughts turned more often to indulging in some outdoor activities.

I even got Anna to pose for my new digital camera naked, promising her that no-one else would ever see the pictures.

As summer faded into autumn, and winter was fast approaching, Anna asked what I would like for Christmas – we always try to buy what each other wants, and I asked if she really wanted to know what I would like more than anything else. She said yes, and after asking again if she was sure she wanted to know, I told her I wanted a painting of her laying naked on a beach to hang on my office wall.

I expected her to refuse point blank, but she didn't, she just quietly said she would think about it.

A couple of weeks later she raised the subject of Christmas again, and then brought up my request, asking how we would go about it. So I told her I had been looking on the internet for artists, and had found a couple that took commissions for nude portrait sittings, and suggested we contact them. Anyway, after exchanging emails with them for a couple of weeks, Anna finally decided that she couldn't face going to an artist's studio and posing naked for hours. So the dream seemed to have died. I contacted the artists, telling them of her decision, and one of them, Mark, replied saying that if we had a decent photograph of her in the pose, he could work from that.

After reading that email, Anna agreed that would work, and she would be happier with that. So we confirmed to the artist, and told him we would get the photographs shot once we found a photographer. He came straight back to us with the name and address of a photographer, Steve, he had worked with before who lived about thirty miles from us.

Anna liked the idea of using a photographer who wasn't local, so we rang him, and made an appointment to go and see him. We arrived at Steve's studio one evening, to find him and his assistant, a young lady, waiting for us. Mark had already been in touch with him explaining what we were looking for, and Steve had set up a beach scene backdrop in his studio. We chatted for a while, over a coffee, and then he suggested that Anna go and slip into her bikini for some test shots. His assistant, Emma, went with her, to help fix hr hair and makeup, and about thirty minutes later they reappeared, and Anna looked even more stunning than usual.

Steve and Emma were fantastic, and worked together so well, with Emma demonstrating poses to Anna, and helping to position her etc. while Steve fired away with his camera, which was connected to his PC. The shoot was quickly over, and the four of us sat down to review the shots on the large monitor in his viewing room. The results were stunning, and we took our time to choose half a dozen shots we really liked that Steve then printed off on his laser printer for us to take home.

Steve then asked if we really wanted to go ahead and have the nude shots taken. Anna immediately replied yes, but said she wanted to get her hair done for the real shots, so we agreed that we would return that weekend for a second session.

Saturday was soon with us, and we were back at the studio. Steve welcomed us in, and to our surprise, there were two other men present. Steve introduced then as John and Carl and explained that Carl was a trainee beautician from the local college, while John was his weekend assistant. Anna was a little shaken to find out that she was to be photographed with three strange men watching, but we couldn't really back out now.

Again we sat and chatted for a while over coffee, looking at the test shoot shots again, to decide which poses he would shoot today, and then he asked Anna to go and change out of her clothes, and into a robe ready for the shoot. I was a little surprised, as was Anna, when Carl and John got up to go with her, but Steve explained that John would be looking after her hair, while Carl was the make-up expert.

Anna accepted this, and went off to the changing room, and Steve, seeing the look of concern on my face told me not to worry, they were both professional, and anyway, the changing room had cctv running, to ensure that models felt safe, and with a couple of clicks on the remote, we could see the changing room on screen. There was my wife sitting in her bra and knickers, while John put the finishing touches to her hair, and Carl applied some make-up to her face. Then they told her to slip of underwear, and put on the robe, and left her. Steve turned the monitor off as John and Carl rejoined us.

Anna emerged a couple of minutes later in a robe that was just long enough to cover her dignity, and almost see-through. Steve asked her to take a seat, as he wanted to give her body a few minutes for the lines from her bra and knickers to fade from her skin before the shoot.

As we sat and drank our coffee, I could see John and Carl both eyeing Anna up and down as she sat there in that skimpy little robe. The studio was quite cool, and we could see her nipples visibly hardening through the robe, and because it was so short you could just see the hint of her pussy hair under the edge where it rested on her thighs.

After our coffee, Steve asked Anna to go through to the set and lay down on the sand. We all followed her through, and this was the moment of truth, as she now had to slip the robe off and pose naked in front of three men she hardly knew. I was getting a serious boner just thinking about it, and thought I was going to come in my pants as she sliped the robe open and off, exposing herself completely.

She lay on her side on the sand, adopting one of the six positions Steve was going to shoot. Steve went over to his equipment, and with a flick of a switch had the sample shot with her in a bikini, projected on the wall, with the now naked Anna projected over the top of it. She wasn't quite in the same position, and Steve asked her to move a couple of times, to try and get the two images to match. Once he was happy he fired off the camera half a dozen times.

He shot the next couple of images with no problems, Anna was quite good at adopting the poses and matching her body to the image on the wall.

The fourth pose had Anna lying on her back, and this time she wasn't in the right position, and although she moved two or three times under Steve's direction, as she couldn't see the images on the wall, she couldn't get it right. Without any hesitation, Steve asked Carl and John to go and go and move her legs and arms into the right position.

Anna never flinched as the two men gently moved her arms and legs, although I did think that John's hand got a little close to her pussy while moving her leg. When they stepped back, Steve pointed to the way Anna's arm crossed her breasts, and it wasn't quite the same as the original, so Carl went back, and to my, and Anna's surprise, he lifted her arm slightly with one hand, and then gently pulled her breast up a little with the other before letting her arm back down, and then gently pulling his hand away from her breast. I nearly popped my cork there and then – not only was Anna laying there naked in front of three men, one of them had just had a quick feel of her breast, heaven.

Steve fired off some more shots, and then had Anna roll away from he camera for a rear view. There was no way she was going to get this position right, and so John and Carl went straight over and started gently moving her arms and legs into position. Steve was watching all this with a quizzical look on his face, and when they had got her into position, he quietly asked John to apply some foundation to her botom, as he was getting a little flare from the studio lights. John didn't need asking twice. He knelt down at her side and gently massaged the foundation cream into her gorgeous bottom, and Anna just lay there and let him do it. I was amazed, but enjoying every second of watching another man fondle her cute little arse.

So five down and one to go. Anna rolled over again, to face the camera, slipping quickly into the pose that Steve was going to shoot. I felt disappointed – this was the last shot of the day, and I was hoping to see some more action between the other men and Anna. As if he was reading my mind though Steve simply said that Anna had been under the lights too long, and was glowing with a light covering of sweat, and because of this the tones would be all wrong, and he wanted some foundation on her thighs and breasts, to stop them burning out in the picture. Carl and John didn't take asking twice. Like a shot they were kneeling alongside my prone wife, with the foundation cream in their hands. John began rubbing it into her thighs, starting on the outer thigh, but Carl was much less bashful. He had some cream in both hands, and simply rubbed it all over Anna's breasts, and then slowly massaged it in. Meanwhile John had finished the outer thigh, and was gently applying more foundation to her inner thigh, getting closer and closer to her lovely little pussy until his hands were rubbing against it as he massaged the cream in.

It was all over too quickly though, Steve was happy with the effect – apparently the additional foundation would stop the skin tone burning out, and from the state of her nipples, it was evident that Anna had enjoyed the attention. If she could have seen my rock hard dick she would have known I was enjoying it to.

Anyway, Steve took the shots, and called it a wrap. Anna got up, and without bothering about the robe, walked back to the dressing room naked to dress.

We all went back through to the viewing room to wait for her, and had another coffee. Steve explained that unlike last time where he had been shooting digital, this week he'd used film, so the pictures wouldn't be ready for a few days. We arranged to go back and collect them in a weeks time, and headed on home.

Anna was very quiet on the journey, so I asked her what was wrong. She said that she felt a little strange about the shoot. She explained that she hadn't expected there to be other men there, and certainly hadn't expected them to touch her and fondle her the way they had.

"But you didn't complain" I said. "In fact, once or twice it looked to me as if you might have been enjoying it."

"That's part of the problem" she replied " I was shocked when they touched me, but also intrigued to find out how you would react, and just how far they would go"

"Well to be honest" I lied "from where I was sat, I couldn't really see what they were doing, so what happened". She then told me how one of them had lifted her breasts gently, and the other had massaged cream into her bottom, which she admitted had given her a little tingle of pleasure. The just before the last shot she had had her breasts massaged by one of the assistants, while the other worked his hand up her leg until he was able to stroke her pussy on the pretext of massaging in the foundation cream. She admitted that it had turned her on being touched that way by two men at once.

When we arrived home, I found out exactly how turned on, because she couldn't wait to get me to bed and give me the ride of my life.

The next week we returned to the studio to collect the pictures, and they were fantastic – Steve had done a really good job, and Anna and I were both a little surprised at how good she looked. We thanked him profusely, for his time, patience, and skill.

To our surprise, he asked if Anna had ever thought of modeling at all, because she had taken to being in front of the camera so easily, and had coped so well with taking direction and being positioned by his assistants without any fuss. He thought she would be a good subject, and was sure he could find some work for her if she was interested.

Anna asked what sort of modeling he was talking about, and Steve replied with whatever you are comfortable with. Adding that you've already posed nude for me, and have a lovely body that would make it easy to find outlets for erotic work.

She wasn't sure about this, but after a long conversation agreed that she would come back to the studio later in the week for a test shoot, to provide x cards for Steve to submit to some editors.


We spoke to Steve to confirm that we would be coming back to the studio for the promotional shoot, and agreed that we would again make it a weekend, so that it didn't take up his studio time during the week. It also meant that I could go along with Anna and hopefully watch her getting a little more attention from Steve's crew.

He told us that he would need to shoot a range of material, covering all aspects, clothed through to nude, and suggested that Anna should bring a business suit, a full set of matching underwear, including suspender belt, and stockings, a bikini and a babydoll.

We arrived at the studio at 10am as agreed, to be greeted by Steve, Carl and John who were there too.

Steve asked to see the clothing we had brought with us, and then sent her away with Carl and John to have her hair and make-up done.

Steve asked if I wanted to watch as Anna was prepared for the shoot, and I tried to stay calm and collected as I said yes. Steve switched the CCTV on so that I had full view of the changing room, and I watched as Anna, Carl and John entered the room. The room was rigged with four cameras so I could see from all angles at the same time, and listen in too. Carl suggested that Anna strip off before he started on her make-up. She was a little surprised at this request and asked why this was necessary, Carl explained that as they would be shooting full nude shots, she would need a base foundation all over before she got dressed in her lingerie.

Anna accepted this, and started to strip out of her clothes, Carl and John didn't take much notice of my beautiful wife stripping off in front of them, and they merely continued getting everything ready. Once she was nude, Anna sat in the chair while John touched up her hair, and Carl got started on the foundation, starting on her arms and shoulders.

Once John had finished with her hair, he started to help Carl with the foundation, starting with her feet, and working up her legs. By this time Carl had completed her arms and shoulders, and suggested it would be easier to do the rest if Anna stood up. She just stood there with her legs apart as John knelt in front of her working up her legs with the foundation cream. His face was just at pussy height, and he must have had a wonderful close up view of Anna's pussy. Meanwhile Carl was working down her back and sides.

Then, almost in unison, I saw Carl's hand slip under her arms working foundation into her stomach, while John's hands moved round to cup her buttocks and gently massage in the foundation.

As Carl's hands moved slowly upwards towards her breasts Steve interrupted my thought pattern by asking me if I was enjoying watching my wife being fondled by two men. What could I say, he was obviously aware that I was, so I admitted it. By now the screen showed Carl's hands gently massaging Anna's lovely little breasts, and by the look on her face she was enjoying it too. John hand got to grips with her bottom, and was now working on her lower stomach and inner thighs. The camera angle wasn't fantastic, but it would be reasonable to assume that as he applied the cream to her inner thigh he must have made contact with her pussy lips.

I couldn't say for certain, but I'm sure I saw her flinch just a little when he made contact with her clit.

Steve then asked the 64 million-dollar question – how far would I like to see my wife go? I thought about it for a while as we watched the two men put the finishing touches to her make up. Anna the started to dress for the first set of the shoot, putting on her stockings and suspenders, bra, knickers, blouse and skirt.

"As far as you can get her to go" I replied with a shaky voice "with one condition, I get to watch it all, and get a copy of absolutely every picture".

"Deal" said Steve.

Once Anna had finished dressing, we all decamped to the studio for the first set. This was to be a sensual striptease. Anna sat on the sofa, and followed Steve's instructions very carefully as he directed her to turn this way and that, lifting her leg to expose a little stocking top, before letting them drift apart to expose her skimpy knickers to the prying camera.

I have to say watching my wife as she slowly stripped to order in front of three other men was having the desired effect on me. By the time Steve had Anna unbutton her blouse to expose her pert little breasts encaptured in the see through bra, I had a raging hard on.

Anna slipped the blouse off, and leant forward over the sofa, wife the skirt pulled up to expose her knicker clad bottom. The Steve had her stand and slowly push the skirt down over her hips and let it fall to the floor. All the time he is shooting away with the camera capturing every second of her striptease, and every inch of her body.

He asked her to slip her hand inside her bra and cup her breast, and then slowly pull the cup aside to expose her nipple – it was very warm in the studio, so the fact that her nipple was rock hard showed that she was probably as turned on as I was. She reached behind her to unclasp the bra and slipped it down her arms, bringing both of her breasts into view, before peeling her knickers down to expose her beautiful pussy to us all.

So clad in just her stockings and suspenders, which I personally find the most erotic of sight, Steve had her pose for the camera in various positions, exposing her pussy fully to us and the camera. For the final sequence he had her face away from us with her legs apart, and slowly bend over until she was looking straight back at the camera through her legs – this position really opened up her pussy for us all to see.

Anna disappeared back into the dressing room to slip her bikini on, and returned a couple of minutes later ready for the next set.

Steve announced that this set would be a couple sunbathing – Anna was shaken. "I never expected to be with someone else," she said nervously. But Steve calmly explained that professional models would be expected to work with other models all the time, so he needed to promotional material showing this. He added that as this was just for promotional material the other person in the shoot would be Carl.

"That's not so bad then," said Anna "He's already seen me naked, and helped with the make-up so it won't be quite so strange". At that point Carl came out of the dressing room wearing just a pair of swim shorts, and he did have a very toned body on show.

So we moved to the second set, where there were two towels laid out on a bed of sand. "Lets start with the two of you laid on the towels" said Steve. He posed them in various positions, you know the type of thing you'd see in beachwear catalogues, before moving them closer together getting Anna to lay her head on Carl's chest. Then he had them cuddling and messing around, ending with Anna on her back and Carl sitting astride her

"Ok" said Steve, "lets have some topless shots now", so Anna knelt up and reached behind her to unfasten the top. "No" Steve said "Remember you're supposed to be a loving couple on the beach, Carl should do that." So Carl knelt up behind her and unfastened her bikini leaving it hanging loose over her breast, then he reached around her and cupping both breasts slowly pushed the bikini top up and over her head.

Steve than had them lay down on the sand again, but this time Carl was snuggled close up behind her, with his arm wrapped around her, cupping her left breast, leaving the right breast exposed.

"Let's add a little suntan lotion now," said Steve, throwing a bottle over for Carl to catch. "We'll have Anna putting it on Carl first". So Carl laid face down and Anna knelt beside him gently massaging the suntan lotion into his back and shoulders, as she moved slowly down his back Steve told her not to forget to rub the cream under the edges of his swim suit. She worked her way down his back, and legs before Carl turned over to lie on his back. You could see clearly that he had enjoyed Anna's touch, as the bulge in his swimsuit had become far more pronounced.

Anna started at his feet, and slowly worked her way up his legs edging closer to his balls, and as she rubbed the cream into his inner thighs you could see his balls moving as her hand rubbed them up and down. She carefully pushed a little cream under the edge of his suit as she worked over his stomach and up towards his chest. "Lets have you sitting astride him while you lotion his chest" said Steve.

Anna complied with the request, sitting astride Carl, now the only thing between her pussy and his rock hard disk was two swimsuits. She must have been able to feel him rubbing up her pussy as she massaged his chest.

Once she had finished, Carl had her lay face down while he started to rub suntan lotion all over her arms and back. He didn't need asking to cream under her suit though, as he worked down her back he just slipped his hands under the bikini bottom, and massaged my wife's cute little arse. Then he worked his way down the back of her legs before turning her over.

Again he started at her feet, and worked his way up her legs, paying plenty of attention to the top of her thighs, and again you could see the material of her bikini moving under the pressure of his hands as he creamed the inside of her thighs.

Then he sat astride her, and squirted a line of lotion right across her breasts before gently massaging the cream over her lovely little tits, paying particular attention to her nipples. My raging hard on was fit to burst at this point. This was getting better by the minute as far as I was concerned. I really loved watching the guys applying the foundation, but this massage of her breasts was far more sexual and open than the quick touches earlier and at the first session.

Then he slid down her legs a bit, and slowly worked his hands down her stomach towards her bikini bottoms. When he reached them his he just carried on, pushing the bikini bottoms down a little with his hands until he was massaging the cream into the top of her pussy hair.

"Now, don't forget you're supposed to be a loving couple on the beach" said Steve, "So let's see a little messing around." I'm not sure that Anna understood what Steve meant, but Carl obviously did, because he just leant forward and softly kissed Anna smack on the lips. You could see she was a little surprised, but undeterred, Carl continued to lightly kiss her cheek before nibbling on her ear.

Now little did he know, but he had hit upon her weak spot – there was nothing that I knew that would turn her on more than having hr lobes kissed and nibbled. I saw her head just tilt back a little in that tell tale way, I knew she was now putty in his hands, and I think Carl knew that too. He stretched his legs back, so he was now laying on top of her, and she let her legs drift apart a little so he slipped down between them. His dick must have been rubbing up her pussy as he stretched forward squashing her breasts into his chest and continued to nibble her ear lobes.

Anna's arms came up around his back and reached down to his bottom, over his swimsuit, and gently pulling him in towards her obviously lost in the heat of passion.

Steve made a little gesture towards Carl, who slid his hand back down to Anna's breast, and lifting his chest just a little he started to gently tease her nipple with his fingers, while working back to her mouth with his lips. The he rolled them both over so that Anna was sat astride him, still with her bikini clad pussy directly over his now rock hard dick, and then he sat up, which put Anna's breast almost level with his face and in the one movement he had her breast in his mouth sucking away. Anna was siting there, with her head hanging back, her eyes closed, completely gone with the moment. I don't even think she was fully aware of where she was or the fact that she was being seduced on camera.

When he drew his mouth back off her breast I swear her nipple was longer and harder than I had ever seen it before. He flicked it with his tongue before switching to the other breast. While he was keeping my wife mesmerised with his breast sucking, his hands slid slowly down her back to her bottom, but this time he slid them inside her bikini bottoms so he was gripping her firm but tender cheeks and gently rocking her on the tip of his dick.

When he slipped his hands in the back of her bikini he left his thumbs outside – a strange thing I thought at the time, but then I realised that every time he rocked her gently forward he was easing his hands deeper into the bikini bottom, and with his thumbs hooked over the waistband her bottom was slowly being exposed.

Another gesture from Steve and Carl rolled over again, so they were laying face to face with Anna's now half uncovered bottom towards the camera, and his hands went right underneath her buttocks, exposing almost all of her bottom before he rolled her back onto hr back and lay alongside her. Now I could see that the slow and gentle pushing down of her bikini had uncovered about half of her pussy hair, and Carl's hand ran back up her body to her breast so he was sucking on one nipple while rolling the other between his fingers.

