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She was Margaret.He's now Kevin.

Hi.I'm Margaret.Or that's my former name when I was a girl before the SURGERY.Now my name is Kevin.

I remember lying in that hospital bed right after the operation, looking up at the ceiling and just thinking. Feeling as though a crocodile had just gone down on me, I was too nervous even to shift my position for fear of intense agony. Dr. Max had been in only once since I had woken up, to explain a few things to me with the help of his beautiful Thai assistant. I might have been shaken, scared, lost in pain, perhaps regret... but I wasn't. I was at peace, triumphant, having overcome the final obstacle.

The next few months were difficult. Everything was still very tender and getting the stitches out was NOT a very pleasant experience. I still felt like I ought to have hired a monsters hunter to find and hunt down whatever fellatio-crazed, many-toothed monster was visiting me nightly- but this was all to be expected. I took the pain killers, I dilated myself, I kept everything clean, I didn't smoke, I went by the book. This was the new me, who I had been all along inside, and I wanted it to be done right. I was proud.

Time passed and I became more and more comfortable with my new "hardware". My correct hardware, rather. I had nothing more than a birth defect that had to be corrected by some hormone therapy and surgery. Birth defects were corrected all the time, how was I any different? I began to explore a bit more, touching, feeling, experimenting. I was still pretty numb for several months. I would have brief periods of panic where I thought I might not ever get full feeling down there, but as I explored more, continued to touch, to test, feeling came back gradually. I became addicted to trying to nurse more sensation back into my body, frequently touching myself whenever I had a moment or so alone, just to test the feeling.

I remember the first time it happened... I was on a bus ride from New York City down to Washington, D.C. to visit my old home. Too long, too boring. The damned old bus vibrated something horrible on the highway and my Game Boy and few books had failed me for entertainment so far. I sat with my head resting on the window, bumping against it occasionally as we roared on down I-95. The vibration of my seat had been annoying earlier as I tried to concentrate, but now, with my mind wandering, it became a different kind of distraction.

I found it feeling kind of good, actually. A pleasant humming underneath my seat. I tilted my hips back, spread my legs a little and felt the thrumming against my ass. I almost giggled at myself for being so silly, and straightened back up... but my brain was already working at a more carnal level. I rolled my hips forward a little, the point of my crotch connecting with the vibrating seat came closer to my balls, and so the vibrations became stronger. Mmmmnn... that felt good. I casually knocked my book to the floor and bent doubled over down to reach for it, rolling my hips even more. The seat thrummed underneath me, I could feel the pulses of each tiny bump, coursing up through my body like so many ripples on a pond. Leaning back and closing my eyes, I began to fantasize... my long hard cock pressing against a girl's opening, demanding entrance.

My legs spread subconsciously out over the seat as I did, freeing my cock from the resistance of my thighs closed around it. Blood rushed rapidly between my legs as the vibrations now pulsed through me freely, uninhibited. I let out a tiny little gasp, and feigned sleep as my neighbor turned to see what the noise was. In my mind I was on top, fucking my unseen lover. I felt the head of my cock sliding through her outer lips, pushing through them, glistening with her moisture. The vibrations continued, pulsing. Thrumming. I felt it now pressing against me again... slipping forward, making me harder. The tip of it popped inside and with a groan of pure lust she pushed back against my delicious, throbbing cock. I myself was throbbing, aching to touch myself, loving the pure sensation coursing through me as the vibrating seat did its work. I couldn't take it anymore.

I "sleepily" grabbed for the cheap blankets they give you on long bus rides, and covered myself up. The second my crotch was out of sight I made quite a fuss of "getting comfortable" wherein I managed to hike my skirt up, raise my hips in the air slightly, and tug my boxers down just enough. I sat back down, the fuzzy fabric of the seat now against my bare ass. I know I couldn't have been able to restrain a grin as I moved my hand closer to my pulsing balls and hungry hard cock. I knew what it was going to feel like, knew what was coming as my hand inched closer- but I just turned my head against the window and smiled, loving the anticipation. I could hear the sound of my cock sinking in my fantasy-lover's cunt, spearing through her creamy hole in slow motion. My fingertips grazed ever so softly against my balls and my hips jumped slightly, but I faked a cough and continued. I could feel her puffy lips, swollen with arousal, soft and wet, rolling underneath my fingertips as my fingers pushed their way through them, running up and down her slit. I began thrusting up my lover's pussy, finding a rhythm... my fingers teasing, dipping into her hole just a little, then pulling back out. I wanted to feel a cunt around my cock, to feel its heat, the combination of wetness and soft skin contracting around my prick. My head drooped to the side as I begining to feel a powerful tension build up deep within my cock , tingles were shooting through my body and my hips undulated against my probing fingers on their own accord.

I hazarded a quick glance around the bus, most of the passengers were sleeping, and my neighbor was deeply engrossed in a book. I ached to see my fingers moving around my cock, but couldn't risk it. My mind was running wildly as I heard the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, the deep guttural grunts and moans of me and my phantom lover as I pounded into her. A little moan came out of my open mouth, I felt a surge building up- something I had not felt since before the operation. It was different this time, I felt as though every muscle in my abdomen was tightening up for my imminent release.

My hand jacked off my cock rapidly, I could hear the sound of them squishing around my prick, my heart beating fast. My neighbor glanced over at me, curious, and this time my eyes met hers. I stared at her, mouth slightly agape as orgasm washed over me. It felt like a massive wave of pleasure crashing over my whole body and I shuddered, never breaking eye contact with this stranger, ragged breaths escaping my lips. She watched me with a slightly incredulous look, watched climax take me. I watched her, helpless, as wave after crashing wave pulsed through my body, felt my cock erupting my hot semen under my fingers. When finally my orgasm subsided, I looked away sheepishly, murmuring a very quiet "Sorry..." and went back to looking out of the window. The woman didn't say a thing, just went back to her book.