He then went back to nibbling her ear and gently massaging her breast. Again Anna's body tensed as she reacted to her ear being nibbled, and Carl read this sign so well. I watched as his hand left her breast and glided down to her half-mast bikini bottom and into the mass of her pubic hair. His hand slipped quietly out of view, but again the thumb was hooked over the waistband. His fingers must have been touched her pussy lips as her legs twitched the way a woman's legs do when a new man finds her honey pot for the first time.

Her legs drifted apart and his hand slipped between them, pushing the front of her bikini down as it went.

There was going to be no stopping her now, Anna was turned on and purring. I was rock hard and leaking pre cum like crazy.

Carl moved to kneel between her legs and pulled her up so she was kneeling in front of him. Her bikini was hardly covering anything by now, and he pulled her close kissing her and crushing her beasts into his chest again. His arms drifted slowly down her back until his hands were resting on her bikini, and then leaning back just a little he stared straight into her eyes as he eased her bikini bottom down to her knee's. Anna then stood up and let him pull them right down to the floor and over her feet.

This left Anna standing and Carl kneeling with his head at pussy height. He reached behind her and grabbing hold of her beautiful bottom gently pulled her pussy into his face, kissing and nibbling at her pussy lips.

I almost shot my load there and then. This was far more exciting than I ever imagined it could be. Sitting there in a photographic studio watching my now naked wife being licked and sucked by a virtual stranger, not only in front of me, but also in front of two other men and a camera. If you haven't tried it, you should.

Carl slowly stood up; kissing her stomach all the way up as he did so, and when he was standing he gently pushed her down. Anna responded by kissing his chest and stomach as she moved to kneel before him.

Once she was kneeling, his dick was level with her head, but still encased in his swimsuit. Anna gently kissed his dick through the suit before sliding her fingers into the edges of the suit and slowly pulling it down. Carl's dick was soon peaking out over the top of his suit, and Anna's mouth and tongue were straight on it licking and nibbling gently away as she slowly exposed him fully. She pulled his suit right down and off, and placing one hand around his rock hard shaft slowly pulled it down and into her waiting lips.

I had never seen my wife looking so turned on as she was right now. I had never seen my wife with another man's dick in her hand. I had never really imagined I ever would. I certainly hadn't imagined I would be so fascinated and so extraordinarily horny at the sight of it.

Carl's dick looked about average size, I wasn't about to measure it, but Anna had her lips wrapped around it and her hands were now firmly gripping his arse cheeks, holding him firm and steady as she started to give him a blow job.

Carl stood there with his eyes closed, and his hands in her hair, just enjoying it as Anna's head bobbed up and down his dick. After a couple of minutes of just basking in the pleasure of her sucking he slowly began to take control of the situation, tightening hi grip on her hair he started to thrust forward gently on her downward stroke, adding a little more thrust each time. His balls were slapping up her chin every time he sank his dick fully in her mouth. Her cheeks bulged from time to time when he thrust slightly sideways instead of straight into her mouth and throat.

He was beginning to fuck her face and Anna was enjoying it. Every few strokes he would pull his dick right back, almost popping out of her eager lips before plunging right back down until his balls rested on her chin and her lips were touching his stomach. His thrusting increased in pace, and I knew he was getting ready to fill her mouth his cum. Anna must have known as well, but she continued to grip his arse cheeks rocking her head back and forth in unison with his now frantic thrusting.

I couldn't take my eyes of the scene in front of me. There was my prim and proper wife, who a few weeks ago wouldn't have considered kissing another man eager sucking on the dick of someone he had only met twice, and with a photographer capturing the event forever. Carl's muscle began to tense as he approached the point of no return, and he thrust harder and harder into Anna's waiting mouth, then he pulled out completely and blew a massive dollop of creamy with cum all over her face and in her hair. Spurt after spurt of young mans cum hitting my smiling wife in the face. I can't say I'm an expert on men's cum, but it looked like one hell of a load to me. Once his last jet had arced over her face he slipped his still hard, but messy dick back between her lips.

His cum was dripping off Anna's face and slowly running down over her breasts and nipples.

"That's a wrap," said Steve calmly putting his camera down. "That was an amazing scene" he said "are you sure you haven't done this type of thing before?" he asked my wife. She let Carl's dick slip from between her lips, and just looked up at him sheepishly, with cum plastered in her hair, over her cheeks, and running down her breasts.

"Never" she replied "but it was fun".

"Well you'd better go get cleaned up" said Steve "and I think we'll stop there for now."

Anna seemed a little disappointed with the last sentence – I think she was ready for more if you know what I mean. But she and Carl headed of to the dressing rooms, while I went back into the office with Steve.

He asked me how I felt; now I'd watched my wife in action with another man, so I told him. Horny as hell. I had really enjoyed it, and it was evident that she had too. Then he asked if I still stood by what I had said earlier - "As far as you can get her to go" – so I asked him why.

"Well it's simple" he said "today we got her to give a young man a blow job and take a face full of cum without even breaking a sweat. If you still stand by your statement, bring her back next weekend and we'll get her laid properly"

"I'll see what I can do" I replied.

Anna joined us a couple of minutes later, as Steve was burning the CD of the shoot that he gave us.

"I've got to run these past some people but I'm confident that I can secure some paid work for you if you want it" he said to Anna "So you interested?" he asked.

Anna nodded her head and said we'd ring in the week to find out how things were. Then we left.

Once we were in the car on the way home Anna asked me how I felt about what had happened, and so I told her how turned on I had been watching her getting slowly seduced by Carl. She reached her hand across and unzipped my trousers, to release my still rampant dick before leaning across and slipping my dick in where Carl's had been a little earlier.

Now I like a little fun while I'm driving, but I wasn't risking my life for a blow job, so I turned down a country lane, let the seat down and got the blow job of my life from my good lady wife.

Will we return for the paid shoot?


Later that week, Steve rang to say he had an offer of a paid shoot if Anna was interested. He had been contacted by a local company who was putting together a new website and promotional campaign to promote their "sensual massage" for women.

He explained that the shoot would follow the normal massage service offered by the masseur. Anna thought this sounded like a nice simple shoot and agreed.

So the following Friday we went down to the studio for the shoot. When we arrived Steve introduced us to two men, John and Mark, who were both masseurs who worked for the company. They told us that the company was fairly new to the area, and that their boss had decided that one of the best ways of developing new business would be to be able to refer potential clients to the website where they would be able to see their unique service in action.

I asked them what was so special about their service, and they just grinned and said that the company ethos was to guarantee their customers total satisfaction, and that at the end of the session, each client is left with a generous portion of a potassium enriched cream to massage into their bodies.

Well it all sounded good to Anna and me. She was gong to get paid to have a massage, and receive this special cream at the end as well.

Anna went off to the changing room, where she had been told she would find a gown to put on once she had stripped off – and John and Mark reminded her that she should be totally naked under the gown as the oils they use would stain any clothing. They went through to the studio to prepare, while Steve explained how the shoot would work.

As the majority of the shoot was for the website, it would be shot on video, with some stills along the way. The studio was set up with three static video camera's, one either side of the massage table, and one directly above it, together with a still camera.

Steve had a fourth video camera mounted on a moveable tripod, again with a still camera mounted next to it. He suggested that I stay in the office and watched the shoot through the video feeds into his monitors, so I would be able to see what was coming from all four cameras at the same time.

Steve then went through to the studio and I settled back to watch the shoot in comfort. When I looked at the overhead camera, I noticed something strange about the massage table. Instead of being a fixed, flat table, it had extra arm extensions on each side that pivoted out from the table, and it had a split down the middle at one end, which looked as if it would separate as well.

I heard Anna enter the studio at that point, and one of the guys asked her to hop up on the table, and lay face down, but to unfasten her gown before she did. So I watched her lay face down on the couch, with a short white gown cover her gorgeous body. John and Mark then came into view, and I noticed that they were no longer wearing the ordinary clothes they had been earlier, but had changed into white medical style coats as well.

John was one side of the table, and Mark the other. They each had a little table alongside them with a bottle of massage oil and some hand towels. I heard one of them start talking to Anna, explaining that the formulation of the oil was designed to relax their clients completely, but in a stimulating way. Sounded a little confusing to me, but Anna just said fine.

He also explained that they would both be working on her at the same time, and then peeled her gown away to leave her completely naked on the couch.

They both poured some oil into their hands before going to work on Anna's back, massaging the oil in and working back and forth across her back, slowly moving down her back towards her bottom. They poured another shot of oil, this time directly onto her cheeks and got to work. I shifted my view to the overhead camera and watched intently as four hands expertly massaged my wife's sexy little arse. Gently pulling and pushing and working the massage oil all over.

Ever so often one of their hands would disappear from view as it tucked down between those lovely cheeks.

They then moved to her feet and massaged them well before starting on her legs. This was when the design of the table came into its own. With a quick pull, the bottom half of the table separated, bringing my wife's feet about two feet apart. Steve moved to the end of the table and followed their progress up her legs towards her waiting pussy, which was now evidently moist and ever so slightly open.

John and Mark worked so well together. Each working on one leg, and as they worked her thigh muscles, getting closer and closer to her pussy there was always one hand on her inner thigh. As the massaged away I could see the outside of their hands brushing up and down Anna's pussy lips. She was laid with her head to one side, and she had that wasted look on her face. She was really enjoying all this attention.

John and Mark continued their ministrations, now with one hand each working back on her bottom, and the other working right around the top most part of her thigh. Steve zoomed in to bring her pussy up in glorious wide screen in front of me, and every time either Mark or John's hand went between her thighs their thumbs were slipping into the folds of her pussy and catching her clit.

They slowly brought this part of the massage to a close, before asking Anna to turn over to lay on he back. She did as she was asked, and she lay there fully exposed to the overhead camera, as they had not pushed the legs of the table back together. She was so moist now, you could see the wetness of her pussy so visibly, and her clit was rock hard between her parted lips.

They placed her arms on the arm rests, and puled those out so she was now laid spread eagle on the table. John and Mark each took and arm, and went to work, moving up and down her arms to her shoulders. Then the switched to her feet, and slowly worked their way up her legs and over her knees. Once they started to work on her thighs I could see each stroke pulling her pussy lips apart and then pushing them back together as their hands moved slowly but surely towards it. They continued working in unison on her thighs until they reached the top, and as one of them drew his hand back out from between her thighs the others hand would slip back between them.

A quick glance at the camera focused on Anna's head showed that she was not arching her head back, and biting her lips with the pleasure they were giving her as they stroked her pussy with the outside of their hands.

John then moved to the head of the table, and Mark moved round between her legs. "Are you ready for the most exhilarating bit?" he asked. Anna just nodded her head. "We're both getting a little warm with all this work, do you mind if we slip off our cots?" he added. Anna just gently shook her head without opening her eyes.

They both unfastened their massage coats and slipped them off. I don't know why, but I was a little surprised that while they were both naked underneath, neither hand a stiff dick.

"We're going to complete the massage now" he added "would you like the additional potassium enriched cream as well?" Anna nodded. I don't know whether she had worked out what this "potassium enriched cream" was, but I had - sperm is very rich in potassium, these two masseur's were planning to give Anna a couple of doses, and I was going to sit here and watch them in full technicolor.

They started by drizzling a stream of massage oil right down Anna's front, starting at her neck and running it down between her breasts, past her belly button, through her pubic hair, and finally down the already moist lips of her pussy. The oil must have been cold, because Anna twitched with pleasure as it ran over her lips and clit.

They started by leaning forward over her and reaching to the centre of her stomach to begin, moving in long slow round strokes as they massaged her torso. John was moving slowly up towards her breasts and Mark down towards her pussy.

As they straightened up I switched back to the overhead camera, and watched as John's hands gently glided over her breasts for the first time. Her nipples were rock hard. Steve zoomed in on his hands as they massaged her glorious breasts. He started to gently pulling on them, stretching his hand right around the base of her breast and ever more firmly bringing his fingers and thumb together, up and over her breast, then pulling at those nipples to stretch them out from her chest.

Meanwhile Marks fingers were now running through her pubic hair, with his thumbs disappearing between her legs. Each stroke took his hands down her thighs a little, and then back out over pussy onto her lower stomach. He was expertly massaging her pussy.

Her nipples were getting harder and longer with every stroke. It was at this point that I noticed that John's dick was stiffening. Indeed it was now at what we call half-mast, pointing straight out and resting on the massage table along side Anna's face.

Mark started to massage the uppermost part of her inner thigh, trapping her pussy lips and clit between his thumbs as he did so, and then he started to massage her pussy itself.

John reached to the side of the table, pressed a couple of buttons, and the headrest folded down leaving her head hanging back over the table. This caused Anna to open her eyes, and there directly in front of her was John's dick. She didn't need asking or telling she just opened her mouth and let it slide between her lips. John continued to massage her breasts, and as he did he also slid his dick in and out of my beautiful wife's waiting mouth.

Mark had his fingers working in and out of her pussy, while John was massaging her breasts and gently fucking her face.

Marks hands then stretched her legs wide apart, and the moment I had been waiting for finally happened. His now rock hard dick was laid between her lips and he gently pushed forward and it slowly disappeared inside her.

There was no doubt now. The formal massage was over and they were no working on producing their special cream for her.

I had dreamed of this minute so many times, but never thought it would happen. My beautiful, sexy wife laid between two men, with a dick in her mouth and the other buried I her pussy.

Steve was shooting close ups of John's dick as it slipped in and out of her waiting mouth – covered in her saliva. Even with her head upside down you could see a look of pure lust on her face. The overhead camera was giving me a great view of Mark's dick sliding in and out of her pussy, slowly getting covered in Anna's cream.

Steve moved down for some close ups of her pussy, zooming right in so it filled the screen. It was stretched tight around Mark's dick, and he was slowly but surely increasing his pace.

Now both men had their hands on her breasts, squeezing them and pulling on her still erect nipples. Her hands were griping the edge of the table so tightly, and then her back arched from the table as she orgasm. Mark's dick was creamy and sticky and her pussy juices were beginning to gather at the base of it. His strokes became longer and more forceful as he neared his own climax.

John was still slowly pumping his dick into her mouth, and pulling on her breasts, while Mark had reached a full head of steam. Pistoning his prick deep inside her before pulling it almost all the way out before slamming it back down, in and out and in and out. He must have been getting close. Anna's hands gripped the table hard again, as she bucked underneath him, nearing a second orgasm. Mark's thrust became more and more urgent, and Anna was pushing her self onto him to get him ever deeper in her. She shuddered with a second orgasm, and just as she began to come down, he pulled out and shot his spunk up and over her stomach. Jet after jet of hot white spunk squirted over her stomach and breasts.

John was still gently fucking her face and both men massaged Mark's come into her body. Then John pulled his dick out of her mouth and they turned her over onto her front. Mark moved to her head, while John took his place between her legs.

John's dick now slipped into her already well-used pussy and he too started to fuck her with all his might. Meanwhile Anna was gently licking Mark's now softening. John was gripping her arse cheeks, holding her legs wide apart, so Steve could get some good close up footage of his dick slamming into Anna's pussy. Steve also got down below the table to get some footage of her stretched pussy as John's dick speared in and out like a piston. Every stroke making his balls bounce off her pussy lips and clit.

Mark now had his dick in Anna's mouth. He was just standing there while she sucks away, being pushed up and down on his dick by John's shagging. She had the look of a cat that had got the cream.

She let Marks cock slip out of her mouth as John brought her to orgasm for the third time in barely ten minutes. Again as she hit the height of her orgasm he pulled his dick out of her pussy and shot his load in a wide arc over her arse and up her back. His come formed a small pool in the arch of her back, and once again the two of them gently massage the cum in to her body.

"So" Mark said, "you've had the massage, and two shots of our special cream. Do you like the service we offer? Anna didn't reply, she just slumped down on the massage table with a big broad smile on her face "Another very satisfied lady" he said.

They gently draped Anna's gown over her body as she lay there smiling, and wandered off to get cleaned up.

Steve came back to the office and asked me how I felt, now that I had seen my wife get a good fucking from two studs. I had to admit that I had enjoyed watching it. So much so that I would love to see it again, but possibly with more men.

Steve then told me about a client he did regular work for which involved everyday women being gang banged, and asked if we would like to set up a shoot. Anna hadn't returned from the dressing room at that point, so I just told him I'd get back to him.

What should I do?


The story so far:-

Chapter 1 – in pursuit of having a nude oil painting of my wife we end up at a photo studio where she gets a little man handled during the shoot. The sight of other men touching my naked wife turns me on and I decide I want to see more. My wife enjoys the modeling experience and agrees to a second shoot.

Chapter 2 – Shooting a soft boy girl set my wife's co-star gets her over excited and she ends up giving him a blowjob on camera. I love watching this, and enjoy the after shoot sex.

Chapter 3 – Anna accepts a shoot for an erotic massage service and ends up shagging both the masseurs and being covered in their cream, while I watch it all in glorious technicolour. The photographer tells me about a "gangbang" shoot he is looking for a model for.

Chapter 4

Anna and I left the studio as soon as she was changed, and she was very quiet as we drove home. Not the excited, turned on rampant woman she had been after the last shoot.

So I asked if she was alright and she told me that she was worried about the outcome of the shoot, and what I thought of her after she had let two men have sex with her on camera.

I reassured her about my feelings, and reminded her that I had been sat watching every second of the shoot, and that if I had been unhappy I could have stopped it. I also admitted to her that I had got so hard watching the two masseurs working away on her body. I told her I had enjoyed the experience almost as much as she had.

This seemed to put her mind at rest, and she then relaxed and opened up telling me about how turned on she had become during the shoot and how much she had both wanted and enjoyed the sex. When we arrived back home, we went straight to the bedroom, and made mad passionate love. I wanted her to really know that she would always be the woman for me.

In the aftermath of our lovemaking we returned to the subject of the shoot and she confessed that having two men at once had been a big turn on for her, as she had never been in a situation like that before. She had especially enjoyed having a cock in both her mouth and pussy at the same time.

So I asked her if she would consider another shoot, as Steve had mentioned the possibility to me before we had left the studio. She asked what it would involve, and so I told her, quite honestly, that I only knew that it would involve full sex scenes like today's shoot, but I didn't know what the full details were.

She then asked me if I really wanted to see her being shagged by some more men. I again told her that I loved her, I enjoyed watching, but that the decision would have to be hers. So she asked me to find out the details.

I rang Steve the next day and told him that Anna would be happy to do another shoot, and that she understood that it would involve more sex scenes, but that before she would finally agree we needed more details about the shoot.

Steve said that he couldn't really tell me too much, as the company that produced the video's just booked his studio and brought their own props on the day, and he was just one of the camera men. All he could confirm is that it was for a gang bang based website, where a woman is coerced into a group sex situation. He said they never tell the models much in advance, to keep the video's very realistic. He added that the pay for the shoot would be £1,000.

That evening I explained the brief outline to Anna, telling her the shoot was for a website and would be a video shoot where she would end up having sex with more than one man, but that we would only find the full story line on the day of the shoot.

She was a little apprehensive about the lack of detail, but when I mentioned the size of the fee she decided she'd go ahead.

So I rang Steve and confirmed. He said he'd get back to me with the date of the shoot.

Anyway three days later a parcel arrived, addressed to Anna. It contained some clothes, and a note from Steve. The note said that the clothes were for the shoot, and she should be wearing them when she arrived at the location. The shoot was scheduled in two day's time and would be shot on location at a pool hall, which was obviously closed to the public.

The clothes were smart and tasteful, but damned sexy. A pair of sheer black stockings, with fully fashioned heels and toes, and a seam up the back. A lovely matching bra, knickers and suspender belt set, pale blue, but very light and whispy and most certainly see through. A short kilt style skirt, black and white check, topped off with a blue and white blouse that fastened with three bows up the front, and was cut deep to expose Anna's breasts, while remaining completely decent. Over and above this the package also contained a set of handcuffs, a 10 inch dildo, and a can of spray cream all in a little carry bag that matched the skirt.