Back in my home town, a few weeks later, I was going to be facing some old friends for the first time since the operation. I was excited, but a little nervous too. Most people reacted predictably- they tried to appear supportive and open-minded, but I could always sense a little awkwardness. One of the most relieving parts of my return was when I met my friend Savannah. Savannah and I had been friends since I was 11 and she was 9. We had played together, weekends of Nintendo and Commadore 64 games. As time went on it became larger social gatherings at times, with beer and pot, but we still had our time together, with video games and sodas, weekends spent just hanging out and having fun. We'd share nearly everything. I remember when I told her about losing my virginity... my "other" virginity. It was with a guy she introduced me to, and she gleefully chided me about every detail of it. I remember laughing uncontrollably when over AIM she told me a guy had "sucked her twat" and my watching Chinese friend asked "What's she mean by 'twat'?" And finally, hearing about her first time with a boyfriend named Karl. We were the kind of friends who could pick up right where we left of, no matter how much time had passed in between.

We arranged for me to stay at her place for 5 days while her room mate was out of town vacationing with family. I showed up much the same as I had done in the past. I had my laptop, a few changes of clothes- skirts and tank tops this time, instead of the jeans and T-shirts of before. When the door opened, she greeted me with a nonchalant smile and brief hug- still a 'woman hug and kiss' as we would call them. She didn't react negatively to me at all.

"Crotch is bigger now... guess you got everything sorted out down below?" she said casually.

"Yep. All up and running, I suppose. So... Smash Brothers?" I asked, unable to restrain a broad smile as I mentioned our favorite game. It was like old times, we easily got into our old patterns, ordered a pizza, playfully expressed our deepest loathing of one another whenever we lost a game. Only the occasional "It's funny hearing your voice higher than mine" or "Don't make me punch you in the crotch" worked its way in, but it was all in good fun. She was cool, casual. She was Savannah, the same friend I had always known, and I was still the same friend she had always known, just in a different body. The right body. Two empty pizza boxes, several cokes, and a joint for her and cigarette for me later, we were vegging out on the couch, all Nintendo'd out.

"So whats it, uh... how did things turn out down there?" she asked, a little awkwardness there but mostly just friendly curiosity.

"Well, I've pretty much healed up by now and it's all working just fine." I answered, unsure of how far to go with details.

"So have you... you know, done it yet?" She asked, grinning stupidly at me. I threw a pillow at her.

"Nooooo, not yet. It's not like I just would run off and jump in the sack with the first person I met to give it a test-drive or anything." I said, smartly ducking the retaliatory pillow-throw.

"Alright so, but like- you weren't lesbian before, right? I mean, you never wanted to have sex with a girl as a guy, or at least that's what you told me." She said, obviously struggling a little to wrap her brain around the concept.

"Well, right... I dunno, it's weird. I guess I sorta knew when a girl was hot, and sometimes I thought about girls- but with me being a guy... but I didn't want to have sex, no. Now, though, it's like... I can be me, and I still like guys a lot," (smacked her solidly in the face with the pillow as she raised her eyebrows twice with a "hubba hubba, gays!") "...buuuut I think I'd like to at least try it with a girl, you know... I kinda like them more now. Besides, how many people can say they've had sex from both sides?"

"Showoff..." she said, smirking. "So like... how does, er... what does it... does it look normal? Like any regular guy's?" She asked very awkwardly, scratching behind her ear and turning her head to the side.

"Well... from looking at the outside not even a gynecologist could tell the difference." I said truthfully, focusing a bit more on her at this point, watching her body language and reactions. "Do... uh... I mean, I could show you... if you wanted. You know, purely for scientific reasons." I offered. I had no second agenda, I was being honest, I simply guessed she was very curious. I guessed right.

"Er, okay then. I mean I wasn't gonna ask, but I am pretty curious." She said, sitting up now and crossing the room to sit on the couch with me. We were very quiet and avoided eye contact as I pulled my pants down to my ankles.

"No spazzing out or anything, okay?" I demanded. After getting her "okay" I planted my feet on the floor and lifted my hips, sliding my boxers down slowly, nervously half-covering myself at first. I settled back down, and pulled them to my knees. I nervously glanced up at Savannah, biting my lip with a slightly worried expression. She was looking down with a kind of slight frown.

"Well... from this angle..." she trailed off, and I followed her eyes. You really couldn't see much, with my legs held together at the knees by my boxers and the shadow cast by my thighs.

"Oh, right..." I said, and kicked my shoes off, then slid my boxers and pants down over one foot so my legs were now free. I lifted them back onto the couch and turned to face Savannah, drawing my feet in close and letting my knees sink down out on either side, spreading my thighs wide open and exposing myself, getting a good angle with the light.

"Ahhh..." she said, leaning in and inspecting me, still maintaining a very casual attitude and relaxed body language. She was determined not to make me uncomfortable, a noble act considering I was sitting here with my legs spread wide showing off my cock rather bluntly. "Not bad... seriously though, that's a good job. It really does look completely normal."

I felt warm and happy, glad she was so accepting, and casually curious. As she studied me a little closer, I felt a slight tingle running through my body, converging between my legs. It was a rather sexual position to be in, and her face was close. My breathing was a little shallow, and I shifted again, lifting a leg up to rest on the back of the couch, and I slowly reached down and lift my prick, exposing my balls.

"And that there is the um, crowning achievement." I announced, smiling sheepishly.

"Nice, nice." She said, looking at me in my ridiculous pose, but determinedly keeping a straight face and looking closely to study every detail. She finally took a deep breath and leaned back on the couch. "So like, it all works really good then? I mean... have you cum yet?"

"Yeah... actually, only for the first time a few days ago, coming down here to visit you girls." I said, thinking briefly back to my experience on the bus. I lowered my leg from the back of the couch and rested it out in front of me, my thighs drawing together again, but my bare legs still exposed. I was too lazy to put everything back on, and Savannah and I were just so.. comfortable with one another it didn't seem to matter.

"Ah, sweet. So was it good?" She was still so cool and casual, just being the same Savannah I knew so well.

"Well duh, it's not like it's gonna feel bad." I responded, chuckling a little.

"Heh, right. So it's working out for you then, cool. Pecs and abs are looking a lot masculine now, I like 'em." she said, her eyes traveling over my body in a very passive, friendly way. "So when do you think you'll finally have sex? You know, with a girl?"

"Well... I suppose whenever I stop being too chicken to date one. You know how it is, like... I'm still used to men, and I guess I'm a little afraid a girl will find out and freak out on me." I said, trying to think what on earth it would be like to get intimate with a woman in actuality, not just in my fantasy world.

"Yeah that would totally suck. You should probably wait then, till you're sure you're with a girl who'll understand or be cool about it." She was so earnest, for all her goofy joking around and crude remarks, when it came down to the wire she was an awesome girl.

"But I mean, it sucks you know... trying to find someone like that. I've only had like... 2 little romantic flings with guys since I had my operation, and they didn't last or get too far. I just haven't worked out how to like, date a girl. I could only imagine dating someone like, exactly like me, so that I'd know how to make it not awkward. Someone who could joke about it, you know?" I kicked my boxers dangling from my foot off to the side and shifted my weight again so my ass wouldn't go numb, inadvertently exposing a little more of my bared prick, but only a little.

"Yeah... kinda like us. It's almost creepy how alike we are, even now one of us is a guy!" she laughed at her own joke, turning sideways on the couch so that we were now facing each other.

There was a bit of a pause, and really without thinking about it much before I said it, I kind of blurted out an idea right as it popped into my head.

"Well I mean... we ARE alike... I don't want to creep you out or anything, but if I was going to have sex with a girl for the first time, I'd totally it rather be with you than some random girl I wasn't sure about." I didn't really think of all the implications of what I was saying, it just came out. Savannah studied me a bit, a thoughtful expression on her face.

"Well, like... I mean, if you really had a strong need to experiment with it... I wouldn't want you to end up with some jackass who would make you feel like shit. I... er, well I guess I'm saying if you need to have sex with a girl, but want to do it with someone you trust, I could er..." her voice trailed off again. The moment was terribly awkward.

"Right." I paused, chewing my bottom lip and considering the situation. "Do... I mean, we could, er... If it wouldn't make you uncomfortable, and if you want to..." I struggled, feeling very stupid and sure that I was not doing a very good job of asking this, so I just came right out with it. "Do you wanna have sex?"


"Yeah. Yeah, we can do that. As long as it's what you really want, and you're okay with it." she said earnestly, really meaning everything. "I mean, don't get me wrong, it wouldn't be just because YOU want it, like... well... I'm a girl, I mean... I'm not gonna lie and say I don't want to try it with you."

"Okay..." I said very quietly, and looked Savannah in the eyes. She met my gaze, and we just watched each other for a while, two old best friends, one female, one now male - just having consented to sex. As that thought passed through my mind, I felt blood rushing between my legs, little tingles rippled through me and the hairs on my neck prickled slightly. "Let's go to the bed, I suppose."

Savannah followed, and we didn't share any words as we made it to her bedroom. I sat down on the bed, my shirt covering my upper body, but pants and boxers still left behind in the living room. She sat down next to me and stretched out, trying to seem casual but obviously every bit as trepidatious as me.

"How should we start? I'm uh... well, I dunno." she asked meekly, at a loss for words apparently. I scooted a bit closer to her, and took her hand in mine. Feeling stupid, I lowered it to my crotch and placed it on my cock, giving an encouraging squeeze.

"Well there's always this approach." I offered. I could tell I found a good way to break the ice- she grinned broadly, and lifted her other hand to my cheeks, giving each a gentle squeeze. She started massaging them softly as she spoke.

"You know I kinda wanted to try this. Your cock feel awesome, too. Glad you decided to keep it natural." she said, grinning. It felt really nice, actually. I had always thought guys just let girls play with their pricks because girls love them so much, but I was discovering there was more to it than that. I felt my cock stiffen under her hand.

"Mmmnn, you know, now I get what the big deal with cock is, from both sides. Here, hang on a sec." I said, lifting my arms up over my head. Following my lead, Savannah lifted my shirt up and off my body, tossing it to the side. She looked at me, now only wearing nothing.I became now completely naked.

"Pasty white as ever." She said, grinning. I punched her on the arm.

"Lean back, noob." she said as she peeled off her shirt and fumbled with the clasp on her bra. I complied, propping some pillows up against the headboard of the bed to lean against. She reached behind her back and undid her bra, letting her breasts swing free. They were large... a nice, solid C cup. She was rather proud of them. Savannah straddled my waist and sat facing me.

"Here, now try." she said, offering both exposed breasts to my hands again, pulling her hair to the side to get it out of the way. My hands slid slowly up her stomach and lightly across the soft skin of her breasts, caressing gently. I was rather good at this, I thought to myself. My fingers slid on either side of her nipples and gently pinched together, rolling them to hardened little nubs. She let out a gentle moan.

"They really are awesome, I love them." I reiterated, absorbed in feeling her up. She took my arms by the wrists and pulled them away gently, leaning forward and arching her back, so that her boobs were now hanging in front of my face. She cupped my hand underneath one and let her nipple drag across my lips. I responded on instinct, my tongue coming out to encircle her nipple and flick over it a few times. My warm lips wrap around as much of her breast as was possible, and then the most exquisite sensation as I sucked her tit into my mouth, letting the nipple lead the way between my gently grazing teeth. The suction felt divine to me and my friend Savannah, and she let out a contented sigh, tilting her head back and pressing her chest forward to seek more of of this pleasurable contact. My free hand came up and began massaging her lonely breast, and after a while I switched, taking care to flick my tongue over the nipples or pinch them softly, the slick surface of my tongue licking at her puffy araeola, tasting her.

I eventually pulled away and looked down at her. Her pink, hard little nipples jutted out and made her boobs pronounced, I liked the way it looked.

"Well you seem to enjoy that enough." she purred, playfully winking at me. I grinned back. "So I hope it had an effect on you?" she added hopefully, reaching down between my legs and running a hand up my thigh. It felt REALLY weird to be touching my best friend and she touching me like this, but our bodies were on fire, they demanded more. My friend Savannah's body demanded what I now felt between my legs - a semi-hard erection.And my body demanded her hot cunt under her skirt.

She was on top of me and I turned her and became on top of her.