Steve rang me the next day, and told me that when we arrived at the pool hall, I was to go straight to the managers office, where I could watch the whole proceedings on the CCTV and the edit feed from the video camera's being used. Whereas Anna was to wait in the lobby area where she would be met and given a brief explanation before entering the pool hall.

On the morning of the shoot, Anna put the clothes on, and looked absolutely stunning. I would have happily shagged her on the spot, but we had to get going. She repacked the handcuffs, dildo and whipped cream into the bag, and off we went.

We arrived at the pool hall, and once inside I followed Steve's instructions, and left Anna in the entrance and went up to the managers office. To my surprise Steve was waiting for me. "I thought you'd be down stairs filming" I said. "No need" he replied "this crew bring their own cameramen, so I'm here to keep you company, and ensure you get a good view" as he closed the door behind me.

There were two sets of four screens, one set for the CCTV, and the other for the feed from the video camera's. Steve brought up the CCTV covering the reception area, where Anna was patiently waiting. A couple of minutes passed before the door opened and a man walked in. He went straight to Anna and explained that the film they were going to shoot was of a stag night that gets out of hand. He asked her if she was sure she wanted to go ahead, and she nodded her head. He then gave her a document to sign, and told her that once she walked into the pool room itself the door the shoot would start immediately, so she needed to be ready to perform.

She touched up her make up and said she was ready. He pulled the door open for her and as she walked through it he locked it shut behind her.

I was watching the eight screens in front of me, and watched my beautiful wife walk into the pool room, dressed to kill. It was only at this point that I noticed that there were five pool tables in the room with four players at each table and a couple more men at the bar.

"Hey the entertainment's arrived" one of them shouted, and the whole room stopped playing pool and looked over to the door. Anna walked straight to the center of the room, and asked who the groom was. They pointed out a smartly dressed man – he was about twenty five, and I guess average height.

"Well, lets get this show on the road" she said, putting her bag down on the central pool table. "Lets have a chair in the middle here for the groom, and the rest of you best get sat comfortably too." A chair was put into the centre of a room, and the others formed a circle around Anna and the groom.

The bar tender changed the CD playing, and that cheesy old stripper music struck up.

Anna started to dance. She was swaying gently to the music, and flicking her skirt about, to give them a glimpse of her stocking tops. She went over to the groom, and straddled him, grinding herself into his lap. As she straddled him, her skirt lifted up her thighs, so her stocking tops were on show to everyone. The groom brought his hands up onto her bottom and puled her tighter into his crotch.

She stood up again and turning away from him bent over to reach down an unfasten the straps of her shoes. This caused the short skirt to rise up exposing her knicker clad bottom to him. He of course took the opportunity to slip his hands up under her skirt and squeeze her cheeks. Kicking her shoes off, she danced around the room, flicking her skirt up to flash her knickers and stocking tops to each and every man in the room.

After completing the circle of the room she returned to the groom, and invited him to unfasten the first of the bows one her blouse. He chose the top on, and the blouse fell open to expose the top of her breasts. She placed her hands on his knees and bent forward towards him. Her blouse fell further open and he was now looking directly at her beautiful breasts. Of course, the other effect of bending forwards like this was that her panty clad bottom was exposed to the men standing behind her.

The groom gripped the second and third bows while she was bent over, and as she stood up they both came undone. The blouse fell open exposing her bra clad breasts to the groom and the room.

Once again she set off around the room, slowly flashing her breasts to all the men, and slowly slipping her blouse off her shoulders and throwing it onto the nearby pool table.

As she approached the groom again she unfastened the little belt holding her skirt together and opened it out before letting it fall to the floor. She stepped straight forward and straddled him again, this time wearing just her bra, knickers, stockings and suspender belt.

The cameramen where each zooming in on different shots. One screen was filled with her bra lad breasts as she pushed them into the grooms face. Another was focusing on her knicker clad bottom and the grooms hands kneading her firm cheeks. While another showed the audience shouting and urging her on.

She was again grinding herself against him as he sat there pulling her tighter towards him. He buried his face between her breasts, and continued to squeeze her arse cheeks.

She pulled away from him, reached down and pulled his t-shirt up and over his head, before leaning forward and crushing her bra clad breasts into his now naked chest. Anna stood up, pulling the groom up with her, before kneeling down in front of him and unfastening his trousers. She pulled them down around his ankles, before pushing him back into his seat wearing just his boxer shorts.

One of the camera's zoomed in on his boxers, and you could see the outline of his hard dick.

Anna then turned around, and sat back on his lap, grinding her knicker clad bottom into his boxer clad erection. He reached round her and grasped her breasts in both hands, giving them a good squeeze for the camera.

Anna jumped up again, and slowly made her way around the room, straddling each of the men there in turn, letting them all have a feel of either her bottom, or her breasts, as she ground her pussy against their crotches.

As she worked her way round she slipped the straps of her bra down and off her arms, and she had the last of the men unclip it, so as she walked back towards the groom she could let it fall away.

Anna straddled him again, and crushed her naked breasts into his naked chest, and he slipped his hands down the back of her knickers to squeeze those cheeks. She leant down, and pulled out the can on spray cream, gave it a quick shake a sprayed a little onto each nipple, before presenting them one after the other for him to suck.

Then she was up again, spraying her nipples with cream as she went right around the room again, letting each man lick the cream from one of her nipples. This time she approached the groom from behind, and reached around him to pull his arms back behind the chair. As he fumbled between her legs, she picked up the handcuffs and clicked them in place. He was now helpless in the chair.

Anna went round to the front of the chair, and facing him, slid the knickers down to expose her pussy hair. Then she turned around, so the other side of the room could see her pussy hair before bending forward and pushing her knickers down and off. As she did this the groom had a perfect view of her pussy lips between her legs.

So now my wife was naked, except for her stockings and suspender belt in a roomful of men. She sat back on the grooms knee, grinding her naked pussy into his lap. The other men in the room were getting very noisy now.

She stood up again, turned to face him, and pulled him to his feet. You could se his rock hard dick straining against the material of his boxer shorts. Anna knelt down in front of him, and slowly peeled his boxers. As she released his dick, it stood to attention inches from he face. She pushed him back into the chair, and spayed cream over his balls and dick before licking it all of. Then she put a little directly onto the head of his cock and slipped her mouth over it, taking his dick deep in her throat before pulling off it again, having sucked all the cream away.

Then she again sat astride him, crushing her breasts against his chest and grinding her pussy against his cock, before lifting herself slightly, grasping his cock and slipping it between her pussy lips. Now she started to fuck him, moving up and down and back and forth, working his cock in an out of her pussy. One of the camera's zoomed in on her pussy lips, and you could see her juices running down his dick and over his balls. She was so excited.

Some of the other men started to strip off their clothes, but remained seated, watching and wanking as Anna fucked the groom. She kept writhing up and down and round and round, lifting till there was just the tiniest part of his dick resting between her wet pussy lips, before plunging down and forcing his cock deep inside herself.

She fucked him for about ten minutes before lifting herself off him.

"You want to see him come?" she asked. The question wasn't directed at anyone in particular, but the whole room answered, as they moved closer to Anna.

Again she pulled him to his feet, and kneeling down in front of him she grasped his dick and fed it into her hungry mouth. Working up and down his shaft with her tongue and lips, teasing his dick until his butt cheeks tensed. He was ready to come, and she knew it. So she pulled her head away, and licked at the head of his cock as he erupted, shooting his come into her mouth and over her face.


The story so far:-

Chapter 1 – in pursuit of having a nude oil painting of my wife we end up at a photo studio where she gets a little man handled during the shoot. The sight of other men touching my naked wife turns me on and I decide I want to see more. My wife enjoys the modeling experience and agrees to a second shoot.

Chapter 2 – Shooting a soft boy girl set my wife's co-star gets her over excited and she ends up giving him a blowjob on camera. I love watching this, and enjoy the after shoot sex.

Chapter 3 – Anna accepts a shoot for an erotic massage service and ends up shagging both the masseurs and being covered in their cream, while I watch it all in glorious technicolour. The photographer tells me about a "gangbang" shoot he is looking for a model for.

Chapter 4 – Playing the part of a stripper at a bachelor party Anna strips and teases before fucking the "groom" and taking his spunk all over her face

Chapter 5

After taking his cum all over her face, Anna looked up to see that the other men in the room were now all naked with their dicks out. She looked a little taken aback at the number of stiff cocks in front of her, and in line with her "role" in the video said that she was only there to sort out the groom. That was what she had been paid for, so she'd like her clothes back so she could leave.

Everyone in the room just laughed "but you did such a good job with him, and you've got us all standing to attention. So be a good girl and help us out a little" said one of them "Just come and give us all a little suck."

Playing the part of a reluctant participant Anna moved the first man, and grasping his firm dick in her had flicked her tongue over the end of it, then slowly slipped it into her mouth. Only this guy didn't have his hands handcuffed behind his back, so as soon as she had a good mouthful of dick he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her head right down till his entire shaft disappeared into her mouth. He didn't move at all, he just held her head tight with his dick wedged in her throat.

"Well sweetie" he said, "now we've got your attention you'd better listen and listen good. You just put on one hell of a show, and have got us all very randy so now, you're going to have to ensure that we all get some satisfaction. You ain't going nowhere until we say so." He pulled his dick back out of Anna's mouth so she could take a breath and then plunged it right back down again. "There are twenty three of us here, and one way or another we're all going to have a piece of your pussy before you go home. Now you want to do this easy or hard?"

Again he pulled out of her mouth to let her breathe. "Well? He asked. Anna looked up at him and you could just hear her cough out the words "please no, not all of you". "She wants it hard boys" he said, and plunged his dick right down her throat again. "Get the table ready" he said, as he roughly fucked my wife's face.

A small table was set up over near the bar, and they attached leather straps to each of the legs. Once these were in place four of the men walked over to where Anna was having her face fucked. They took hold of her and though she struggled to get away dragged her over to the table. First they tied each leg to one of the table legs, which spread her feet about four feet apart, and then they bent her backwards over the table and pulled her arms down and secured them to the other legs. Her head was hanging back over the edge of the table, so she was in the perfect position to be spit roast. Her whole body was stretched, and her breasts were pointing proudly up at the ceiling.

The man who had been face fucking her moved between her legs, and nudged his cock up against her pussy lips. "You know this could have been a lovely gentle experience for you, but you had to struggle. So now we'll just take you as we want." Then without another word he stabbed his dick into her pussy and started thrusting away. Another of the men moved to her head, and placed his cock at her lips. "Don't even think about biting." He said as he forced his dick into her mouth.

There she was, tied to a table in a seedy pool room, with a man fucking her pussy and another fucking her face. She'd taken two men at the last shoot, but this time there were twenty more waiting their turn.

The stud between her legs was thrusting back and forth in time with the music, and had his hand resting across her stomach with his thumbs reaching down to massage her clit. The one fucking her face was also thrusting in time to the music, while squeezing her tits with his hands. The other men moved closer still.

Every time the guy between her legs thrust into her pussy the table moved and it forced her down deeper onto the cock in her mouth. Five or ten minutes of rampant sex followed before the guy between her legs pulled out and shot his seed up and over her stomach. The guy in her mouth took his cue from this, and pulled just far enough out to shoot half his cum into her mouth and the rest onto her face and hair.

As they walked away from the table, the camera's zoomed in on the sticky mess of her face and stomach. Her pussy lips were open and we could see that she was wet and horny.

Two more men stepped into position. The camera's focused on their dicks as they pushed into her pussy and mouth respectively. They began to push in and out of their own choice of holes in a slow rhythmic fashion, pulling right out before plunging deep back inside her. The dick down her throat was a little longer than the previous one, and every time he sunk it to the hilt you could see it moving in Anna's throat.

She was gagging and bucking as they shoved their dicks deep into her mouth and pussy. "We've a real live one here" one of them said. "Thank god we tied her down."

Time and time again they thrust in and out of her mouth and pussy, using her in unison. There was four video camera's filming every second of Anna's experience, two shooting full length shots and two in close up, one focusing on her pussy and the other on her mouth.

Every time the dick slid out of her pussy you could see her juices streaking against his skin. He pulled his dick out completely, and rubbed the angry purple head against her clit for a couple of seconds, before a fountain on spunk arced up and over her stomach and breasts, adding to that from the first guy that had shagged her. There were thick creamy streaks of cum reaching all across her stomach.

Once he had finished he was quickly replaced by another, the first of the coloured guys. This was first for Anna – she'd never had a coloured guy before, and I certainly hadn't seen one shagging her. His dick was longer than the two previous – they seemed to get bigger with every guy that stepped up to fuck her. I would have guessed around ten inches long. He let it rest on her pussy lips for a while before gently easing it in. Inch by inch he pushed his dick into her wet and sloppy pussy Anna strained against her bonds as his dick inched its way in. Pain or pleasure, I don't know.

The one that was fucking her mouth was hammering his dick home time and time again and then withdrew, shooting a second load over her face, breasts and in her mouth. For a moment one of the camera's zoomed right in on a trickle of spunk as it ran down her cheek and into her hair.

When it zoomed out again another man had his cock in her mouth.

They took it in turns to fuck her, one by one, one after another, each one pulling out and adding his steamy spunk to the others until there were just three men left that hadn't partaken of either her pussy, or her mouth. Anna was covered in cum. It was bubbling from her nose, it was matted in her hair. Her breasts where white and slimy with it, as was her stomach, and her pussy hair was completely white and matted.

She had stopped struggling against her bonds by this time, and was laying there quite resigned to the group fucking she had been getting.

The last three men were stripped and ready for action, they each had dicks that must have been twelve inches long. One of them lay on his back, and the rest of the group unfastened her ropes. They picked Anna up, holding her legs wide, and lowered her onto his waiting dick. Her body weight pushed her down the length of his dick, until all twelve inches had gone from view. Then the second one knelt behind her. He rubbed his dick against her pussy lips and slowly forced it in along side the twelve inches she already had up her. Then they started to fuck her stretched pussy. As one pulled out, the other thrust deep. Her mouth fell open as they fucked her, and the third guy stepped up and pushed his twelve inches into her throat.

Every time he thrust you could see her whole throat bulge as his head sank down it. Long slow deliberate strokes pulling right out to let her breathe before sinking the full twelve inches again.

The three of them worked her body hard for ten or so minutes before the one in her mouth let go his load. Only he didn't pull out. He rammed his cock as deep into her throat as he could and shot jet after jet of hot white spunk down her throat. So much that she couldn't swallow, and his semen ran out of the side of her mouth and down her chin and breasts.

The other two now started to fuck her stretched cunt in unison, thrusting deep inside her at the same time. I'd never seen a woman's pussy wrapped around two dicks like this before, and they pistonned in and out. Then they came together inside her. She was so full of dick that there was little room for their cum, and it ran down their dicks and her thighs.

When they stopped pumping their spunk into her she was pulled of them, given her clothes and pushed naked out of the pool room into the waiting area.

Steve unlocked the door to the viewing room and I went down to my wife. Her hair was matted with the semen of eleven men, and dried semen was crusted over her cheeks, neck, tits, stomach, and thighs, and her pussy hair was one big white crusty mess.

There were no facilities for washing, so I slipped her coat over her abused and naked body and we made our way home.

I filed the bath for Anna and left her to soak. When she was rested she joined me in the lounge. She was very quiet. Eventually she started to talk again. She wanted to know if I had enjoyed the experience of watching her being gang raped. What could I say? I felt ashamed to say that the experience had left me with the biggest hard-on I'd ever had. For her part she admitted that she had enjoyed the first part – fucking the groom, and even the beginning of the gang rape scene, but by the time the fifth or sixth man started to fuck her she was numb and in real pain.

She decided she wouldn't be doing any more shoots.

Seven days later we received a DVD through the door from Steve's studio. It was the final version of the gangbang film.

Watching Her With A Friend

Watching Her With A Friend

I've long fantasized about seeing my wife with another man. I've shared that fantasy with her, and she's been kind enough to indulge my story telling while we're together. Sometimes, she just rubs my dick while I tell her about it. But lately she's gotten involved in the story telling.

She also knows that I love to see her in stockings and high heels. At 45, she has a body that most 35 year olds would envy. From her pretty face to her perfect ass to a great set of legs, she is the complete package. And she knows how to use it. Short skirts and very high heels are staples of her wardrobe. She enjoys wearing them, and adores the admiring glances from men years her junior. Sometimes, those glances become less than subtle stares.

Her name is Mary, and while she was very conservative in the early days of our marriage, she's come out of her shell over the last couple of years. For instance, we were at a strip club in Memphis recently where she tipped the stripper, only to have the stripper remove her blouse. She admitted it scared her a bit the first time, but the frequent return trips to the stage were proof she enjoyed having a hundred or so men lust after her tits. One time, the DJ whipped the assembled men into a frenzy, asking if they wanted to see her pussy. She was shocked and just stood there until the dancer slowly and seductively lowered her skirt and had her step out of it. There Mary stood, wearing nothing but her black thigh high stockings and high heels. The crowd went crazy as she stepped down from the stage and walked back to our table. I should say strutted back to our table and sat down, still naked. A quick check showed she was very wet from the excitement.

It was about a year later when I started suggesting that I'd like to see her with another man. She was hesitant at first. She would go along with the story telling, knowing it made my dick stiff, but she wasn't really into it. But as the time went on, she seemed to actually show some interest. It started when she mentioned it would have to be someone we both knew and that she both liked and felt comfortable with.

Enter Scott. I've known him for many years, and Mary met him at the Country Club after we were married. He is tall, good looking, charming and has always shown an interest in Mary.

Talk about inviting him over was the subject of many sessions as she sat in her stockings and heels and jacked me off. She would tease me and delay my release as she verbalized my fantasy. By the time she finally allowed me to cum, I was begging.

Well, as luck would have it, Mary came home one night and told me she had seen Scott at the pool. They got into a discussion about his pending divorce and how horny he was. Mary saw the opportunity and said "Maybe I can help out with the."

His quizzical look was quickly answered. "Craig has always wanted to see me with another man. I told him it could only be with someone I'm comfortable with, and I choose you."

He just stared at Mary in a state of disbelief. "Are you serious?" was all he could muster, to which she said "Absolutely. But just be clear. He will be there to watch, and you must remain discreet." She also told him she would set the rules and the limits for the night. "I'm in." was all he could say, followed by "When?"

She told him that she'd always found him attractive, and was ready for a little strange dick. Combined with the fact that I wanted to see it happen, she had the green light for a new sexual experience.

The date was set. It would happen Saturday night. And she had it all planned.

"I'll start with a special fashion show." she told me. Something to loosen every one up. Scott and I would sit out on the patio and enjoy a cigar while she served cocktails in a sexy little outfit.

She looked delicious in the first outfit. It was a very very short black skirt with black seemed thigh highs and four inch heels. We could almost see through the near-sheer blouse, and could almost see the tops of her black stockings when she bent over.

First she walked over to me, and did a little turn like a model on the runway. I asked if she was wearing underwear, and she told me I'd have to find out for myself. So as she stepped closer, I ran my hand up her leg, enjoying the feel of the stocking. I paused briefly as I felt her soft thigh above the stocking. Then, as I moved further up, my hunch was confirmed. She was not wearing any panties, and she was very moist.

Scott asked what I found out, to which Mary said he should find out for himself.

Mary walked over to him, and he did the same thing I did, with a big smile on his face. But as he started to withdraw his hand, Mary took it, and pushed it back between her legs.