"Er, you know I kind of have trouble if I'm nervous, you know... like, usually I drink a little first. But I know you don't like drinking." She said lamely, looking ashamed. I already knew this, though, from all the conversations we had had before about her sex life. I really didn't care, but as I reached down to unzip her skirt, I felt the strangest conflict in my head between what was lesbian, straight, right, wrong, gross, kinky, everything. I shut my screaming mind up and tugged her skirt and panties down to her knees, then edged back so she could remove them. She did look a little silly laying there stark naked with a wet cunt and only a high heel on.Then she pushed me to lay on my back and sat in close to my waist.

And while I was struggling once again against my inhibitions and preconceived notions of sexuality, Savannah wrapped her hand around my penis. It was so warm, and I kept my eyes open to the beautiul scene, breathing shallow. She lowered herself to the mattress... my mind raged at me as her head drew closer... and she wrapped her lips around the soft head of my cock.

It wasn't all THAT bad to turn from being a girl to be a guy, I thought. She swirled her tongue around the head, licking underneath the rim of the hat. She then sank her head down, enveloping my cock with her mouth completely and tugging back on my foreskin, exposing more of my bare tip. I groaned slightly and felt my cock grow in her mouth. She sucked gently, tongue swirling around my tasty flesh, and pulled her head back slightly, then slid forward again.

It was fun to Savannah to suck her friend Margaret's cock .. sorry Kevin's cock, the warm skin felt nice sliding through her mouth, and she really liked the taste. She found a steady rhythm, stroking the base of Kevin's cock with her hand while she sucked on it, letting the shaft pass through her lips.

Pretty soon I was rock hard, and when she started flicking her tongue along the underside, right where the shaft meets the head, I had to stop her. She very reluctantly freed me from her warm mouth and licked the inside of her cheek where my cock had been rubbing against moments before, tasting me still. Savannah looked down at me, and knew I couldn't find the words to say.

"Er, right... so maybe if we just cant see it..." she offered, correctly judging my facial expressions. She got back up and straddled me again. My heart was pounding furiously in my chest, I was so incredibly nervous. My cock was radiating heat, though, and I couldn't deny it. Savannah was shaking slightly, trying not to look at me directly, but trying to appear calm. I raised myself up, reached down between my legs...

I found my erection, still hard as steel, and wrapped my hand around the base, aiming it upwards. I felt the warm head press against her outer lips. I moved it back and forth, rubbing it in her folds. She was holding her breath. I positioned my hard cock right at her hole, and took a deep breath...

Savannah sank down slowly. My cock began to push up into her body, neither of us were breathing. It kind of hurt, I was only about two thirds of the way in, but there was this pressure. I momentarily began to panic. My face looked discomforted, it was hurting me a little, too. She shifted my hips forward.

My cock popped gently free from the pressure of the bad angle, and we both sighed out in awe and amazement as she sank the rest of the way down onto my cock. I could hear it spearing through the creamy folds of her pussy. I had to bite back a giggle as I thought how similar it sounded to stirring Velveta. I focused instead on the sensations now coursing through my body, which were phenomenal. So soft yet so warm, igniting every inch of my cock with pure blazing ecstasy. When my hips met hers, I rested there for a moment, and we looked at each other, both of our mouths slightly open, breathing heavily. She lifted herself oh-so slowly, and I slide back out, then lowered herself again. I was totally beyond any sort of comprehension of how incredible it felt. Her pussy literally throbbed around my pulsing cock, and she seemed equally in sexual shock. She lifted her hips again more confidently, then pushed back down onto me. GOD it felt good, I felt so hot, so satisfied yet so achingly hungry for more of this unbearably exquisite friction. Savannah dropped to her elbows, resting on them and looking me in the eye. Our hips raised and lowered, still very slowly, we both just held our breaths and listened to the sound of my cock squishing in and out of her cunt as we fucked.

"So, what's it like? Does it feel like you thought it would?" Savannah asked curiously, now starting to lift her hips slightly with each push, grinding her G-spot against my cock head.

"God, shit... If I had known... I'd have asked you to do this with me the second I walked in the door." I whispered out hoarsely, sliding up and down with my unyieldingly hard cock in her twat a little faster now, her creamy inner flesh gliding along my sensitive shaft as it slid through her dying pussy, tightly squeezing my wonderful cock on all sides. It felt so good it almost hurt.

"It feels incredible, you're so much harder and bigger than any other guy I've been with. Shit... fuck, that feels nice." She groaned slightly as she began rolling her hips, letting the bulbous tip of my delicious manhood press into her harder, sending off electric sparks of ecstasy with each tiny undulation.

"I think... oh fucking god... I think it feels better as a guy." I gasped out. We were picking up pace, our bodies moving like a wave to meet each other. The sound of her pussy being fucked and the smell of sex and sweat filled the room.

"Fuck... you're so big..." was all she managed to choke out, my hands now rested on her hips and I gently helped lift her up and down, riding my cock faster. She loved every inch of it as it pushed up into her body. IN her body, I loved the thought. And she wanted more. She leaned her head forward and kissed me, demanding entrance. Her tongue found mine and I hungrily swirled my tongue around it, tasting her. Our hot, ragged breaths washed over us as we felt the slick, warm insides of each other's bodies. I loved having myself inside her- tongue, cock, I wanted more. She was now bouncing up and down rapidly, fucking me hard. Her entire body seemed to have been turned into an erogenous zone, and my hands roamed over her, causing incredible sensations to overwhelm her senses. My hands were squeezing her breasts again, it felt like heaven. They were running over her ass, my hand came to a rest on her pussy. She let it rise and fall with her hips, felt her pussy envelope my cock and slide up and down it.

"Shit, I wanna see. I wanna see!" she moaned anxiously, and I nodded fervently in agreement. She pushed herself up and continued to ride me. We both looked down and stared at the connection our bodies made. Her outer lips were puffy, swollen, and bright pink. They glistened with wetness and shone in the light, a soft cushion for my pumping manhood. The inner lips clung desperately to my cock every time she lifted up, dragging her skin against mine, then hungrily sucked it back up into her body as she sank back down. We stared, mesmerized by the sight, and she started a rhythm of grinding her hips in a circular motion when I was completely inside her every few bounces, swirling my cock around in her cunt. Pretty soon I felt the head of my cock swell and I gripped her sides tightly.