I knew just what was happening, as she started to gyrate on his finger. After enjoying his touch for just a few minutes, she reached down, withdrew his hand and took his fingers to her mouth, sucking them dry like they were a cock.

With the taste of her own sex on her tounge, she bent over and kissed him on the lips, giving him a taste, too.

"I'm going to change into another outfit now." she announced. As she started walking away, she rested her hand on his crotch. "Well, I can see I have your attention already." And with that, she was off to change.

The next outfit was even more stunning than the first. A white garter belt with white stockings and white high heel pumps. While she had on some very small panties to conceal her sex, her see through white knit blouse left nothing to the imagination. Her tits were on parade for both of us. As she brought us each another drink, she smiled and said "either of you see anything else you'd like?"

Scott's hard-on was visible through his loose pants.

"I can help you with that," she said. With that she took his hand and held it to her left breast as she stood between his open legs. Then she repeated her earlier move of stroking his cock through his pants.

"He may have to come out for air." she cooed. And before he know what happened, she drew down his zipper and had reached in to remove his cock.

I was in bliss. I was shocked at her boldness, and loved her more for putting on such a display. She stroked his cock until it became fully erect, then bent over to kiss the purple head. "I'm going to take my time with your dick. It's been nine years since I've had a different cock, and I'm not going to rush this."

With that, she took him in her mouth for a moment, making him moan. She withdrew, saying something like "that will keep you thinking of me for a few minutes." She continued to suck on him in a teasing way for several minutes as I watched.

I could also tell she was enjoying it. Scott's dick was not huge, but it is much larger than mine. She would alternate between gently licking him and then taking his entire manhood in her mouth. She was making us both crazy, him from the great head, and me from the great visual.

Then she came over to me, drew my dick out of my pants and repeated her performance. She didn't have to say anything for me to know what she was thinking. She'd never seen my dick that hard and ready to explode. Her boldness made hornier than ever.

"One more outfit." she announced, and with that she was off to change again.

Scott and I just enjoyed our drink, and he told me what I already knew. That I was a lucky man, and that my wife gave great head. He said he was happy to be invited and wanted to make sure I was OK with him fucking my wife. I assured him that I was fine with it, as long as I was a part of it and got to watch.

I'm not sure we were ready for her next appearance. When Mary walked back onto the patio, she was wearing a very sexy garter belt holding up seemed stockings, and she was walking on five inch strappy stilettos. And that's all she was wearing.

She stood between us for a moment, briefly rubbed her own breasts and licked her lips. I don't recall every seeing her look more sexy.

She walked up to Scott, nibbled on his ear and again reached for his dick, withdrawing it again from his pants. Her mouth slipped from his ear down to his mouth, and they traded tongues.

"I want to feel the cock inside of me." she announced. With that, she took him by the hand, and they walked off. "Come on," she said. "You've wanted to see this for a while and I've wanted to feel his dick inside of me for a while, so let's go."

They walked to the tall bed in our guest room. She told me to just relax in the big chair in the corner and enjoy the show. With that, she leaned him against the bed, and pulled his shirt over his head. Her lips returned to his ear, then down to his chest, licking and sucking his nipples before she returned to his mouth.

Moments later, she slid his pants down and he stepped out of them. She knelt down in front of him, and teased his dick for a moment with her mouth. Nodding for me to watch, she slowly licked up and down his dick and took his balls in her hands. Then she slowly welcomed his sizable dick into her mouth, working it in and out.

He leaned back as his eyes rolled back into his head. I've had many a blow jobs from Mary, so I know what he was enjoying.

She continued to work her oral magic on his dick until it was clear that it was rock hard and ready to explode.

Before he knew it, Mary had Scott on the bed, on his back. I was amazed at what I was seeing. She climbed on top of him and lowered her now drenched pussy onto his poll. She rode him up and down for a length of time that was impressive. I know that I would have blown my load by then. It just seemed to make him stronger. That's when she had her first orgasm, and was clearly enjoying herself. Maybe more than she thought she would.

She climbed off his dick, and positioned herself on all fours facing me. "Get in from behind." was her simple order, and he complied. Up on his knees, he spread her ass cheeks and slowly plunged his dick into her soaking pussy from behind. She's always liked it that way. He sawed in and out of her pussy, and now it was her time to moan. I know that his big dick was reaching parts of her pussy too deep for my much smaller dick to reach.

She motioned for me to come closer, and as he continued to saw in and out of her, she reached for my dick. She didn't suck on me, but just played with my lightly. Again, I thought I would explode all over her.

"I just want to keep you involved." She said. Then, she send me back to my chair with the instruction that I was to continue to play with myself, but not to cum.

I've never had an order so hard to follow. I barely touched my dick as Scott continued to saw in and out of her. And then it hit. I saw her beautiful eyes open wide. Her breathing quickened, and she started to moan, followed quickly by gasps and several calls for the Lord. That was her second orgasm.

He rolled her over, pulled her legs over his shoulders and continued to give her all she could handle. I couldn't believe how long he was lasting. Finally, I saw his balls starting to tighten, and then it was his turn to cum.

His breathing was heavy, his eyes closed, and he said "you have the best pussy I have every felt. Ever." as he finished pouring his seed deep inside of her pussy.

He rolled over to catch his breath. As they both relaxed, she summoned me over. I still had not had a release and would do anything at that point. Mary knew and enjoyed the power. She reached into her pussy, getting two fingers wet with their combined juices, and raised those fingers to my mouth.

I eagerly took them into my mouth.

Scott said he had to leave, and got up to get dressed. As he bid us farewell, Mary told me to finish what I'd started, as she pointed to her pussy.

She came again almost instantly when my tongue touched her swollen wet pussy.

I was shocked at how sexy it felt to lick her freshly fucked pussy, and I think she was shocked at how much she enjoyed that power over me.

With that, she climbed on top of me, and I slipped into her. I was too excited. I only lasted about 90 seconds before I blew my load.

I thanked her with a deep kiss, and we fell asleep.

I wasn't sure how she'd feel about it the next morning. But I was worried for nothing. She was not at all uncomfortable.

"I know you loved it, and so did I," she said. "I'll do it again any time you want and I'll love it. Or, I'll never do it again. It's up to you. But I will tell you this. It was fantastic and I loved teasing you both, showing off and every bit of what we did."

I'm pretty sure we'll have a repeat.

What a Tit Fuck!

What a Tit Fuck!

Every time we got together with my buddy and his wife, Burt & Michelle, Burt could not resist staring at my wife’s melon sized tits. In the beginning, there were short glances out of the corner of his eyes. Now true, I can’t blame the guy! Her big beautiful tits were just one of the things that attracted me to her as well. But over time the glances became obsessive stares whenever he thought no one could see him. But being a guy, I was quick to spot the object(s) of his attention and was both flattered and yes kind of excited. Until I said something, my wife was oblivious.

As part of a dare and partly a test, I suggested she should wear more revealing clothes. Clothes that were more form fitting and enhancing of her cleavage. And man! What a cleavage! I figured if nothing else I would benefit from this. She reluctantly agreed to my wickedness and accepted the dare.

One evening that proved to be too much for Burt, she wore a button down yellow sweater dress that clung to her body. Her tits, thighs and ass were clearly on display . Although there were about 30 buttons in the front, she deliberately left the top ones open enough to show that beautiful cleavage and wore a one of those bras that pop the tits up. She wore a black velvet choker around her neck and her hair up. Your eyes were automatically drawn to her breasts.

We all decided to try out a new bar lounge in town. The crowd was a good mix. As we entered several heads turned as my wife walked in. Her yellow dress just drew attention from everyone, men and women. She was just stunning. Voluptuous!

Well due to the generous strong drinks, the new bar owners were trying hard to please the patrons, we all got buzzed quickly. I could tell my wife who is normally shy and modest was starting to enjoy the attention she was getting.

She started to send little signals that she was getting horny. Licking her lips more often, staring at my lips while I spoke to her. For that fact, when anyone spoke. She ignored her dress top buttons becoming undone. Allowing more of her cleavage to show.

All this was not lost on Burt. Who by this time completely ignored his wife and focused intently on mine. He took every opportunity to speak closely to her. Brushing against her breasts, here and there. She seemed to welcome his advances.

By now I was in the zone and lust had taken over. I too was focusing on my wife. Actually I was focusing on any woman who was within view. I found Burt’s approach rather amusing and thought it was time to bring to the next level and have some fun..

I whispered in my wife’s ear that Burt’s cock was ready to burst out of his pants. To which she devilishly giggled like a bad girl who’s about to be naughty. She asked him point blank, if he liked what he saw and if he’d like some. Burt’s jaw dropped! Shit my jaw dropped as well! Burt just nodded. That was all he could do.

She took his hands and placed them on each side of her tits and squeezed them together. This accentuated her cleavage even more.. Her nipples stood straight up from the excitement of his touch and being so wicked in public. Surprisingly, no one else noticed, not even his wife. Whose ass was by cupped by none other than me. Hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do! Right?

By now Burt’s cock was indeed bulging and looking for relief. My wife suggested they take this outside. She simply turned to me, smiled, licked her lips and winked at me. I followed them to the car, leaving his wife’s ass at the bar (at least for now).

Both of them got into the back seat and I in the front. Burt wasted no time feeling up my wife’s tits and pushing his hand between her thigh to her wet pussy. He behave like I wasn’t even there. My wife from time to time glanced at me. Staring into my eyes. Letting me know just was loving the feel of another man touching her.

She started to return his touches and passionate tongue kisses. Her hand reached down and unzipped his pants. With that, his cock popped right out in all it’s glory. Pre-cum oozing from his cock head. She gasped at the thickness of it. And quickly started to suck on it hard.

She then knelt in front of him and opened all of her buttons and unsnapped her bra. Her tits tumbled out onto his cock. Which she placed right between each melon like globe. His cock head stuck out over the tops of her tits. She pressed her tits together and proceeded to rub his cock between them. Harder and harder. Her nipples standing straight. She would flick tongue from time to time on his cock head. The momentum building.

Burt couldn’t hold back any longer and with a stifled moan he exploded a load of cum on her tits, her face and lips and hair. My wife rubbed the cum on her tits and licked what was on his shaft. With her hands she kept slowly pumping his cock up and down to get all of his cum out. Burt was spent. It seemed he got more than he ever expected.

Now about his wife...

الاثنين، 3 يونيو 2013

مجموعة قصص من العضو salsan

قصتى مع مدام امل

هذه القصه حدثت بصيف 2010 وكان عندى شغل فى اسكندرية واجرت شقه مفروشه هناك ..كانت تسكن امامي مدام امل زوجها صاحب تجاره كبيره هناك وكان يخرج بالعاشرصباحا ولا يرجع يوميا الا الثانيه صباحا ..كانت امل سيده بالخامسه والثلاثين سيده جميله الوجه وجسمها مملتئ نوعا ما .. بس تتميز ببشره جميله وانوثه بمشيتها وصوتها وطريقه تعبيراتها
كنت اخرج دائما من شقتي واري باب شقتها المفتوح وهي تجلس علي الكنبه تشاهد التلفاز .. كانت شقتها مفروشه بافخم الاساس ولكني كنت اجد فيها الشعور بالوحده ..وكان شباك مطبخ شقتي يواجه مطبخ شقتها وكذلك شباك الحمام ..
كنت اراهات دائما تقف بالمطبخ وهي بقمصان نوم تعد الطعام لاولادها .. وكانت من حين كنت بالخروج والدخول اشاهدها جالسه بالصالون تبتسم لي فقط ..كنت اري زوجها يركب سيارته بالصباح للذهاب لتجارته .. كان عندي فضول غريب ان اعرف هذه السيده اللي ابتسامتها الدائمه جعلتني اثار لاني اعرف هذه السيده الرقيقه الناعمه..
ابتدات بالدخول والخروح اقول لها السلام وصباح الخير وصباح النور ...وهي ترد
تعودنا علي بعض .. وابتدات مدام امل بالوقوف وبالحديث معي .. وتسالني انت من اي بلد وتعرفت علي وعرفت مني اني لست متزوج واني اعيش بالقاهرة .. وتوطدت علاقتنا ... وحسيت بان عيونها تتكلم لي بانها تريد شئ مني بس عندها خجل ..
ابتدات امل بالليل عندما ينام اولادها تدخل المطبخ وهي في ارقي زينه وتلبس عريان والمكياج الصارخ وتتعمد ان تلفت نظري ليها .. وبعد ذلك تختفي بابتسامه ..
ابتدات ادخل المطبخ بالليل بمايوه السباحه السليب اللي يظهر من الخارج حجم زوبري .. وابتدات اشد زوبري ليها حتي انها كانت تقفل المطبخ وتجري وباليوم الثاني تسلم علي وعيونا بالارض ..
احسست اني ابتدات اثير امل قليلا بس انا كمان حسيت اني عاوز انيكها بقوه ..
احسست ان امل محرومه ومكبوته وانها باحتياج لرجل بس طير من الصعب اصتياده الا اذا هو ترك نفسه للفخ ..
ابتدات ادخل المطبخ بالليل واتعمد اخرج راس زوبري من جانب مايوه السباحه كانت تنظر وتجري .. وترجع تاني .
المهم حسيت انها كمان بتلبس اسخن قمصان نوم وتظهر صدرها وفخادها المليانه..
بيوم كنت بالمطبخ ولقيتها ببييبي دول ازرق .. يجنن وكسها مالي شورت البيبي دول وصدرها نافر للامام وابتدات اقلها اقلعي وهي تشاور لالالالا بصباعها .. المهم انا اشاور لها ان تريني صدرها وهي تشاور لالالا ..
المهم اخرجت لها زوبري شافته وجريت قفلت الشباك..
باليوم التالي خرجت وكان باب شقتها لاول مره مقفل ..انا كمان تعمدت قفل شباك المطبخ ولم تراني يومين.. خرجت من شقتي وكانت جالسه علي الكنبه طنشتها وماقلتش لا صباح الخير ولا صباح النور .. ومشيت لحالي رجعت في المساء ووجدتها جالسه لقيتها بتقولي لا سلام ولا كلام قلتلها لالا ابدا انا فقط مش عاوز ازعجكك قالت لا ابدا مافيش ازعاج ..
المهم لقتها بتقولي بكره انت معزوم علي الغدا ح اطبخلك واجبلك غدا .. قلت شكراوقفلت الباب ودخلت ... المهم جلست اشاهد التلفزيون وهنا سمعت دش امل شغال والمياه تنسال جريت لقيت نور الدش واكاد اري ظلال امل من خلف الزجاج الغامق ...اتجننت من المنظر وحسي ات زوبري شادد وراسه نفسها تقتحم كسها ..
باليوم التالي بالظهر كانت امل امام الشقه بصنيه اكل فيها المحمر والرز والمكرونات اكل يكفي اكتر من شخصين
اخدت الصينيه وطلبت منها الدخول قالت لالالا ما اقدرش .. المهم حسيت اني عاوز انيكها وكلفني ما يكلفني حتي السجن او الاعدام فرقتها ونعومتها وعيونها جننوني قلت لنفسي لازم هناك طريقه اجعلها تدخل بيتي ...بس ازاى ؟؟؟

حسيت ان زوبري يريدها بس باي طريقه اولادها بالبيت وزوجها بالشغل .. كنت اعلم ان لها ولد وبنت يذهبون لحمام سباحه نادي سبورتنج ... يوميا بفتره الظهر وهي تكون لوحدها .. المهم قلت لنفسي لازم اوقعها ... المهم لازم طريقه لازم فخ ..
قلتلها ايه رايك تشوفي صور القاهرة دى هتعجبك .. لقتها بتقول مقدرش ادخلك عندي قلتلها تعالي انتي عندي .. قالت لالالا مستحيل المهم طنشتها وقفلت بابي وشباك الحمام وبالروحه والجايه لا اسلم ..
المهم لاقتها بيوم بتقلي انت حصلك ايه قلتلها انتي مش عاوزه تيجي تشوفي الصور .. قالت لو عرف زوجي ح يقتلني قلتلها من اللي ح يقول لزوجكك .. دخلت الشقه وبعد نصف ساعه لقيت الباب بيخبط فتحت لقيت امل علي الباب وبسرعه دخلت الشقه ..
كانت امل تلبس عبايه كحلي وعطرها رهيب ..
المهم دورت لها الكمبيوتر النوت بوك.. وجلست تشاهد الصور ..احسست اني لازم انكها .. المهم قالت انا لازم اروح .. مسكتها من يدها وقلت لها انتظري شويه قالت اولادي ممكن يجوا من سوف يفتحلهم قلتلها ربع ساعه فقط المهم صممت علي الخروج قلت لنفسي فرصه ماتسبهاش تروح من يدك طالما هي عندك اعمل اللي انت عاوزه مش ح تعرف تشتكي لحد .. ح يسالوها ايه اللي دخلك عندو وتبقي فضيحه يعني مش ح تفضح نفسها ان لو عملت حاجه .
المهم ضمتها لي وهي تقولي احمد انت بتعمل ايه وبتدفعني ابتدات ابوس شفايفها وهي تلف وجهها يمين ويسار .. وانا اضمها بقوه ناحيتي المهم زنقت زوبري بجسمها وضمتها بالقوه وهي تدفعني وكنت اقوي منها المهم ضمتها بيدي اليسار ويدي اليمين مسك كسها بقوه وقررت ان لا اتركه ..
مسكتها من كسها وهي تحاول ان تخلص كسها من قبضه يدي ...بيدي الثانيه مسكت بزها وابتدات ادعك بزها وهي تقاوم كانت الكنبه بجانبي نيمتها علي الكنبه ونمت فوقها ومسكت كسها بقوه وهي تقلي عيب وحرام عليك انا ست متزوجه ولا تستطيع الصراخ خوفا من الفضيحه .
مسكتها بيدي اليمين وشليت حركتها واليد الاخري ابتدات احطها من تحت العبايه حتي وصلت الي الكيلوت وكان كيلوت كحلي ستان كلو اثاره حاولت ادخل يدي من تحت الكيلوت وهي تجرح يدي باظافرها وانا لا احس باي الم احس فقط اني عاوز اقتحم كسها .. ابتدات قوتها بالضعف وحسيت ان كسها ابتدات يحس رفعت العبايه ووصلت لصدرها وهي تقاومني وتدفع راسي اللي ابتدات تزحف لصدرها حتي تمص حلمات صدرها .. اخرجت بز وكانت حلمته ورديه ووضعته بشفيفي وهي تتاوه وتصرخ بهدؤ .. احسست ان مقاومتها ابتدات تقل وقوه دفعها لي ابتدات تقل .. وصلت يدي الشمال الي اول كسها من تحت الكيلوت وابتدات احسس علي كسها وابتدات تتاوه وتقول افففففففففففففففف حرام حرام انا ست متزوجه ارجوك اتركني احمد ابوس رجلك سبني .. كل ما اسمع كده شهوتي تزداد ابتدات اقلعها الكيلوت وهي تقاوم يدي واخيريا حسيت ان الكيلوت يتمزق مني ومن اظافرها ومن يدي ..ظهر لي من فتحه الكيلوت كسها نظيف ومنتوف ونظيف من اي شعر ..
ابتدا صباعي يعرف طريق فتحه كسها وحسيت بان سوائلها انفجرت وان بركان جنس خرج من كسها وابتدات تستسلم لصباعي .. ابتدات احاول ان اقلعها العبايه والكيلوت واخيرا نجحت ان اقلعها العبايه وكان بزها يخرج من السنتيان ..اخدت ادعك كسها بيدي وصباعي يدخل ويخرج من كسها وهي تتاوه وتقاوم... نزلت علي كسها بفمي وابتدات الحس كسها وهي تتاوه وتقاوم وتشد شعري وابتدات مقاومتها تختفي ... كانت بين نارين الشهوه والزوجه المخلصه ...
نزلت بنطلوني بالعافيه وانا حذر انها لا تجري مني .. المهم حطيت زوبري علي كسها وانا لابس الكيلوت وهي تشهق ..
واخيرا نزلت الكيلوت وكان زوبري مشدود وراسه نفسها ان تقتحم كسها حسيت بقوه الشهوه فقدت زاكرتي ولم افكر الا براس زوبري وهي تتوسل لي ان لا اعمل شئ لانها زوجه وام وقالت ان كنت لا اتصور انك كده ..هي تقول كده وشهوتي تتفاعل اكتر واكتر وشهوتي متل حمم البركان عاوزها باي طريقهه عاوز احط زوبري بداخلها باي طريقه ...اخدت بضم فخديها علي بعض وانا قوتي تزيد اكتر واحاول ان افتح فخديها وكان زوبري شديد يلمس فخديها فقط ..
المهم استعملت كامل قوتي وبقوه رهيبه من شهوتي فتحت فخديها ورايت كسها امامي وهو ملئ بالخيوط البيضاء .. وهنا دفعت فخديها علي صدرها ورجليها علي كتافي وضغط بصدري علي الفخدين وظهر لي الكس امامي ودخلت زوبري بداخلها وهي تبكي وتدمع وبعد كده دخل زوبري فشهقت شهقه رهيبه وتوقفت عن المقاومه وهنا ابتدات اروح وارجع بكسها متل المكوكوشفايفي تلامس شفايفها ولفتيت يدي حول فخدها ومسكت بزازها .. وابتدات انيك بقوه وافتري .. ابتدات بفعص بزازها بقوه .. وزوبري يخبط باعماق كسها من الداخل وهي راحت بعالم الشهوه والمتعه
جلست انيك فيها وهي تقذف حممها .. حسيت انها خلاص استسلمت للامر الواقع ابتدات تقذف كانها عمرها لم تتناك من قبل .. وحسيت ان قوتها تزداد وتزداد وانا بكل شهوه وقوه ادفع زوبري بداخلها .. واتفنن بلمس كسها بيدي .. وامسك باليد الاخري بزازها .. وهيتقول لي كفايه كفايه حرام حرام انا خلاص مش قادره .. المهم مسكتها بقوه ... ودفعت زوبري بداخلها اكتر حتي اني حسيت ان المني بيندفع مني بدرجه حراره عاليه .. وهنا اخرجت زوبري منها وهي ابتدات بالبكاء وتقول لي ليه كده انا متزوجه ولبست ملابسها ونظرت من العين السحريه ودخلت شقتها .. كانت متعه رهيب امراه كلها شهوه..احسست بعدها بغلطه رهيبه واحسست بعدها ايضا بمتعه واحسست انها كانت بتقاوم نفسها وعواطفها وقضيت بعدها اسبوع لا اراها لا بالباب ولا الشباك ... باخر يوم اخرجت شنطه سفري .. وافاجئ انها فتحت الباب وتقول لي مع السلامه احمد وتقفل الباب وانا ذهبت لحال سبيلي واتذكر احلي .. وانا حائر لماذا شجعتني؟ ولماذا قاومتني؟ ولماذا اختفت؟ ولماذا الوداع
كس غريب وعجيب ولكني عرفت طعمه بالقوه لانو لا يناك الا بهذه الطريقه كس مكبوت ومحروم ولكنه صعب المنال


قصتى مع الدكتوره دعاء

هذه القصه لو كنت تتخيلها لاتستطيع ان تصدق حدوثها
فى البدايه اسمى احمد بداءت القصه عند مرورى بإحدى الشوارع وجدت مرمى على الارض كارت ميمورى بتاع موبايل فقلت اخده يمكن يكون شغال ونسيته فى جيبى لمده يومين وبعدين طلعته من جيبى بالصدفه لانى تقريبا كنت نسيته جبت ريدر وقولت اجرب ميمورى طبعا ان معتقد انه بايظ فركبته على الكمبيوتر لقيته فتح معايا عادى تطفلى خلانى ادخل على الصور لقيت احلى كلام 102 صوره لمزه طحن بكل قمصان النوم اللى بتحلم بيها مصوره نفسها صور رهيبه صور بقميص نوم احمر صور بقميص اسود صور بقميص ابيض ومناظر مختلفه مره على السرير مره على الانتريه مره وهيه واقفه كده يعنى ولقيت ارقام تليفونات متعدده مسجله بأسماء ناس ولقيت رقم مسجل بأسم العياده ورقم تانى مسجل بأسم المستشفى ورقم بأسم البيت عرفت ان صاحب موميرى دكتور لقيت صوره كمان فى ملف بأسم المستشفى فيه صور لنفس المزه بس لابسه بالطو فى الاستقبال بتاع المستشفى تأكدت ان الموميرى يخص واحده 100% واكيد دكتوره المهم سجلت رقم عيادتها على موبايلى واتصلت تانى يوم الساعه 5 العصر ردت عليه الممرضه بتاعت العياده سألتها بلؤم الدكتور موجود قالتلى دكتور مين قلتلها اسم اى دكتور قالتلى النمره غلط قالتلها دى مش عياده قالتلى اه بس عياده الدكتوره دعاء سألتها الدكتوره موجوده قالتلى موجوده قالتلها عايز أحجز وحجزت تانى يوم واخدت منها عنوان العياده ورحت عادى ودخلت على الدكتوره دعاء بصراحه كنت مرتجف وانا داخل فجات بأنها دكتوره أسنان عندما دخلت حجره الكشف جلست امامها سألتنى خير يا احمد ايه بيوجعك بصراحه اقسم بأن زبرى كان هيخرم البنطلون من منظرها بالقميص فى الصور وهيه قاعده امامى سلامتك وللحظ كان ضرسى مكسور منه حته وبيوجعنى فكشفت عليه وقالتلى عايز يتخلع فطلبت منها تأجيل الخلع مره قادمه فوافقت وكتبتلى مسكن وانا خارج اعطيت الممرضه 20 جنيه وطلبت منها رقم موبايل الدكتوره فأعطتنى الرقم روحت البيت وحوالى الساعه 11 اتصلت بالموبايل ردت عليه الو ايوا دكتوره دعاء مين معايا انا احمد اللى كنت عندك فى العياده النهارده خير يا أ. احمد قالتلها بصراحه انا مكنتش جاى اكشف انا بصراحه لقيت حاجه تقريبا تخصك حاجت ايه قالتلها ميمورى كارد قالتلى اه دى بتاعتى واقعه منى من حوالى اسبوع طب ليه ما جبتهاش معاك واديتهالى النهارده قالتلها بصراحه انا كنت جاى اتعرف عليكى قالتلى انت فاتحت الموميرى على جهاز كمبيوتر قالتلها اه لقيتها سكتت وبشده قالتلى لو سمحت الموميرى تبعته بكره قالتلها انتى زعلتى طب انا اسف انا و****ى مكنتش عايز اضيقك انا اسف و****ى قالتلى يا ا. احمد انا ست متجوزه قالتلها طيب ممكن اجيلك بكره العياده اشرحلك بس وجهه نظرى قالتلى مش هينفع قالتلى انت معاك عربيه قالتها لا قالتلى خلاص انا بكره هكلمك ونتقابل قالتها ماشى بس انا مش عايزك تزعلى منى الساعه 6 اتصلت بيه انت فين وتقابلنا وكان معاها عربيه ركبت معاها وسألتنى الموميرى فين قالتلها بس انا حاسس انك زعلانه ممكن نشرب قهوه فى اى كافتريا قالتلى صعب طبعا بس يا احمد انا ست متجوزه وممكن حد يشوفك معايا قالتلها و**** انا نفسى اتكلم معاكى قالتلى عايز ايه بس اتكلم قالتلها بدون زعل انا معجب بيكى قالتلى انت جرئ اوى مش خايف من رد فعلى قالتلها لا قالتلى طب هات الموميرى اديتها الموميرى وقالتلها انا مش وحش ومشيت حوالى الساعه 11 لقيتها بتتصل بيه افتكرت ان فيه حاجه فى الموميرى سألتنى انت روحت امتى واتكلمت معاى حوالى 25 دقيقه وسالتنى انت متجوز قالتلها لا ولا خاطب كمان قالتلى معقول قالتلها اه و****ى المهم تانى يوم رنيت عليه الساع 4.30 بعتت رساله قالتلى انا فى العياده هكلمك لما اروح الساعه 9 كلمتنى قالتلها عايز اشوفك عايز اتكلم معاكى قالتلى لا اتكلم ع الموبايل انا سمعاك اتتكلمنا مع بعض 55 دقيقه سألتها جوزك فين وفؤجئت ان جوزها مسافر كندا من 7 شهور بعد جوازهم ب 6 شهور وانها عايشه لوحدها بس بتروح عند امها فى وقت الفراغ وتنام فى شقتها قفلت معاها تانى يوم رحت فى ميعاد الكشف المفروض هخلع فيه ضرسى دخلت ازيك يا دعاء وطبعا مخلعتش ولا حاجه بس المره دى فضلت ابص فى جسمها كله من فوق لتحت وبزازها انا كنت متأكد انها حاسه انى اتغيرت ومتأكد ان كلامها جاب نتيجه ومشيت من العياده واتصلت بيها الساعه 11 واتكلمت معاها حوالى 20 دقيقه وقالتلها شكلك كان حلو النهارده قالتلى اه طبعا انت فضلت تبص عليه بصراحه قالتلها جسمك حلو سكتت قالتلى احمد انا تعبانه عايزه انام هتصل بيك بكره الساعه 10 كان يوم الجمعه اتصلت بيه وقالتلى تعالى قابلنى عايزاك روحت قابلتها قالتلى تيجى نتكلم عندى فى الشقه قالتلها موافق مشينا بالسياره وطلعنا العياده قالتلها العياده قالتلى احسن من الشقه دخلنا وفتحت العياده ودخلنا الاوضه بتاعتها وقعدت على الكرسى قالتلى تشرب ايه حاجه ساقعه المهم راحت تجيب الحاجه الساقعه وانا زبرى واقف وفرحان وخايف فى نفس الوقت رجعت قالتلى اشرب على مارجعلك خرجت وبعد 3 دقايق رجعت لابسه قميص نوم احمر مفتوح من الجنب اول ماشفتها فوقت جيت واقف ورحت عندها طفت النور وقالتلى تعالى حضنتها اوى وبستها ومصيت شفيفها وهيه مصت شفايفى ورحنا الاوضه التانيه فيها سرير قالعت ملص حضنتى ومسكت زبرى تدعك فيه وتضغط عليه وانا امص فى بزازها واشد الحلمه وجيت منيمها على السرير ونمت فقيها واحضنها والمس كسها صوتها بداء يتوه ااااااااااااااااااااااااح ااااااااااااااااااااااه يا احمد كسى تعبان اوى اااااااااااااه يا احمد اااااااااااااااااااااااحو ااااااااااااااااااااااااااه تعبانه
اه ياكسى اااااااااااه اقولها كسك بيوجعك اوى يا احمد بحبك اوى بحبك انت حبيبى ااااااااااااااااه نيكنى نيكنى وتشخر وتقولى احو اااااااه نيكنى اوى دخله دخله ااااااااااااااااااه اوى يا احمد اوى وانا ابعبص فى كسها اللى راح زى السفنجه وبزازها امصهم وامص الحلمه انا كمان خلاص حسيت زبرى هينفجر جيت ماسكاه وحطيته فى كسها وشدتنى جامد مره واحده دخل كله اتنفضت وهات ااااااااااااااااااااه ااااااااااااااااااااااااه ااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااح بحبو اه ااااااااااااااااه اااااااااااخ نيك نيك نيك نزلهم جوه نزل يا احمد اه اه اااااااااااااااااااااح وتشد شافيفى وتمصهم وتدخل لسانها كله قالتلها خلاص هينزلوا قالتلى نزلهم جوه كسى متخافش انا واخده حبوب نزل نزل انا هنزل يا احمد نزل انت كمان لقيتها حضنتى اوى اوى وصوتها بقى عالى اوى من الشخير والاح والاه لحد انا كمان مصوت وحضنا بعض اوى اوى وجيت منزل وهيه بتنزل لحد ماخلصنا تنزيل ولحد زبرى مانام جوه كسها وخرجته بعد مانزلهم ب5 دقايق وهيه فضلت حضنانى 15 دقيقه وقومنا اتشطفنا وشربنا عصير من الثلاجه وقالتلى يلا بينا وكلمنى اول ماتروح وباستنى وقاللتلى انا بحبك اوى اوعدنى نفضل مع بعض ويفضل سرنا ودى كانت اول مره انام مع دكتوره دعاء كان يوم جمعه سنه 2008 وهيه دلوقتى فى كندا وبتصل بيها كل مده .