"Shit, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna... oh, fuck." I cried out, and I felt my warm sticky cum shoot deep up into her pussy. I was blinded with pleasure, ecstasy. Everything was bright white and I couldn't see, I could only feel. Feel the cum pumping up through my cock and then spurting into her body, coating her insides in liquid fire. I could smell sweat, cum, her pussy, my cock. If every inch of my body was on fire with sensation, my cock was the blazing white-hot center, hot enough to melt steel. My whole body tensed up from head to foot, my toes curled and I gripped the sheets so hard I thought I might tear them. For one infinitesimal moment, I could not move or breathe or make sound. Then, like the shattering of a crystal ball, I felt Savannah's body begin to pulse and spasm, her cunt walls grasping my cock hungrily as she shuddered uncontrollably, crying out with pure lust and milking the sperm from my incredible cumming cock. Little spots appeared in the peripherals of my vision as I slammed my hips up and down, fucking the hell out of her as our orgasm seared through us - all this brought on by Savannah, the girl I knew for so long. The girl I would play silly video games with for hours on end.

I finally began to slow down, giving the occasional jerk as another wave of pleasure would wrack my body, fucking slower now... little spurts, sweet and warm, still shot up into the creamy mess of her cunt, filled with copious amounts of my cum. My vision returning, I looked up at Savannah. She was glistening with sweat, and breathing heavily, looking awestruck. She continued to slide up and down my shaft, slowing the pace even more as our climaxes finally subsided.

Savannah lifted herself up and my cum spilled out all over my crotch and the sheets. We both laughed, and she collapsed at my side- the side of a friend I used to go shopping with, used to skip rocks at the pond with. After catching my breath, I managed to speak.

"That wasn't so bad, after all." I said quietly, grinning and glowing brightly.

"You are SO fucking hot..." Savannah said bemusedly, then I rolled over on top of her.And she looked between my legs, she knew what I was thinking. My cock was still hard.

"Mmmnnn, you want to fuck my little pussy some more?" Savannah cooed, a bit nervous to turn this from experimental, formal sex into the depraved pure fucking it was becoming, but she was not out of line.

"Oh god, Savannah... yes..." I groaned as I positioned myself between her legs and aimed my sticky cock at her entrance.

"Mmm then fuck me more, fill me with cum again." Savannah begged, lifting her knees up and out to the sides, spreading herself wide for me.

My cock sank down into her once more, and the puffy soft area of her outer lips bulged as her pulsating cunt accepted me into her body. She stared down and watched, the sight of my long, hard member pushing in and out, glistening with our cum.Savannah couldn't tear her eyes away, she just looked on, stealing the occasional glance up at me, who was also watching my cock disappear inside her avidly. With the sound of our heavy breathing punctuated by the occasional moan, whimper, or grunt, she let me fuck her. Savannah is getting fucked by me, I thought to myself. Fucking her pussy by my cock. I got the strangest thrill from saying the words out loud in my head. Reaching down, I slid two fingers on either side of her clit and pinched them together, beginning to rub in small, tight circles. She surely felt like each millimeter of skin between her legs was overloaded with ecstasy, even MORE sensitive now after our first orgasm. I could hardly handle the intense feeling, but I yearned for more. She pushed her hips forward to meet my every thrust, feeling the tip of my cock press against the back of pussy.

"Ohhh fuck yeah... you feel like liquid velvet..." I moaned, reaching up to grab her bouncing breasts and continuing to drill her tight, hot hole.

"Mmmnnn yeah, fuck me. Fuck me, oh god don't stop, fuck me more!" Savannah whimpered and moaned, begging me, now pushing down hard to meet my thrusts. The sound of wet flesh slapping against flesh was driving me wild, and I hungered for more. Her pussy seemed to swell with each pumping motion, juices were running down her inner thigh, my fingers were flying over her swollen clit.

"Oh shit, hang on- hang on!" I gasped out, stopping her. She nearly cried, moaning anxiously. "Here, lay down..." I commanded her, and I got down on the bed, laying on my side. She lay on her side as well, and I moved closer to her. She lifted one leg up in the air and let me scoot my legs in between hers. I reached down and guided my cock back into her pussy, slowly pushing forward to fill her up again.

"Ohhhh god, Kevin ... I want to feel you deep inside me. I want you in my body, I want to feel you cum inside of me." Savannah whispered in my ear as we held each other close. Her breasts mashed against my chest and I wrapped my arms around her back and held her warm body tight against mine. I was fucking her so tantalizingly slowly. In, out, no sudden jerks- just smooth, gliding strokes. We kissed, slow, passionate soul kisses. Her tongue met mine and lazily swirled around in my mouth. We were so close, every inch of her front was pressed to mine, her legs welcomed mine, wide spread and resting on mine. Heat gushed and radiated from my core, liquid oozed from our connection, coating our thighs in warmth. The movements were so slow... so slow. In... out... we made love, not rushing anything, not getting into a fervor. In... out... I had never felt this close to anybody before, filled her up, in soul and in body. Time seemed to stop and we stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like eternity, absorbing everything we could from the moment as I moved inside her.

"Soon.. Savannah, I'm gonna cum again soon." I whispered quietly, calmly. I did not quicken my pace, we just continued the same, steady motions. I felt tension building up in her cunt again.

"Me too... Kevin... fill me up again. Fill me with your cum." Savannah whispered back, never breaking eye contact. Every bit of instinct I had told me to speed up as I felt my orgasm coming on, but I didn't. It took forever to get there, I felt like I was right on the brink for several minutes, teetering on the verge of a gigantic wave. I felt my cock swell, felt a churning down in the base of my shaft and my head grew even larger, then once again that divine sensation of hot, sticky, warm cum shooting up inside her sent us together over the edge. The orgasm was powerful- more powerful than anything that had ever affected my body. Jet after jet of liquid shot into her spasming pussy. And Savannah dug her fingers into my shoulders and bit her lips, whimpering as her body shook. Our orgasm didn't stop- I thought I would die if it kept going on much longer. I could still feel more spurts of cum continuing to splash against her insides. I just held on to Savannah as hard as I could until I finally came down, ceasing to shudder.