خيانة ... ولكنها لذيذة

أنا ( منال ) فتاة جميلة بيضاء البشرة يميل شعري الى الاشقر قليلا" ذات جسم ناري كما يسمونه فصدري صغير منتصب ومؤخرتي متوسطة تتميز ببروز سطحي واضح خصري صغير ممشوقة القوام عندما أرتدي التنورة القصيرة يصبح جسمي مغريا بشكل فظيع فكنت أتعمد لبس ذلك مما يجعلني أسمع كلام الشبان وغزلهم الذي يزيدني فرحا" وتقدم لخطبتي الكثيرين حتى وافق أهلي على شاب وسيم من عائلة معروفة وكنت أبلغ من العمر الثانية والعشرين فيما كان عمره الثلاثون عاما ويعمل بالتجارة الحرة وبعد زواجي علمت أن زوجي يحب القمار والسهر خارج البيت كثيرا" فبعد ثلاثة أشهر من زواجي أكتشفت أنه مزاجي العشرة فما أن يعجب بشيء حتى يسعى اليه مهما كلفه الثمن فالمال عنده متوفر والشباب والحيوية موجودة ويسعى خلف نزواته وما زواجه مني الا نزوة ما أن حصل عليها حتى فترت علاقته بي حيث أكتفى بثلاثة أشهر وعاد الى طبائعه بالشرب ولعب القمار والسهر والمبيت خارج البيت حتى لأيام أحيانا" وشكوت حالي لأمي التي طلبت مني الصبر طالما أن كل أحتياجاتي متوفرة فأنا أسكن في شقة كبيرة بعمارة من طابقين تقع بمنطقة راقية جدا" والمال عندي وفير ولكن الفراغ يكاد أن يقتلني فزوجي لايرضى بذهابي لزيارة أهلي الا بصعوبة بحجة خوفه عليً لشدة جمالي ومضى على حالي هذا قرابة السنة ولم نرزق حتى بطفل فهو يرفض مراجعة الاطباء ويردد دائما أن الوقت مبكر لذلك وفي أحد الايام أنقطعت الكهرباء عن شقتنا فقط ولان عمارتنا تحتوي على أربعة شقق فقد كان لابد من البحث عن السبب فأرتديت ملابسي وخرجت للبحث عن من يمكن أن يساعدني وكانت الساعة حوالي الثامنة مساء ولدى وصول المصعد رأيت شابا بهي الطلعة يخرج منه سلمً عليً بحياء وهم بدخول الشقة المقابلة لشقتنا فسألته محتارة أين يمكن أن أجد مصلح للكهرباء فأستفسر عن السبب فأبلغته فقال أنتظريني لحظات لأجلب جهاز الفحص وفعلا عاد ومعه جهاز فحص كهربائي وأستأذن لدخول شقتنا قائلا أنا لست مصلحا" ولكن لدي بعض المعلومات التي قد تساعد في حل المشكلة فشكرته وبدأ الفحص من الشقة نزولا" الى مقابس الكهرباء الموجودة في مدخل العمارة ووجد أحد الاسلاك تالفا" فأسرع بجلب قطعة غيار أستبدلها وأستغرق قرابة الساعة لتعود الكهرباء وخلال عمله علمت أنه يسكن وحيدا" فهو طالب في كلية الهندسة ومن عائلة غنية تسكن في الارياف وبعد أن صعدنا سوية" وفي باب الشقة أعطاني رقم هاتفه لأطلبه عند أي حاجة فتشكرت منه كثيرا" وعدت الى شقتنا لاقتل الفراغ بالتفرج على الفضائيات التي تعبت من كثرة ماتفرجت عليها وبعد مضيء يومان وفي الصباح وعند أستلامي للوازم التسوق المنزلي الاسبوعية التي تصلني الى باب الشقة بمواعيد محددة وعندما فتحت الباب رأيت جاري (أحمد) وهذا هو أسمه يهم بالخروج من شقته فتوقف للسلام والسؤال عني وكان شكله جميلا" أشقرا" مفتول العضلات بشرته بيضاء كشف الصباح عن بهاء طلعته وحلو وعذوبة لسانه الرقيق وتحيته المميزة وكنت حينها أرتدي روب النوم وكان هو مطرقا" بنظره خجلا" مني رغم أنه في الثامنة والعشرين من عمره وقصد المصعد فيما كانت عيني تتابع خطواته وبقيت طوال النهار أفكر فيه ولاأعلم السبب وكان يتهيأ لي أحيانا" سماع خطواته فأسرع لفتح الباب ظنا" مني أنه هوالقادم فلا أجد أحدا" رغم أن شقتينا في الطابق الثاني وهذا يعني أن لاأحدا" يصعد الا الساكنيين أو من يزوروهم وهذا غير موجود الا أني ولشدة تلهفي لرؤيته فقد كنت أتوهم سماع ذلك وفي اليوم التالي وبالساعة السادسة عصرا" لم أستطيع منع نفسي ففكرت بحجة وأتصلت به على هاتفه ويظهر أنه كان نائما فأعتذرت منه ورجوته أن يتأكد من سلك الكهرباء لأنها متذبذبة وأخاف أن يتكرر ماحدث فقال أنه حالا سيتهيأ ليفحصها مجددا" وماهي الا دقائق حتى طرق الباب ففتحت له وكنت أرتدي تنورة قصيرة وقميص ضيق بدون ستيان ومتعطرة بعطر نفاذ أنبهر في البدء وتدارك نفسه وبدأ يفحص فيما كانت يداه ترتعشان وتعمدت التقرب منه بحجة متابعة الفحص فكان يحشر جسده بعيدا" عني متحاشيا" التلامس وكنت أضحك في داخلي فقد راقني ذلك ونزل لأكمال الفحص في مدخل العمارة وعاد ليقول أن كل شيء على مايرام وانه موجود في أي وقت لخدمتي وبالساعة العاشرة ليلا" قررت محادثته هاتفيا" وبالفعل تم ذلك فشكرته اولا" ثم بدأت أسأله عن دراسته وعائلته ولم نشعر بالوقت فنظرت الى الساعة فأذا هي الواحدة بعد منتصف الليل وقد كان حديثنا قد تحول الى الغزل البسيط الخجول ثم توادعنا على أن نبقى على تواصل وفي الثانية بعد منتصف الليل ولاني أعرف أن زوجي لن يعود قبل الغد ولان النوم قد فارقني فقد عاودت الاتصال به وكان سهرانا في المذاكرة ففاجئته بقولي الا ترغب بشرب فنجان قهوة يساعدك على القراءة فتلعثم واجاب بنعم فقلت له دقائق وتكون القهوة عندك وأسرعت لعمل القهوة بعد أن لبست ثوب نوم ابيض خفيف يبين مفاتن جسدي وتعمدت الا أرتدي ستيانا" او لباسا" داخليا" وأرتديت فوق الثوب روبا" ابيضا" لماعا" وذهبت بصينية القهوة وطرقت باب شقته ففتحها فورا" وكأنه كان يقف خلف الباب ولما سألته قال خفت أن يراك احد ولم اريدك ان تقفي طويلا" امام الباب فسررت بداخلي لهذا التحسب ثم جلسنا فقال أول مرة أعرف ان الشمس تشرق ليلا" فضحكنا وقلت له لاتبالغ فقال بالعكس لقد ظلمتك بالوصف فلا يوجد مايمكن وصف جمالك به واستمرينا بالتحدث ثم نهضت لأجلس بجواره بعد أن كنا نجلس متقابلين وتعمدت الصاق كتفي به فأحسست به خلال الحديث يستنشق عبير عطري بعمق فيما كانت يداه تداعب خصلات شعري المنسدله على كتفي وشعرت بقشعريرة تسري في جسدي كله ثم سألته الا تريد أن تريني شقتك فقال نعم ونهض وكانت أول غرفة دخلناها هي غرفة نومه وهي نظيفة ومرتبة ورأيت مجموعة من الكتب مرصوفة قرب السرير فجلست على حافة الفراش اتصفح فيها وجلس بجواري وكان روب النوم قد انحسر عن فخذي وبان قميص النوم الذي كان يبين شدة بياض جسمي وكنت أشعر بأنفاسه قرب رقبتي زادت من حرارتي فيما كانت اصابعه تداعب شعري ورقبتي وشعرت بخدر في اوصالي فأرخيت جسدي ليطبق ظهري على كتفه وهنا بدأ يمرر شفتيه على أذني ويداعب بلسانه رقبتي من الخلف فيما كانت يده تمر من خلال روب النوم لتعتصر ثدياي برقة دافئة جعلتني أدور برقبتي نحوه لتتلاحم شفاهنا بقبلة لذيذة كان خلالها أمص لسانه تارة وتارة أخرى يمص لساني وشفتاي ثم بدأ بأنزاعي الروب بعد أن تعرى الا من لباسه الداخلي الذي بان من خلفه قضيبه منتفخا" ينتظر لحظة الانطلاق وتمددنا على السرير فمددت يدي من خلف لباسه ولمست قضيبه بيدي وياله من قضيب طويل متين حجمه ضعف حجم قضيب زوجي تقريبا" وعندما بدأت بمداعبة خصيتاه مد يده لينزع لباسه وينسل بجسده بين ساقاي بعد أن رفع ثوب نومي الى بطني ليراني لاأرتدي شيئا سواه ويظهر أن ذلك قد اشعل فيه نار الهيجان فمد يديه الى ثوب النوم ليمزقه من المنتصف ويصبح جسدي كله أمامه عاريا" فسحب ماتبقى من ثوبي من تحت ظهري ورماه بعيدا عن الفراش وبحركة هائجة وضع قضيبه بين شفري كسي وهو يزئر كالاسد عندما ينقض على فريسته مما جعلني اهتاج وافتح ساقي الاثنتين الى اقصاها مع رفعهما الى الاعلى فيما كان هو يدفع بقضيبه الى داخل كسي الذي ترطب بمائه ووصل بعضه الى نفق طيزي وفيما هو يدفع بقضيبه داخلي شعرت بألم خفيف تحول الى لذة فائقة وما هي الا لحظات حتى بدأت اسمع صوت أرتطام خصيتيه بشفري كسي مع كل حركة ولوج سريعة تواترت في مهبلي وتعالى صوتي آآآآآآآآآآه ه ه أأأأيه آآآووووه آآآه أأأي أسرع ياأحمد أأأيه آآه فقد قاربت على بلوغ الرعشة أأأأيه أأأأوه وحقيقة كنت متلذذة الى اقصى درجات الانتشاء فكنت أتلوى تحته وانا غير مصدقة بأنني قد حظيت بقضيب منحني اللذة التي لم اشعر بها رغم انني متزوجة ثم بدأ يصب حمم منيه الحار داخل كسي الذي بدأ يرتعش من اللذة فقد أوصلني (أحمد) الى أوج رعشتي ولذتي الجنسية وبدأت أرتجف تحته من شدة النشوة فطوقني بذراعيه واحتضن شفتي بشفتاه فيما كان قضيبه يقذف بأخر دفقاته في مهبلي ورحمي وماهي الا لحظات حتى هدأ جسدينا وغفونا لدقائق متقاربي الانفاس ثم فتحت عيني لارآه مغمضا" عينيه منتشيا" فقلت له هل نمت فقال لا بل أحلم فيك فضحكت وفتح عينيه وقال احلم فيك وأنت بجانبي فانا لست مصدقا" ما جرى فقلت له وانا كذلك فأعتذر عن قذفه منيه في داخل رحمي وقال لم أتمالك نفسي فقلت لايهم فسأتناول حبوب منع الحمل كل هذا وقضيبه لايزال في كسي وكان قد بدأ بتحريكه ببطء دخولا" وخروجا" فنظرت اليه متعجبة فقال نعم سأكرر ثانية" ففرحت وأحتضنته بقوة غير مصدقة بينما كان قد بدأ يدفع قضيبه ويسحبه بوتيرة سريعة وأنا منتشية فقذفته الاولى لاتزال في داخل كسي رغم أن بعض القطرات من منيه الحار قد نزلت من حافة شفر كسي تدغدغ النفق المؤدي الى فتحة طيزي بالرغم من أن قضيبه المتين قد سد فتحة كسي بالكامل وبدأت اتلوى تحته فرحة فلا يمكن الحصول على مثل هذه المتعة دائما وأنا غير أسفة على خيانة زوجي الذي نسيني وانشغل بملذاته وبدأت أسمع حبيبي الاسد يزأر وانا الطريدة الفرحانة المنتشية بأحلى نيكة تحلم بها أمرأة فقد أقترب حبيبي (احمد) من القذف في كسي للمرة الثانية وفعلا بدأت أحس بحمم منيه تتوغل في رحمي ومعها رعشاتي اللذيذة وصيحاتي آآآآآآآآآآآآآآ ه ه ه أأأأأأيه نعم أكثر أكثر ياحبيبي آآآآوووه آآآي أأأأأيه ... وعند الفجر ودعني حبيبي عند باب شقته بعد أن مص شفتاي بشدة ودخلت شقتي مرتدية روب النوم فقط فقد بقي ثوبي مقطعا في شقة (أحمد) ولأرتمي بجسدي على سريري وأغفو على أحلام نيكة حبيبي منتظرة مرة قادمة يشبعني فيها حبيبي من قذفاته الحارة ويعيد النظارة الى جسدي العطشان .. ارجو ان تكونوا قد تمتعتم بهذه القصة وأعرف آرائكم فيها .. مع حبي وتقديري ....


قصتى مع مدام رشا و شهوتها المتفجرة

انا احمد اعود اليكم بقصة اخرى من الزمن الجميل الزمن الذى كان فية الحب
والرومنسية هما الاساس لاى علاقة بين رجل وامراة ولا يستطيع الرجل ان يجامع امراة الااذا كان فى علاقة عاطفية بينهما وليست مجرد علاقة عابرة تمر مرور الكرام وليست مجردعلاقة سرير وهذا النوع من العلاقات لا يدوم الا فترة قصيرة ويذهب كل انسان الى حال سبيلة وكأن شىء ما لم يكن وتصبح المراة رقم او الرجل رقم فى حياتها بمعنى هذة المراة هى رقم كذا اللى نمت معها ولا يوجد اى علاقة بعد ذلك غير ذكرى للطرفين اذا كانت حلوة اومرة فهذا لا يهم للطرفين انا أعشق المراة التى تكون لها كيان وانسانة وانا الرجل رقم 2 فى حياتها بعد زوجها وعلاقتنا تمدت الى ما لا نهاية حتى لو لم نمارس الجنس وانما نسأل علىبعض ونعرف اخبار بعض وهذا حتى لا نشعر بان الشهوة هى الربط بيننا وانما علاقتنا عبارة عن حب وعشق وليست كاالحيوانات الشهوة هى الاساس
طولت عليكم اسف بس اللى بشوفة من شباب اليوم هو اللى خلانى اكتب تلك المقدمة
بنات اليوم تسال انت ح تدفع كام وهذا الشىء لا يشترى بالمال ومن تبيع نفسها لك اليوم
غدا وكل يوم تبيع نفسها ولا تشعر معها الا بشهوة وقتية وبعد ذلك تصبح ذكرى فى عالم النسيان
قصتى اليوم هى عن انسانة اعزها واحترمها واحترم حياتها فهى زوجة وتعرفت عليها عنطريق واحدة صحبتى وهى استيل وهانم بمعنى الكلمة تتمنى ان تتكلم معها من جمال الوجةوالحديث تعرفت على رشا وهذا ليس اسمها الحقيقى فى منزل صديقتى وجلسنا معا وصديقتى هذةكانت على علاقة سابقة بى وهى التى خطتط لهذا اللقاء لانها تعلم مدى حرمانها من الحبو الجنس فزوجها كان يعمل فى شرم الشيخ ويغيب عنها شهر ويعود 5 ايام فقط وكانت العلاقة الجنسية مذبذبة ولا يشبع رغبتها وهى امراة تعشق الجنس والحب والحرية والخروجوعندما جائت عند صديقتى جاءها تليفون ان زوجها جة غفلة ولازم تنزل فنزلت معها كى اوصلها الى البيت وهى من سكان الجيزة وكانت صديقتها فى م.نصر وأخذت تاكسى ووصلتهاالى بيت امها ورجعت على بيتى بعد ان دار بيننا حديث جميل بما معناة انها استراحت لى وتريد ان ترانى مرة اخرى وهى كان عمرها حوالى 35سنة وجسمها متناسق جدا وشعرها
كارى اصفر وبعد حوالى 10 ايام كنت اشتغلت فى محل فى روكسى واخذت رقم التليفون من صديقتها واتصلت وقالت انها سوف تاتى لتبارك لى وبعد كام يوم
اتصلت واخذت العنوان واسم المحل وكان المحل باحد السناتر وجوة شوية انتظرتها على بابالسنتر حتى اتت وكل من شاهدة معى اخذ ينظر الى جمالها وجسمها المتناسق ودخلنا المحل وتكلمنا مع بعض فترة طويلة وعرفت كل ظروفها الزوجية وعرفتها انى لن اطلب منها اننمارس الجنس الا اذا انتى طلبتى منى ذلك ولو ما طلبتيش ستستمر العلاقة بيننا الى ما لا نهايةواستمرت العلاقة بيننا مدة حوالى 6شهور وفى يوم من الايام كانت عندى بالسنتر وطلبتمنها ان تشترى قميصين نوم وعرفتها الالوان اللى بحبها والاستيل فذهبت اشترتهم وجائتتريهم لى رفضت وقلت لها مش ح اشوفهم الا عليكى لما تتطلبى ان نمارس الجنس سويافقالت هو انت مش عايز تمارس معى فقلت لها ان اريد ان امارس الان بس لما تشعرى انكمحتاجة الجنس منى اطلبية فاوافقت ومشيت واتصلت بى ليلا وقالت انا عايزاك بكرة ضرورى نتقابل فتقابلنا وقالت لى انا عايزاك عندى بكرة انا ح اروح شقتى وح انام هناك وح اكون لوحدى
وانا ح اخد القميصين معى فقلت لها انتى نويتى تنامى معى فقالت اة انا عايزاك لى غدا ....
وصحيت من نومى الساعة 10صباحا واخذت دش ونزلت على المحل والساعة 2 اتصلت
رشابى وقالت امتى ح تيجى عندى فقلتلها انا جاهز من الان فقالت لا الساعة 6 تكون عندى واتفقنا على مكان نلتقى فية وذهبت بعد ان اعدت العدة الازمة لهذا اليوم وتقابلنا وجلسنافى مكان لمدة ساعة وسالتها انتى عايزة حاجة معينة النهاردة فقالت اريد ان أشرب بيرةممكن فقلت ممكن وذهبت الى احد المحلات واشتريت زجاجات بيرة وعشاء وذهبناالى العمارة اللى ساكنة فيها واخذت البيرة وسبقتنى بعد ان وصفت لى الدور الكام ورقمالشقة وطلعت ورها بعد حوالى 5 دقائقوفتحت لى باب الشقة وخذتنى فى حضنها وقالت لى انا حاسة انك زوجى اللى اتحرمت منة
فترة واتيت بعد شوق ودخلنا الشقة وكانت جميلة تدل على زوق صحبتها فى النظام و
توزيع الموبليا واستاذنت ان تغير ملابسها وتضع مكياجها وعلى ان احضر القاعدة وان
الحاجة اللى جبنها فى المطبخ وعندك ثلج فى الثلاجة وجبت البيرة وكوبين وثلج وتفاح للمزةوقطعت التفاح وندهت عليها فقالت امامى 10 دقائق واخرجلك ممكن تشرب بيرة عقبال مااجيلك وفتحت زجاجة وشربت وخرجت على فى ابهى صورة ممكن ان تجد المراة عليهاالقميص لونة اسودفى احمر وبيبى دول اى قصير يدوب يستر الاندر ومكياج جميل متناسقالالوان مع القميص واول مانظرت اليها احمر وجههامن الخجل فقمت مسكت يدها واخذتها اجلستها على الكنبة بجوارى وفتحت لها زجاجة بيرة واشعلت لها سيجارة وقلت لها لمايروح الخجل ابقى قولى فقالت لى انت عارف انك تانى واحد البس امامة عريان كدة انت مصدقنى فقلتلها اة انا مصدقك ودة بان عليكى من اول ما خرجتى وتاخيرك عليا كانتفكير منك تخرجى كدة ولا لاء فقالت اة عرفت اذاى فقلتلها من عشرتى لكى ومعرفتى بحريم عرفتهم منهم من كانت لا تفرق معها اعرف انى مش الوحيد اللى عملت معاة كدةومنهم من عملت مثلك واحمر وجهها انتى عارفا انا اية اللى خالانى مش مستعجل على انى امارس الجنس معاكى طوال هذة الفترة الماضية هو دة اننا نكون اخذنا على بعضبما فية الكفاية واعتبرها فترة خطوبة فضحكت وقالت يعنى الخطوبة انتهت فقلت لها النهاردةليلة دوخلتك ياعروسة وانا ح احول امتعك بما استطيع من خبرة ولكن لا تقولى على شىء لاء فقالت لى اليوم انا ملك يدك وكنا شربنا كل واحد 3زجاجة بيرة وفتحت التلفزيون وكانت
الاغانى شغالة وكانت اغنية شعبية راقصة فرقصت لى واخذت تتمايل وارتمت فى
حضنى ولااول مرة تلمس شفايفى شفايفها واخذت منها اول قبلة بشغف وحب وما صدقتانى مسكت شفايفها وهات يابوس فا انا اعشق التقبيل واخذت اداعب لسانها فى لسانى وارتوىمن مسك الشفايف ونزلت يدى لتمسك صدرها الشمال واصابعى تفرق فى حلمتها حتى نفرتونزلت بلسانى على رقبتها وحلمت اذنها ورجعت الى شفايفها تانى وما زالت يدى علىصدرها تفرك فى حلمتها فامسكت هى يدى وقربتها من كسها ويا روعة ما احسست لقدكان بظرها واقفا ففركتة بيدى ونزلت بلسانى على صدرها واخذت ارضع منة مثل البيبىالصغير اللى ماصدق لقا صدروايدى على بظرها تداعبة وادخلت صباعى داخل كسها فلماجد اى صعوبة لقد كان غارقا فى عسل شهوتها وبمجردنزولى بلسانى الى بطنها واول ما لسانى لمس كسها ارتعشت مع اها مكتومة فعرفت انها اتتها اول رعشة فطلبت منها ان ندخلالى غرفت النوم وحملتها بين يدى ودخلنا الغرفة ووضعتها على السرير بمنتهى الحنية وخرجت وجبت زجاجة بيرة ودخلت وقلعت هدومى كلها وكانت غرفت النومجميلة جدا وكان بها اضاة حمراء من جميع اركان الغرفة موجها الى السرير وجلستبجوارها على السرير وهى لما تتحرك من مكانها ونائمة على ظهرها ومغمضة عنيهافملت عليها اخذت قبلة جميلة ووضعت يدى على كسها الجميل اللى كان ولا كس عروسةفى ليلة دوخلتها ومفهوش ولا شعريا ونزلت الى كسها واخذت الحس منة وفتحت زجاجةالبيرة وحطيت شوية على بطنها حتى نزلو على كسها واخذت الحس واشرب منة حتىاتتها رعشتها الثانية مع اها اعلى وفضلت الحس وهى تتاوة وتان وتتحرك معى صعوداوهبوطا حتى يدخل لسانى داخل كسها ويخرج وهى تقول اةاةاهم اح حيجو حتخدهم فى فمكوانا اقول هاتى انا عطشان من كسك واتها رعشتها الثالثة وهى كانت محرومة وبتعوض معىوبعض ذلك طلبت ان تمص زبرى فقولت لها على وضع 69 وما كنتش تعرفة فوصفت لهافقالت اة انا شوفتة فى افلام سكس كتيربس ما كنتش اعرف اسمة ونمت على ظهرى ونامت
هى على واخذت زبرى فى فمها وهات يالحس وانا اعض فى بظرها بحنيا وهى تتاوة بىاهات غير منتظمة وانا الحس والحس حتى اتتها رعشتها مرة اخرى فقالت انا مش قدرةممكن تحطة بقى فقلتلها استنى شوية فقمت وجبت الواقىوبلبسة زعلت قوى وقالت هو انا مش نظيفة عشان تحط واقى فقلت لها لو مش نظيفة ما كنتش لحست
كسك وكمان شوية ح اشيل الواقى اوكى فاوفقت واشعلتسيجارة ونمت على ظهرى وطلبت منها ان تجلس على زبى فجلست واول ما دخل عشانكسها ضيق وجعها وشعرت انها تالمت ولكن سرعان ما بدات بالطلوع والنزول على زبرىواسمعتنى احلى اهات اة اةةةةةةةةةةةةةةةاةةةةةةةةااححححححححححح بيوجع وانا اقول لها وجع اية
تقول وجع لذيذ بحبكتوجعنى اوى ح توجعنى اقوللها اة خدى كسك حلو قوى وهى تقول انت اللى زبرك مهيجنى قوى نكنى كمان انا بحب النيك معاك قوى واتها رعشتها مرتين فى هذا الوضعواطفات السيجارة واخذت وضع الفرنساوى وانا واقف على طرف السرير واخذت ترجع حتىادخلت زوبرى بكسها براحة وهى تقولى بيوجع براحة حتى ادخلتة كلة وهى تقول اةةةةةةةةةبراحة اةةةةةةةةةةةةةةةاحححححححححححححح دخلة كلة حجيب يلا هات معايا فعرفتها
انى لسة مش ح اجيب دلوقتى وخرجتة وشلت الواقى منة وادخلتة تانى وعندها شهقت وقالتشايف الفرق حاسس فقلت لها اة طبعا انتى حاسة فقالت حلو قوى دخلة كمان انا عايزاك تفشخنىمن النيك وما تزهقش منى انا عايزة افضل كدة ارمى شهوة وراء شهوة انا عايزة ارمى كتيرحاسس بشهوتى فقلت لها اة حلوة قوى فى كل رعشة انا بحس بيها بكون سعيد انى وصلتكلكدة انا عايز افضل انيك فيكى للصبح فقالت بس دة ممكن لغاية بكرة بلليل بس انت سد عليافقلت لها انا عادى ممكن افضل كدة انا بحب النيك قوى فقالت وانا كمان بعشق النيك معاككان نفس زوجى يبقى كدة نكنى نكنى قوى ومهما صوت ما تسالش فيا انا خلاص مش قدرةبس مش ح اسيبك غيرلما تجيب لبنك عليا ونيمتها على جنبها وخذتها بين رجلى ودخلت زوبرىفى كسها وهات يا نيك اةاح واوف وبعدين اجلستها على الكومدينو ورفعت رجلها علىكتفى وادخلتة كلة فى كسها اللى احمر قوى من النيك وهى توحوح وتهاهمن النيك واتتها شهوتها كتير
ونزلتها على السرير ونيمتها على ظهرها ورفعت رجلها وادخلت زوبرى وهات يانيك وهى خلاص راحت فى دنيا غير الدنيا وخذت ابوس فيها حتى قربت على القذف وسالتها اجيب فين فقالت على بطنى وصدرى فاارتعشت واخرجتة ورميت وكانت مفاجاة لها انة وصل الى وجهة وشعرها فقالت افتح هذا الدرج حتلاقى فوطة هاتها فاعطيتها الفوطة فا اخذت تمسح لبنى منعليها واخذتها فى حضنى


المرأة الحامل و النيك ( قصتي مع نهاد الحامل و العاشقة للنيك رغم الحمل )

قصتي تبدأ مع بنت جيراننا المتزوجة حديثا اسمها نهاد كانت نهاد في 23 من عمرها شابة جميلة ذات طيز بارزة و وجه كالقمر شعرها طويل و نهداها مكورتين
المهم أن أباها زوجها من رجل أعمال غني و دائم التسفار وعندما تزوجت رحت مع زوجها إلى بيته خارج المدينة أمها كانت صديقة أمي وبعد 3 أشهر سمعت أمها قالت لأمي بأن نهاد حامل وهي الآن في شهرها الثالث من الحمل وقالت لها بأنها ستضع حملها بعد 6 أشهر من الآن و بما أن زوجها دائم التجوال عبر العالم فهي تخاف على نفسها من أن تلد وهي وحيدة هناك لذلك قررت أن تأتي إلى هنا لمنزل أبيها عندما يقترب موعد الولادة لكي تلقى أمها و أمي بجانبها عندما تضع مولودها وفعلا عندما وصلت شهرها 8 عاد بها زوجها إلى منزل أبيها لكي تلقى العناية و الأمان فأصبحت أمي دائما تذهب عند الأم لكي تساعدها على العناية بنهاد وفي أحد الأيام عادت أمي إلي المنزل باكرا قادمة من منزل أم نهاد فقالت لي إذهب عند نهاد فهي تريدك أن تجلب لها بعض المستلزمات من الصيدلية لأن أباها و أخوها غير موجودين فأبوها في العمل و أخاها الصغير مازال صغيرا على جلب مستلزمات من الصيدلية المهم ذهبت عندهم فوجدت أم نهاد في الصالون و نهاد في غرفتها فطلبت مني الأم أن أذهب عند نهاد لى غرفتها ، فتحت باب الغرفة بهدوء فإذا بي أرى ذلك الجسد الممشوق الجميل الأبيض مستلقية على ضهرها و بطنها المنتفخة بارزة إلى الأمام و كانت شبه عارية فإذا بي أرى أمها ورائي مباشرة وتحدق في بنضرة تعجب و دهشة و سؤال و تردد فقالت لي أنا و نهاد نريدك يا ياسين أن تحافظ على هذا السر الذي سنقول لك فتعجبت أنا من ذلك فقلت لها أي سر يا خالة سعاد فتبادلتا النضرات و بدأن يضحكن وبدت نا أيضا أضحك رغم أنني لم أفهم شيئا فقالت لي بأن نهاد في الشهر الثامن الآن و تريد ن تضع مولودها بشكل طبيعي يعني تريد أن تلد من كسها و ليس عبر العملية القيصرية وقالت لي بأن هذا يتطلب نشاط جنسي مستمر لكي يتوسع عنق رحما لتضع بشكل طبيعي ، فانتصب زبي و أصبح صلبا كالصخر عند سماعي هذه الكلمات ففرحت كثيرا رغم أنني لم أبين لهما ذلك فقالت لي ما رأيك يا عصام فقلت لها أنا في خدمتكي ياسيدة سعاد ففرحنا جميعا فقالت لي نهاد ما رأيك أن نبدأ الآن يا عصام فقلت لها بكل سرور فطلبت من أمها أن تذهب لتتركنا وحدنا ذهبت أمها وبقيت أنا وهي وحدنا في الغرفي قمت بإزالة ملابسي وملابسها آآآآه لقد رأيت أجمل كس و طيز في الدنيا و لكن الأجمل من كل هذا هو بطنها المنتفخ بالحمل و البارز إلى الأمام آآآه ياله من منظر جذاب جدا ... فبدأت أقبلها من شفتيها و ألعق حلمات بزازها وهي تتأوه و تتلذذ وانتقلت إلى كسها بعد ذلك و بدأت ألحسه بنهم وكانت هي تقدف رحيقها في فمي وأنا ألعق ذلك الرحيق الذيذ مممممم إنه ماء كسها فمسكت ببطنها وبدأت ألعقه بنهم هو الآخر وفجأتا ألاحظ تحرك غرب في بطنها فقلت لها ما هذا ياحببتي فقالت لي إن جنينها يترنح و ولا يريد الإزعاج فضحكت وقلتلها أي إزعاج يا حبيبتي فقالت لي وهي تضحك إنك ستنيكني من كسي وجنيني سيرى حجم زبك يطعن مشيمته وهو خائف أن ترفسه بزبك فضحكت وقلت لها سوف لن ينسى هذه النيكة أبدا ولن ينسى هذا الزب و طعم هذا الحليب الذي سأقذفه في أعماق مشيمته، فقالت لي هيا فلتريه مالديك ، أخدت زبي و بدأت أضرب به كس نهاد تمهيدا لهذه النيكة التاريخية فبدأت أدفع زبي الضخم في فتحة كسها الضيقه و بدأت هي بالتأوه فقلت لها مارأيك يا حبيبتي فقالت لي أكثر يا حبيبي أريد من زبك أن يتعمق أكثر وأعمق فقلت لها ياحبيبتي أنا لا أريد ن أؤدي جنينك فزبي ضخم و إذا أدخلته أعمق من ذلك فقد يرتطم زبي برأس الجنين وقد يموت بسبب ذلك فقالت لي لا تخف فقلت لها كما تريدين يا حببتي فبدأت أتعمق أكثر في كسها فبدأت أدخل زبي حتى بدأ يختفي تماما فبدأت هي بالتأوه بحدة أكبر وقذفت حممي داخلها فأفرغت كل مكبوتاتي على جنينها هههه لقد دوقته أحسن حليب في العالم ، وبدأت تبكي من شدة الندم فقلت لها لماذا تبكين فقالت متحسرة أي أم أنا ؟ لقد كدت أن أقتل ابني فأنا أنتاك وأنا حامل به ربما هو الآن يتألم وأنا فقلت لها لا عليكي فو جنين ولا يعرف مذا يجري فضحكت وبدأنا نتحدث و نحن مستلقين فوق السرير وبحد ما ارتحنا عدنا للنيك مرة أخرى ...و استمر الحال هكذا كل يوم حتى اليوم الأخير قبل الوضع ففي اليون الأخير كنا العادة أنيكها مرات عديدة و أقذف داخل رحمها لكي يمتص الجنين المني و يتوسع عنع الرحم لتلد بشكل طبيعي فقبل ساعة ونصف من أن تلد نيكتها أعنف نيكة ففي الوقت الذي كنت على وشك أن أقذف فيها حممي من المني بداخل أعماق كسها كالعادة !! بدأت مياه المشيمة في الخروج من كسها !! نعم إنها ساعة الولادة وبدأت تصرخ و قالت لي أحضر لي أمي فأنا سألد الآن لكنني تجاهلت الأمر حتى قدفت آخر قذفة لي داخل رحمها لآخر مرة وهي حامل هههه كتذكار يتذكرني به الطفل قبل الخروج إلى هذا العالم فصرخت صرخة مدوية جدا قبل ن تحضر أمها وأنا لبت ملابسي وبقيت أنتظر خارجا فإذا بي أسمع صوت الطفل نعم لقد ولدت فبدأت الزغاريد من أمها فعدت مسرعا فقلت لها مذا ولدت فقالت لي بأنها و ضعت لد ذكر آآآه لقد كان طفلا وسيما جدا يشبه أمه كثيرا فحملت أنا الطفل وبدأت ألاعبه و اقتربت من أمه نهاد وقلت لها إن طفلك بصحة جيدة فضحكت وقالت لي بأن منيي ساحده كثيرا على إكتساب الصحة عندما كنت أقذف حممي داخل أعماق رحمها طيلة شهرين كاملين من النيك المتاصل و القذف المتواصل حتى عندما انفجرت المشيمة فالطفل في طريقه نحو الخروج من الكس وأنا لازلت أدفع بزبي وأقدف في رحم أمه !!!


الجيران لبعضها  (المصرى واللبنانية)

قصة قريتها وحبيت انكم تقروها معايا
لم أكن أتخيل قبل عام من الآن عندما إنتقلت من شقتي السابقه بإحدى عمارات شارع ا—-العام بالفاهره إلى شقتي الحالية بالحي الهادئ بالقاهره أنني سوف أعيش حياة جنسيه رائعة مثل تلك التي أعيشها الآن.

كنت قد إشترطت على صاحب مكتب العقار أن يجد لي شقه هادئة في سكن عوائل حيث أنني لست من عشاق السهر كثيراً أو ممن يمتلئ بيته بالزملاء والأصدقاء في كل وقت خصوصاً أنني أحب أن أعيش بحريتي وبدون أن يربك لي نظامي أيُ من كان.

برنامجي اليومي يبدأ عادة من السادسة والنصف صباحاً ، أستيقظ فأمارس بعض التمارين الرياضيه الخفيفة لمدة ربع ساعة ليستعيد جسمي نشاطه وحيويته ثم آخذ دشاً بارداً , ثم أتناول فنجاناً من القهوة مع بعض البسكويت وأنطلق للعمل الذي لايبعد عن بيتي الجديد سوى خمسة دقائق بالسيارة. أتناول غذائي بكافيتيريا العمل وأعود للبيت في الرابعة وأحياناً في الخامسة مساءاً لأستريح قليلاً . ثم أفتح الكمبيوتر لأتصفح النت قليلاً وأطالع إيميلاتي العديدة وربما في بعض الأحيان أحادث فتاة أو إمرأة على النت قبل أن أبدأ جولتي المعتادة في المشي لمدة ساعة للتريض من جهة والمحافظة على صفاء ذهني من جهة أخرى.

مضى علي حوالي الشهر في البيت الجديد ولم أكن قد تعرفت بعد على أي من الجيران نظراً لإختلاف مواعيدي عن مواعيد أعمالهم فأنا أعمل دواماً واحداً ويبدو أنهم كلهم أو معظمهم يعمل بنظام الدوام الصباحي والمسائي، في هذه الأثناء كنت قد عرفت أن جاري الوحيد في نفس الدور لبناني من الأصوات التي أسمعها قادمة من مطبخه المجاور لمطبخي.

ظللت على برنامجي اليومي حتى عودتي ذات مساء بعد جولة التريض اليومية لأجد أحد الجيران يوقف سيارته أمام المنزل وتصادف دخولنا سوياً من مدخل العمارة فتبادلت معه التحيه دون إنتظار لأي محادثة بيني وبينه فأنا لا أعرف حتى إسمه. فاجأني الجار بقوله أنه يشعر بالتقصير الشديد نحوي فهو لم يزورني منذ سكنت في العمارة ولا تعرف علي ويحس بالخجل الشديد مني وإنطلق يتكلم دون إنتظار لأن يسمع رأيي فيما يقوله أو تعليقي عليه. أما ماشد إنتباهي من حديثه أنه قال أن زوجته حاولت أن تتعرف على زوجتي عدة مرات دون جدوى ، فزوجتي لاتفتح الباب لأحد ويبدو أنها لاتود التعرف على الجارات على حد قول زوجته. ضحكت عالياً عندما وصل بحديثه إلى هذه النقطه من الحديث وكنا وصلنا إلى أمام شقتي فدعوته للدخول إذا لم يكن عنده مانع. إستغرب سامر – وهذا إسمه – لضحكي وسألني إن كان هناك مايضحك في حديثه؟ قلت ياعزيزي أنا أعيش وحدي هنا ولايعيش معي في شقتي إلا بعض النباتات وقطة سيامي لطيفة تؤنس علي وحدتي. ضحك سامر أيضاً ووعدني بالزيارة قريباً ودخل كل منا شقته.

في اليوميين التاليين تقابلت مع سامر مصادفةً عند عودتي من التريض وتبادلنا أحاديثاً قصيرة ثم سألني من أين آتي كل يوم في مثل هذا الوقت فأخبرته بنظام التريض الذي أداوم عليه فضحك وقال بمثل قوامك الرياضي هذا وتنتظم في التريض؟ وشو أسوي أنا في كرشي هذا؟ كان سامر بديناً بعض الشئ وبطنه ضخمه من قلة الرياضة والعمل المكتبي. ولكنني جاملته بأن عليه أن يخفف فقط من الأكل اللذيذ الذي تطعمه إياه زوجته والذي يبدو أثره في مطبخي ويثير شجون حياة العزوبية التي أحياها والسندوتشات التي أصبحت أحد معالم غذائي اليومي.

مضت عدة أيام قبل أن ألتقي سامر مرة أخرى عند عودتي من التريض وبعد أن تبادلنا حديثاً قصيراً أعرب لي عن رغبته في أن يتريض معي يومياً وأنني سأكون خير رفيق له نظراً لإنتظامي في التريض يومياً. وافقت على الفكرة حيث أنه يبدو ودوداً ولطيفاً معي، أخرت موعدي اليومي ساعة كاملة حتى ينتهي سامر من دوامه المسائي ونخرج سوياً.

بدأنا برنامج التريض سوياً من اليوم التالي مباشرة ، سامر يبدو لطيفاً ومحدثاً لبقاً وإن كان التريض معه يجعلني أمشي بتباطؤ لم يكن من عادتي فأنا أحب السير بسرعه حتى يستفيد جسمي من المشي. عموماً كانت رفقة لابأس بها في معظم الأيام خصوصاً عندما يحكي سامر عن زوجته هدى وتذمرها أحياناً عندما يكون مرهقاً ولا يرغب بممارسة حقوقها الزوجية. عرفت من خلال أحاديثه عنها انها إمرأة شبقه وتحتاج للجنس بصورة يومية وأنه لايستطيع أن يلبي رغبتها كل ليلة نظراً لظروف عمله والضغوط النفسية التي يتعرض لها من آن لأخر. كنت أستمع إليه وأوافقه الرأى من باب المجاملة عندما يصر على معرفة رأيي فيما يقوله. بعد عدة مرات فوجئت بزوجته تأتي معه للتريض، عرفني عليها ومددت يدي لأسلم عليها وأنا أتخيل مايحكيه عنها زوجها. هدى جميلة مثل أغلب اللبنانيات، بيضاء البشرة ، ناعمة الوجه ذات عيون عسلية وشعر أسود ناعم كالحرير ينسدل على كتفيها بدون غطاء للرأس وقوامها رائع طولها حوالي 165 سم ووزنها في حدود الستين كيلوجراماًَ. نظرت في عينيها وأنا أسلم عليها فوجدت فيها نظرة جريئة واعدة فضغطت يدها وأنا أسلم عليها فسرت رعشة كالكهرباء في يدي وجسدي حتى أحسست بقضيبي ينتفخ من اللذة التي أحسست بها في يدي. بدأنا المشي وكنا نمشي جميعاً على قدر خطوة سامر وأبدت هدى إعجابها بالفكرة وانها كانت دوماً ترغب بالمشي لولا كسل سامر. بعد حوالي نصف ساعة إستأذنت منهما لأسير بسرعة أكبر وأتركهما ليكونا على راحتهما فربما عندهما مايودان التحدث فيه. قالت هدى والله أنا ودي أمشي بسرعة أنا أيضاً فرددت عليها وأنا أبتعد في المرة القادمة إذا لم يسرع سامر سآخذك معي وضحكنا جميعاً ومضيت أنا وحدي. ظللنا حوالي أسبوعين على هذا الحال نتريض سوياً نحن الثلاثة ونتبادل الأحاديث وأحياناً يشتكي سامر من هدى أو تشتكي هدى من سامر ونتبادل الرأي، مرة بعد مرة وجدت نفسي أعيش كل تفاصيل حياتهم وخصوصاً مشاكل عدم وفاء سامر بحقوق زوجته. قال سامر ضاحكاً ذات يوم أنني محظوظ لأني لم أتزوج بعد ولايوجد من يطالبني بحقوقه كل ليلة. نظرت لهدى بطرف عيني وقلت بأنه يسعدني أن ألبي رغبات زوجتي صباحاً وظهراً ومساءاً عندما أتزوج وضحكنا جميعاً وعقبت هدى، سوف نرى هل تشتكي منك زوجتك مثلما أشتكي أنا أو أنك ستفي بما تقول حقاً. أجبت بأنني لا أقول إلا مايمكنني عمله فعلاً وضحكنا مرة أخرى وإستأنفنا سيرنا.

بعد يومين أو ثلاثة دققت عليهم الباب لنخرج فوجدت هدى تفتح الباب وهي تلبس قميصاً وردياً ساخنا يكشف عن ثدييها وأفخاذها ويبدو تحته كلوت أسود صغير يغطي بالكاد فتحة كسها وشعرها الأسود الفاحم يغطي رقبتها. كاد زبي يقفز من ثيابي من شدة الهيجان وسألتها وأنا لا أحول عيني عنها أين سامر؟ هل ستتريضون الليلة؟. قالت أن سامر إتصل وأنه سيتأخر الليلة ولن يمكنه التريض. إستدرت لأمشي ولكني سمعتها تقول أنها أخبرته بأنها ستتريض معي ووافق. فقط أعطني خمسة دقائق وسأكون جاهزة. أنتظرتها وعقلي لايكاد يستقر مكانه من روعة ماشاهدته منذ لحظات. مرت الخمسة دقائق كأنها خمسة سنوات حتى وجدتها تفتح الباب وتعتذر عن تأخرها. نظرت إليها وأنا مازلت أتخيلها في قميص النوم وجدتها تلبس تيشيرت ضيق للغاية وحلماتها تتقافز منه وبنطلون سترتش تحت العباءة المفتوحة. ضاعت مني الكلمات ومشينا سوياً وأنا صامت وعقلي يفكر كيف ومتى أضم هذا الجسد الرائع بين ذراعي وأدفن رأسها الجميل في صدري وأتنفس عطرها الأخاذ في رئتي وأحس حرارة جسدها تكوي جسدي. صحوت من أحلامي على يد تهزني وصوتها يقول لي. شو؟ وينك؟ عمبكلمك وانت موهوون. إستدرت لها وأنا أعتذر عن سهوي ولكنها ضحكت ضحكة ذات مغزى وقالت اللي ماخدة عقلاتك تتهنى بيها. قلت بدون أن أدري ياليت. قالت شو؟ الموضوع عن جد صار. لازم تحكيني منهي ومنوين ومتى صارلك تحبها. كل شئ كل شئ مابتنازل إلا تحكيلي بالتفصيل. قلت لأغير الموضوع تعالي نمشي بسرعة فرصة أن سامر مايعطلنا الليلة. قالت أوكى بس ماتهرب من الموضوع. لازم تحكيني متى صار كل هيدا الحب يللي مضيعلك عقلاتك؟

قلت بأني سأحكي لها كل شئ عندما يحين الوقت المناسب. قالت بلهفة، لا أنا مابتنازل عن أنو أسمع هلا. من جد عم بحكي. بزعل منك عن جد. قلت ، أنا بعدي ماعرفت أنها تحبني مثلما أحبها أو لا. قالت، ولو. من هيدي يللي واكله عقلاتك؟ ماحكيت معها؟ إحكيلي وانا عمبساعدك تاتخليها تحبك وتموت فيك. من يللي ترفض شاب مثلك؟ يلا بسرعه أحكيلي على كل شئ. ماتخبي أي شئ. بدي إياك تحكي بالتفصيل كل شئ. كل شئ.