My whole body was weak and shaking, and I looked at Savannah. She was looking back, both of our expressions were of understanding, closeness. I scooted up closer to her, rolled her onto her back, and gently rested my leg over hers, staying inside her. With a deeply contented sigh, I gave her a hug. A real hug.

Threesome with Kate Winslet

Andrew was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Come in!" Andrew said out loud and the door opened and Kate Winslet walked in. She had her long blonde hair left out, a short skirt that just about covered her ass with black stockings going all the way up, a tight black top that was held up by straps and she had on her feet, open toed heels. Her arms were bare.

"What do you think?" She said to Andrew, not even noticing that I was in the room.

"Nice!" He said nodding in approval. Kate looked over at me.

"Who's this?" She asked, pointing at me.

"That is my best friend and partner, Charles."

"So this is the notorious Charles?" She said walking over to me. "So... how comes you never picked me? You don't think I'm hot?" She was being very blunt and getting to the point. If I'm suppose to be the big guy, the man in charge, then that means I get first dibs at celebs and seeing as though I didn't pick her, that meant I didn't like her. That's the way she was probably looking at it.

"I did pick you, but Andrew is such a huge fan of yours, he begged me to let him have you. He's like your biggest fan, so I thought I'd let him have you."

"Nice save." She said as she stood right in front of me. "You ever wonder what it'd be like to have these lips around your cock?" She said pointing at her own lips.

"Every time I see them." I replied. She got down on her knees in between my legs and started to undo my belt buckle and zipper.

"Now you won't have to." She said pulling my cock out. "Every time you jerk off to me, just remember this image." She said opening her mouth, sticking her tongue out and slowly bringing it to my cock head and putting her mouth over it. I could feel her gently suck at my pee hole while she massaged the under side of my cock with her tongue.

She seemed a bit egotistical and up herself, saying to imagine this the next time I jerk off to her, but she had reasons to have a big ego and right now one of them was wrapped around my shaft. Kate started to work her luscious lips up and down my shaft, only working half way down, taking in more every time her lips came down.

"You like that?" Kate smiled, pressing my cock head against her lips as she carried on rubbing my shaft with her other hand. "You want me to make you cum?"


"No? What do you mean 'No?'"

"No, I mean yes, what I mean, what I‘m trying to say is I want to fuck you first." Kate gave a little laugh.

"Hmm..." She sighed arrogantly as she started to get up. She got up so we were face to face, I leaned forward and kissed her, sucking on her luscious bottom lip. Kate pouted as I kissed her, sucking on my upper lip. She stood up.

"Come with me." She said turning around, giving me a great view of her ass. She walked to the door like she was walking up some cat walk, swaying her ass side to side, criss crossing her legs as she walked. I got up straight away, following her, I looked over at Andrew and he had a look of disappointment on his face. I felt kinda bad, but it's not like he hasn't fucked her before. I put my cock away and started to follow.

"Come on Andrew! Don't you want to fuck me?" Kate said. "Or are you just gonna sit there jerking off to the thought of your friend's cock in me?"

"No! I though you two were gonna..." Andrew started.

"It's been a while since I've had sex with two guys at the same time." Kate cut him off. "It should be fun! Maybe this time I'll take two at the same time." She said seductively and then turned around and headed towards the usual room her and Andrew go to. Andrew looked at me.

"You think this is going to be cool or a little gay?" He asked.

"Well… she did say this time she might take two at the same time." I whispered as we followed. "Which means she hasn't before and she probably won't this time."

"You know, she takes it up the ass." Andrew whispered.

"Have you fucked her up the ass?"

"Yeah, but she's so fucking tight." He whispered. "When I got it in to her ass, she started to flex her ass hole and I pumped her ass like three times and ended up cumming."

"You should try to have sex the day before or jerk off in the morning, that way you'd last longer." I whispered back.

"I fucked her the day before and then I fucked her again like 12 hours later. After I fucked her, she said that I haven't fucked her up her tight ass yet and she bent over. I came twice in the space of three minutes!" I was starting to get a little worried. I haven't been with a woman who was as animalistic in bed as her, and if anything Andrew had said was anything to go by, I was getting nervous that I might not perform well.

Kate was already in the room when me and Andrew entered. "We need to go over a few rules. Andrew already knows them, so it's just so you know Charles." Kate started. "No cumming out of me.Cum inside me. If you feel like you're gonna cum and you want to cum out of me, then I refuse to fuck you."

"She likes the feeling of a real cock and a real cum." Andrew said, his voice quite low.

"Yes!" Kate agreed. "That's the only rule really."

Kate took off her shoes first and then she quickly took off her top and unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She had black, fishnet stockings on that ended a couple of inches after where her skirt stopped. She had no bra on and she stood there in a pair of black panties and black stockings. She reached to the top of the fishnets and starte to roll them down.

"Stop!" Me and Andrew said at the same time. "Leave them on." I said.

"Yeah they look really sexy." Andrew added. Kate smiled and slipped off her panties. She sat in the middle of the bed, her legs spread apart. I looked at her crotch.

"Now it's both your turns." Me and Andrew looked at each other. I felt a little uncomfortable, another guy being there, but at the same time I couldn't wait to fuck Kate Winslet. I looked at Andrew and it looked like he felt the same way. We looked over at Kate and then looked back at each other and shrugged our shoulders. We stripped off as quick as we could and went over to Kate. She smiled, sitting at the end of the bed and we stood in front of her, me on her left side and Andrew on her right.

"Look at the size of your big cocks!" Kate said taking one in each hand, stroking them up and down. I watched as Kate took Andrew's cock into her mouth. I watched her lips gently stroke up and down Andrew's shaft as she carried on stroking mine with her hand. I couldn't wait to feel her lips around my shaft again.

She took her mouth off Andrew's cock and turned to mine, flicking the tip with her tongue. She opened her mouth and placed my cock head on her bottom lip, slowly closing her mouth wrapping her lips around my cock and then working them half way down my shaft and back up again. I closed my eyes as her thick lips caressed my shaft, while her warm wet tongue was constantly flicking and twirling around my cock head. She slowly dragged her lips down my shaft and right off my member, with a long trail of her thick saliva hanging from the tip of my cock to her lips.

She turned around to Andrew, opening her mouth and talking the tip of his cock into her mouth, breaking the line of saliva that hung from my cock to her lips. It stretched out too thin and snapped near the tip of my cock and went down from Kate's lips, down to her breast.

She carried on sucking Andrew's cock, working up a faster pace and then quickly moved her head back, taking her mouth off his cock and turned and thrust her head forward taking my cock to the back of her throat. She bobbed her head up and down really fast and then quickly switched back to Andrew. His dick had disappeared down her throat and he wasn't a small guy. His cock was more or less the same size as mine in length but mine was a little thicker.

Kate turned to me, thrusting her head forward, trying to take me down her throat, but was having trouble trying to fit my thick cock down her throat and started to gag. She coughed loud while my cock sat at the back of her throat. I reached down and pulled my cock out of her mouth and picked her up, cradling her in my arms. I placed her on the bed on her back, kneeling in between her legs. I spread her legs apart and placed my cock along her wet slit, rubbing down pressing against her opening. In one hard thrust I had my thick pole in her tight cunt and Andrew was not kidding when he said that she was tighter than ever.

Kate let out a ear piercing scream from the thrust. Andrew came up onto the bed and knelt beside Kate's head. She placed the soles of her feet on my chest. I could see through her fishnet stockings that she had red toe nail polish.

Her feet looked beautiful. I'd seen pictures where she looked like a Goddess, where everything looked perfect. Her face, skin, hands, feet, tits, ass, her whole body in fact and then you got the photos where the press had followed her and she's got beautiful skin, delicate hands and feet, that you could see if she's in sandals or open toed shoes. It makes you think, that what she looks like, in the photo shoot, she's obviously been done up to look good. But that wasn't the case, not right now anyway. She looked stunning from head to toe.

"Yeah! Suck my dick you slut!" Andrew said, pressing his cock against her lips and she instantly opened her mouth.

"Mmm...." Kate moaned as she sucked the tip of his dick, working her mouth down his shaft. It was quite a sight, watching her work those full lips up and down a penis. I was still staring at her feet, resting on my chest. I decided that I was gonna get a taste. I grabbed one of her feet and bought it up to my mouth, sucking on her big toe.

"Yeah!" Kate moaned, with Andrew's cock in her mouth, it looked like she was biting his cock. She started to stroke his cock, taking his cock out of her mouth. "That's feels so good!" She moaned with a look of desperation on her face and in her voice. "Suck my toes!" She moaned rubbing Andrew's cock faster and started to work her body up and down my cock, using her foot that was on my chest to push herself up my cock. I started to work my dick in and out of her, getting faster with every stroke, as I continued to suck her toes.

"Get your tongue in between them!" Kate moaned spreading her toes as far apart as she could. The gaps on the holes of her fishnets were big enough for me to get my tongue though. I slipped my tongue into one of the holes to get my tongue in between her big toe and the one next to it and flicked my tongue in between them.

"Mmmm..." Kate moaned as she had Andrew's cock back in her mouth. She curled her toes, with my tongue still in between two of her toes. She squeezed my tongue gently with her toes as I took her toes back into my mouth, sucking her three biggest toes at the same time. She released my tongue and started to wriggle her big toe around in my mouth, gently stroking my tongue. I started to get excited and thrust into her at a faster pace.

I got a little too excited, I pulled back too much and ended up thrusting my cock up her wet slit. I grabbed her foot and pulled it out of my mouth, holding it in my hand, grabbing her other foot with my other hand. I bought her feet together, so both her soles were touching and bought them down to my dick. I moved them apart enough for my dick to fit in between them, along the groove between the balls of her feet and heels and started to work her feet up and down my shaft.

I started off going slow, and being gentle, she was wearing fishnet stockings and it could cause friction. After a couple of strokes, the friction was minimal and didn't bother me, so I started to work the balls under her toes up and down my shaft, pressing her soles hard against my meat.

"You like a little feet action?" Kate asked while stroking Andrew's cock beside her face. "You want me to stroke it for you?" I took my hands off her feet and she started to work her soles up and down my cock, going slow, squeezing my cock hard, forcing my pre-cum up my member and spreading it around my big cock head with her big toe. I grabbed her feet again, holding the soles together, tightly with my cock sandwiched in between them, the balls of her feet pressed tightly against the sides of my dick.

"Come on Charles!" Kate said seductively. "Fuck my feet! Fuck them real good!" I started to thrust back and fourth really fast, working my shaft along the balls off her feet as fast as I could. Kate started to suck Andrew's cock, keeping up with the pace of my strokes in between her feet. I started to go so fast that my feet slipped out from in between her feet. I quickly pushed her legs up and pushed my cock back into her cunt.

"Ahhh!" Kate moaned out loud with Andrew's cock in her mouth. She took Andrew's cock out of her mouth and looking down at me. She started to work her hips up and down, meeting my thrusts. Slamming her body down my pole, every time I thrust into her, getting louder and louder with every thrust. I looked down at my cock going into her pussy.

"Shit! Fuck me Charles! That's it! Keep working it in and out. Faster baby!" She pouted. "Fuck me faster!" I did as she said and she started to moan louder. Kate leaned back on her fore arms and pushed herself up. Once she had pushed herself up enough, she wrapped her arms around my neck, her hands clasped together at the back of my neck, so that we were both sitting up, me on my knees and Kate on my lap, with her legs going behind me.

"Oh! Your dick feels so big in my tight cunt!" She moaned into my ear, gently caressing my ear lobe with her luscious lips. She bought herself up close to me, her huge breasts pressed against the top of my chest. She started to kiss me on my forehead, pressing her lips against my skin as I carried on thrusting up into her, she was using her feet behind me as leverage to push herself up and down my cock. I rested my chin on the top of her tits.

"I'm gonna cum!" She moaned , hugging my head, pushing my face down in between her tits. Her body started to convulse and shake hard, as she rocked up and down quite violently. "AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH!" Kate screamed into my ears as her orgasm hit her hard. She was whimpering and moaning and she fell over on to the bed, landing on her back. Her hips bucked, pulling her sensitive pussy off my meat. I could see her pussy lips quiver as her orgasm started to subside.