قلت، فيه شئ مايخليني أصارحها بالحب الذي أكنه في قلبي لها. قلت. شو؟ عمبتحبا من جد كل هالحب؟ من متى؟ قلت أحبها أكثر مما تتخيلي. طيب إحكيلي وأنا بشوفلك طريقة تحكي معها أنا عمبعرف منيح شو يللي يخللي البنت توقع ع راسها بالحب. مابتعرف تليفونها؟ إحكي معها وخبرها بحبك هيدا وأنا متأكدة إنها بتسلم من أول مكالمة. وأكملت وهي تضحك ضحكة مُنغًمه. هيدى مابتقدر تقاوم جاذبية صوتك المثير. سألتها إن كانت تؤمن بما قالته فعلاً؟ قالت أنها متأكدة من تأثير صوتي على أي بنت كانت.

قلت، فقط عندي مشكله لا أجد لها حلاً. نظرت بإهتمام وقالت شو المشكله؟ قلت هي متزوجه. سكتت للحظة ثم رددت ، متزوجة؟ كيف عرفتها؟ وليش مابتلاقيلك شي بنت من سنك؟ أجبت وأنا أنظر في عينيها مباشرة، أنا تجذبني أكثر للمرأة العاقلة المجربة مثل …. وسكتت وأنا أركز نظراتي عليها أكثر. أحسست بالدماء تهرب من وجنتيها الناعمتين وصوتها يضطرب وهي تسأل . مثل ماذا؟ نظرت لها بعمق أكثر وأخذت هي تهرب من نظراتي وتحاول الإنشغال بشئ لاتجده أمامها. قلت بعد فترة صمت كنت أحسبها ساعات طوال بالنسبة لها، لا داعي للإستمرار في هذا الحديث خلنا نتريض أفضل. كنت أختبر مدى تأثير كلماتي عليها والحيرة التي أوقعتها فيه. لم يستمر صمتنا كثيراً. فاجأتني، وماذا لو لم تكن هذه المرأة تبادلني شعوري؟ قلت مراوغاً مرة أخرى. لا أدري إن كانت تحس بمشاعري تجاهها أم لا فأنا لم أبح لها بحبي بعد. قالت ، حتى لو كانت تبادلك نفس الشعور ماذا سيكون شكل العلاقة التي تنوي إقامتها معها. هل لمجرد التسلية فقط؟ سكت ولم أجب عليها فزاد توترها ومشينا بضعة أمتار لتسألني مرة أخرى، ليش ماتجاوب على سؤالي؟ قلت، عندما أحببتها لم أفكر بأي شئ سوى أن أحبها. ومنذ عرفتها وأنا يجافيني النوم ولم تعد صحتي على مايرام منذ أن سيطر حبها على قلبي. هه. مارأيك الأن. هل تستطيعين مساعدتي؟ لقد وعدتني. صح؟ مضت بضعة دقائق ونحن في صمتنا وأخيراً قالت، هل أعرفها؟ قلت تعرفينها حق المعرفة. توقفت عن السير فجأة ونظرت إلى عينيَ وقالت من هي؟ حان الوقت الأن. سألقي بالحقيقة بين يديها مباشرة. نظرت بدوري في عينيها حتى أنها أشاحت بنظرها عن نظري وقلت أنت ياهدى. أنت من حرمني حبها من النوم. أنت من أقض حبها مضجعي. أنت التي أحلم بها كل يوم ,اعيش مع خيالها في أحضاني. كان لابد من أن يأتي هذا اليوم الذي أعترف لك فيه بحبي لك. وسعادتي وهنائي بين يديك الأن. إن شئت أسعدتني وإن شئت أشقيت قلبي. صمتت ووجهها يموج بإضطرابها وصدرها يعلو ويهبط وأحس بأن أنفاسها تخذلها. مشينا لبضع دقائق في طريقنا للعودة صامتين تماماً. كنت أنتظر رد فعلها وتركتها قليلاً لتقرر ما سوف تفعله. طال صمتها قليلاً فقلت وأنا أستحثها على الكلام. هه ياهدى ياحبيبتي واسمحيلي أناديك بحبيبتي لأني أعنيها فعلاً وينطق بها قلبي قبل لساني. هل قررت شقائي أو سعادتي؟ قالت وهي ساهمة. أنا لم أخن زوجي أبداً ولم أفكر أن أخونه. تذكر أني أم أيضاً. قلت قبل أن يضيع مني طرف الخيط. ومن قال بأن تخوني زوجك؟ كل ما أرجوه هو حبك فقط. أريد أن أحس بأن هناك من يحبني ويقلق علي. أحب أن أجد من يؤنس وحدتي وأشكو له همي ووجدي عندما تقتلني الوحدة. هل أطلب كثيراً؟ يكفيني منك صباح الخير أو مساء الخير. يكفيني منك أن أراك كل يوم لبضعة دقائق. أن أحس بحبيبتي بجواري. صمتت قليلاً وقالت، ليس الأمر سهلاً كما تظن. قلت حاولي فقط صباح الخير تجعل يومي سعيداً. هل أتصل بك في الصباح لأسمع تغريد البلابل من شفتيك؟ قالت، شاعر أنت ياأحمد؟ قلت شاعر بحبك ياحياتي وما أشعر بأي شئ في الدنيا غير حبك.

كنا قد وصلنا للبيت فودعتها على أمل محادثتها غداً. سهرت تلك الليلة وأنا سعيد بما تم. أخيراً سيبدأ مشواري مع السعادة. مع هدى المثيرة التي لم يكف قضيبي عن الإنتصاب ونحن نتمشى سوياً حتى أحسست أن الناس يرونه من تحت ثيابي. حوالي الساعة الواحدة بعد منتصف الليل رن جرس الهاتف، نظرت فوجدت رقم هدى. رقص قلبي فرحاً وقررت أن أجهز عليها في هذه الليلة. جاء صوتها خجلاً بعض الشئ. مسا الخير أحمد، نشالله ماكون فيقتك من النوم؟ أهلا حبيبتي. أنا مايجيني نوم وأنا بفكر فيكي. ضحكت قائلة، شو؟ بعدك بتفكر؟ أنت خربت راسي. مو عارفة أنام من ساعة ماكلمتني. قلت. ليش حبيبتي؟ بتفكري فيني مثل مابفكر فيكي ومضيعه النوم من عيوني؟ قالت، راسي عمبيلف من ساعتا وماني عارفانه شو قوللك. وسامر جاء تعبان من العمل أكل عشاه ونام ومن ساعتا وانا عمبفكر في الكلام يللي قلته. تأكدت أن الجميع نيام في بيتها فقلت تعرفي حبيبتي أنا نفسي في إيش الحين؟ ردت بدلال، شو؟ نفسي أضع راسي على صدرك وحنا بنتكلم وبنشتكي حبنا لبعض. ضحكت قائله، بهالسرعة؟ بعدين شو بتخلي لبكرة؟ ظللنا على الهاتف حوالي الساعتين ثم انهينا المكالمة بتبادل بعض القبلات الساخنه ونمت وأنا لا أكاد أصدق نفسي من السعادة.

طوال اليوم التالي لم أحاول أن أتصل بها وأنا في العمل. كنت أقصد أن أختبر مشاعرها وفي المساء مررت بهم لننتريض كعادتنا. فتحت الباب وفي نظرتها عتاب شديد ونادت على سامر لنخرج، كنت أعرف معنى نظراتها فبادرتها بأني كنت مشغولاً طوال اليوم ببعض الإجتماعات واعتذرت بعودتي المتأخرةللبيت. قالت مابنتحاسب هللا،بس بدي إياك تعرف إني زعلانه كتير كتير كتير. أخذنا جولة التريض كالمعتاد ولم يكف سامر عن الثرثرة كعادته. حاولت أن أبدو مجاملاً حتى لايلحظ شيئاً وفي طريق العودة دخل سامر لإحدى البقالات ليشتري شيئاً فأخبرتها أني سأنتظرها الليله على التليفون فضربت يدي بأصابعها وقالت، مابتصل عليك. خلك تغتلظ مثل ماغتظت أنا اليوم وانا عمبنتظرك طول اليوم تتصل وإنت مو هون.

بعد منتصف الليل بقليل رن جرس التليفون، كانت هدى. ألو ألو ألو. من معي وهي ولاترد. سكرت الخط ثم عاودت الإتصال وتكرر نفس الشئ مرة أخرى. تركتها تستمتع بلهوها البرئ ولم أطلبها. مرة أخرى رن جرس التليفون. ألو… ألو.. أدري إنك حلو ولك حق تتدلل بس خلاص أنا تبت ومابسويها مرة ثانية. جاء صوتها يغنج في دلال، خلاص مابتسوي هيك مرة تانيه؟ قلت أكيد حبيبتي أبغا السماح والعفو من الحلوين. ضحكت قائله، خلاص الحلوين مسامحينك، بس مابتسويها مرة تانيه وإلا بزعل عن جد. ظللنا نحكي ونتباوس ع التليفون ساعة أخرى وأنهينا المكالمة على وعد بالإتصال صباحاً من العمل.

بدأ شيطاني في تلك الليلة يعمل بنشاط للإستعداد للخطوة التالية وفي الصباح ذهبت للعمل وحوالي الساعة التاسعة إستأذنت لألم وصداع شديدين ورجعت للبيت وأنا أعد العدة لنيل ما أتمنى. لم أجد أي سيارات أمام البيت وإطمأن قلبي لقرب نجاح خطتي. إتصلت بهدى ووجدتها متلهفة لسماع صوتي. قلت أنا عندي مفاجأة لك حبيبتي. بان الفرح في صوتها وقالت وشو هي المفاجأة حياتي؟ قلت أنا الأن في البيت تجي لعندي أو أجي لعندك؟ قالت لا من جد عمتخوفني. وش يصير إذا حدا من الجارات جت لعندي. لا لا مايصير. خلنا ع التليفون حبيبي. اللعبه صارت خطر هيك. قلت بإصرار أنا جاي لعندك الحين. قالت مابفتحلك الباب. قلت سأضرب الجرس مرة واحدة، إما أن تفتحين وإما أن تنسين أحمد وبسرعة سكرت الخط حتى لا أعطيها فرصة لمحاورتي.

فتحت بابي ودققت بابها وإنتظرت حوالي دقيقة ثم سمعت حفيف ثوبها خلف الباب. فتحت الباب وخرجت منه بسرعه وأشارت لي بأن أدخل شقتي. رجعت وفتحت بابي وأنتظرت فجاءت وأدخلتها وسكرت الباب. حاولت أن تبدو غاضبة وهي تقول بأني أتصرف تصرف مجانين وأني لو كنت أحبها حقاً ماوضعتها في مثل هذا الموقف الصعب فربما يشاهدنا أي من الجيران في مثل هذا الوقت وتكون فضيحة لها ولعائلتها. سحبتها من يدها للداخل وأنا أمطرها بكلمات الحب والغزل في رقتها وجسمها وشعرها وكل شئ فيها ثم سندتها على الجدار وأمسك رأسها بين يدي ونظرت مباشرة في عينيها وأنا أسألها. هل تظنينني مجنوناً حقاً. قالت نعم. أنت مجنون رسمي. قلت وأنا أتطلع بنهم لنيل قبلة ساخنة من شفتيها المكتنزتين. هل جنوني ظاهر لهذة الدرجة؟ قالت بإصرار نعم نعم نعم. أنا حظي أحب واحد مجنون مثلك. جذبت رأسها في حركة مباغته وألصقت شفتي بشفتيها وبدأت بتقبيلها وإلتهام شفتيها الساخنتين. صدرت عنها بعض الآهات وهي تحاول التملص من قبضتي بدون فائدة. كنت ألتهم شفتيها وأضغط بجسمي عليها وهي لاتجد خلاصاً مني فقضيبي الذي بدأ في الإنتصاب يدغدغ أفخاذها من الأمام وشفتي العطشى تلتهم شفتيها بنهم شديد. كانت تدفع جسدي بعيداً عن جسدها يائسة وكلما ظنت أنها نجحت أعود وأضغط جسدها بيني وبين الجدار مرة أخرى حتى بدأت مقاومتها تخف بعض الشئ فتركت شفتيها ونزلت بشفتي على عنقها اقبله وألحس تحت أذنيها وهي تحاول أن تمنعني وأنا أتناوب عن يمينها وشمالها حتى بدأت أسمع صوت تنهداتها وهي مستسلمة. خففت عنها ضغطي قليلاً لتسترد أنفاسها وأخذتها بين ذراعي وأنا أقبلها برقه وحنان وأخذت رأسها على صدري وأنا أداعب شعرها وأمسح بيدي على خدها حتى أحسست بها تهدأ قليلاً لإابعتها عني قليلاً وأمسكت بكتفيها في مواجهتي وقلت بهمس… أحبك …. أحبك ….. أحبك … رفعت خصلة من الشعر سقطت على جبينها وقالت ، انت مجنون حقيقي . شوهاد اللي سويته؟ خلاص. تركني لحالي. بدي أمشي ع داري. لم أرد عليها. نظرت في عينها مرة أخرى فتحاشت نظراتي ومرة أخرى حاولت أن تغادر البيت فأمسكت بها ثانية وقبلتها وأنا أحتضنها وأضغطها بين ذراعي وصدري بشدة وهي تأن قليلاً وتحاول التملص من أحضاني قليلاً. كانت تلبس قميصاً من الشيفون الأحمر وفوقه روب منزلي خفيف إنحسر عن كتفيها وأنا أحتضنها وبدا من تحته نهداها كحبتي رمان وحلمتاها منتصبتان بشدة. نزلت فجأة بشفتي على حلمتها اليمنى وبدأت في مصها ولحس ثديها في حركات دائرية بلساني حول حلمتها. سمعتها تقول بصوت واهِ. بليز أحمد. تركني أروح داري. ماعد بتحمل بليز أحمد. لم أعرها إهتماماً وتحولت لثديها الأيسر وبدأت أمصمص حلمتها وأشدها قليلاً بأسناني و أنا ألحس حول حلمتها بلساني في حركات دائرية سريعة وهي تتآوه. ثم بدأت أحس بيديها تضغط رأسي على صدرها وتساعدني على الإنتقال بين ثدييها مرة في اليمين ومرة في الشمال. إعتدلت مرة أخرى وبدأت أقبلها في شفتيها وأدخل لساني في فمها وبدأت هي في الإستجابة ومص لساني داخل فمها وتضغط جسمها إلى جسمي حتى تحس بقضيبي المنتصب يضرب أفخادها وهي تتآوه وأصبح جسدها ناراً بين يدي. ظللنا محتضنين بعضنا البعض وأنا أتحرك بها ببطئ تجاه غرفة النوموف يمنتصف الطريق كنت قد تخلصت من الروب الذي ترتديه وبقيت في القميص الشيفون الأحمر يكاد يأكل من بياض جسمها المتفجر. كانت تمشى معي وهي منقادة تماماً وقبلاتي تأخذها إلى عالم من النشوة حتى وصلنا غرفة النوم. تخلصت من ثيابي بسرعة وأنا أشاغلها بقبلة ساخنه أو مداعبة في ثديها ثم أخذتها بين ذراعي مرة أخرى وبدأت ألاعب ثدييها بيدي وأضغط حلماتها بين إصابعي وأشدها وهي تتآوه من شدة النشوة. نزلت معها بهدوء على حافة السرير ثم أنمتها على ظهرها ونمت فوقها مباعداً بين فخذيها وقضيبي يضرب كسها وبين فخذيها. كانت تلبس كيلوتاً أحمر أيضاً تبلل حتى يكاد ماؤها أن يسيل منه. مددت يدي ونزعت عنها الكيلوت ليبدو تحته كسها رائعاً مظللاً بغابة من الشعر الأسود الناعم وسط بياض جسدها الرائع. أوه. ما أجمل الكس الغجري المشعر. مثير لأقصى حد في شكل جزيرة سوداء وسط محيط من البياض الساحر. بدأت أضرب بقضيبي على كسها وأشفارها وهي تتآوه ثم علا صوتها فجأة وهي تصرخ. نكني ياأحمد. هللا نيكني. شرمطني حبيبي. نيك نيك نيكني ياأحمد. خلاص ماعدفيني أتحمل. إدحشة كلاته جوات كسي. يللا حبيبي. آه آه آه آه.

نزعت قميصها بسرعة حتى أن حمالته إنقطعت في يدي وأصبحنا عاريين تماماً. باعدت قليلاً بين فخديها فلفت رجولها حول خصري ووضعت طرف قضيبي على فتحة كسها وبدأت ألاعب بظرها برأس قضيبي المنتفخ حتى ليكاد أن ينفجر في كسها. كان صوتها يعلو كلما ضربت بظرها برأس قضيبي ثم دفعته كله فجأة داخل كسها المبلول وإذا بها تطلق صرخة عالية تخيلت أنها سوف تجمع علينا الجيران جميعاً. بدأت أدخل قضيبي وأخرجه ببطئ في أول الأمر وأنا أحس أن كسها ضيق وكأنها لم تنجب من قبل وهي تضغط قضيبي في كسها وتعصره بعضلات كسها وتمتصه مصاً كمن تحلبه بكسها. في الوقت الذي كنت أمصمص حلماتها واحدة تلو الأخرى. وهي تصرخ من الشهوة والشبق حتى أحسست برعشتها وبمائها ساخنا يحيط بقضيبي داخل كسها وبدأت خلجاتها تقل. قللت حركة قضيبي في كسها قليلاً وهي تمسك برأسي وتقبله وفي عيونها نظرة عرفان. قالت، شو عيوني. انبسطت؟ قلت بعدي مانزلت لبني حبيبتي. ابغاكي على بطنك. قالت. شو؟ بطيوزي لا حبيبي. قلبتها وهي لاتدري ماسأفعل بها. ثم رفعت خصرها قليلاً وسحبتها على حافة السرير. وقفت ورائها على الأرض ممسكاً بخصرها وقضيبي يلامس كسها من الخلف ثم دفعته فيها جميعه مرة واحدة وأنا أسحب جسدها تجاهي لأحس بقضيبي يشق طريقه في جحيم فرن ملتهب داخل كسها. أخذت تدفع بطيوزها في إتجاهي وقضيبي يشق كسها دخولاً وخروجاً وهي تتآوه من اللذة وأحسست برعشتها الثانيه تأتي وأنا أتأهب لرعشتي فسارعت دخولاً وخروجاً وخصيتي تضربان كسها بشدة حتى أتت رعشتنا سوياً ودفقت لبني كله داخل كسها الملتهب. تمددنا سوياً قليلاً من الوقت ونحن نداعب بعضنا البعض ونتبادل القبل والأحضاان ومنذ ذلك اليوم وأنا وهدى نتمتع باللقاءات الساخنه كلما حانت فرصة للقاء