"My turn!" Andrew said getting up and I moved out the way, going to where he was sitting, pretty much swapping places. "Get on your knees bitch!" Andrew verbally assaulted her and from the smile on her face it seemed like she enjoyed it. Probably something that they've worked on. She got on to all fours and started to shake her ass in front of his crotch. She pushed her ass back, pinning Andrew's cock against his stomach. His dick was in between her butt crack and she worked her butt up and down, masturbating him with her ass cheeks.

Andrew pushed her ass forward and pressed his cock head against her pussy and pushed it in forward, with a hard thrust, his groin slapping against her butt real loud, sending her forward. He slowly pulled back and thrust into her hard, making her go forward again. He did this repeatedly and had her already begging for him to fuck her faster, but he carried on, going slow and thrusting hard, making her scream every time he thrust forward.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh!" Kate moaned, looking into my eyes. She was leaning on her forearms, but one thing I did know, I wanted her mouth on my cock again.

I lowered her head down on to my erect pole, forcing her head down. Andrew stopped thrusting into Kate hard, so that she could suck me off while he did her doggy style. I could feel the back of her throat and as I pushed her head down some more, I could feel her throat open up as her throat slowly went down my meat as she started to deep throat me. I moved her blonde hair to one side so I could watch her beautiful face as she worked her lips up and down my shaft.

I let go off her head and she started to work her mouth up and down my cock at her own pace, taking in however much she could without being forced, using her hands as well as her mouth. She looked up at me keeping her blue eyes locked on mine. I didn't notice it before but she had a beauty spot just above her right eye brow. It was light enough to be missed, probably why I haven't noticed it before.

Andrew started to thrust into her a little faster. Kate started to lift her ass up into the air, and thrusting back against Andrew. She stopped sucking my dick and allowed Andrew's thrusts to work her mouth down my meat and her thrusts back against him, to work her mouth up my cock.

Kate's lips felt so good around my shaft, if she carried on like this I knew I'd cum sooner than I'd want. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, got off the bed and stood beside it. My dick was so hard that it hurt. I took my focus away from the action and looked around to see if I could see any of those hidden cameras that Andrew had set around the room. He said there was eight but I could only see five, the other three were hidden quite well. I started to think about Jennifer Lopez and what she would do for the tape of all that action that has already happened and is going to happen. I was thinking of what I could do to make the tape better.

"SHHHHIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!" I heard Kate scream, interrupting my thoughts. She was now shrieking loud like a wild animal, it reminded me of what happened between her and Leonardo DiCaprio, when she was fucking Leo and people thought that they pretended. It started to make me think, she didn't have a reaction like that when I fucked her.And all her hot scenes passed before my eyes : Jude, Holy Smoke, Titanic, Hideous Kinky, Iris, Quills, Little Children and The Reader.

"Fuck!" Andrew moaned as he pulled out of her and lay on the bed beside her. Kate still stayed on all fours, her face pressed against the bed, still moaning. I got back on the bed, on my knees taking position behind her. I rubbed my dick up and down her wet pussy, getting my cock wet with her cum. I pressed the head against her moist opening and slowly pushed my hips forward.

"Ahhhh!" Kate moaned rocking forward, trying to stop me from entering her cunt. I could feel her pussy lips trembling around my cock head. Kate leaned forward, going flat on to her front, pulling herself off my cock. I straddled her, kneeling on the back of her thighs. I spread her round ass cheeks apart. I pressed my cock down her butt crack, her cum dripping off my cock and in between her butt crack, on her ass hole. I pressed down her butt crack, looking for the opening to her vagina. I pressed the cock head against it and couldn't believe that her pussy was still twitching. That's when I got an idea.

"Seeing as though your pussy is still so sensitive..." I said holding her butt cheeks apart with one hand. I rubbed my wet cock head against her tight, puckered ass hole. "I guess this hole will have to do." I said forcing my cock head past her tight sphincter.

"FUCK!" Kate screamed as my cock head penetrated her tight ass hole. I placed one hand on each butt cheek, as I squeezed them. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and started to push my hips forward, forcing my dick further and further into her rectum. Kate was moaning quite loud, from a mixture of pain and slight pleasure.

"Oh GOD!" Kate moaned as I slowly dragged my hard on out and slowly eased it back in, I repeated this, keeping at the same slow pace, letting her ass hole get use to the thickness of my cock. I still had my hands on her butt cheeks.

I carried on at this excruciatingly slow pace, my cock ached every time I forced my cock deep into her rear. I had to go faster, so I started to increase the pace, each thrust faster than the last, until I was going at a steady pace. Kate started to flex her sphincter, making it even tighter. She had become accustomed to me girth and started to enjoy herself a lot more now. She looked back at me giving me flirty, seductive looks.

I was starting to build up a sweat and decided to lay flat on my stomach on top off her to try and save some energy so I could carry on going on for longer. I started to kiss the back of her neck. I kissed her on her shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her waist and started to thrust into her as fast as I could.

Kate was whimpering and screaming really loud. I looked at her face to see what her fuck face looked like and it looked as though she knew there was cameras on and was pouting for the camera. Her lips looked so beautiful that I couldn't resist and I started to suck on her bottom lip. She just opened her mouth and let me suck them and took the anal assault.

I knew she wasn't going to cum from getting fucked up the ass, no matter how much she might be enjoying it, but I knew that I was starting to get that feeling that if I keep drilling into her that I would cum, so I stopped, pushed myself up and slowly dragged my member out of her ass hole.

"Let me taste that cock!" Kate said, rolling onto her back and sitting up.

"An Ass to mouth? Shit I gotta see this!" Andrew said sitting up beside her. Kate gave a little laugh.

"OK!" She said with a big smile. She held my cock in front of her face, looked at me and then looked at Andrew.

"You guys ready?" She asked opening her mouth and moving her head forward, not waiting for us to reply. My cock head touched her tongue and she licked up my pee hole. "Mmm..." She moaned as she closed her mouth and looked like she was savouring the taste. She opened her mouth again, wide and put my cock head into her mouth, without my cock head touching anything. She gave another little laugh as she slowly closed her mouth, wrapping those big lips around my shaft.

"Mmm..." She moaned again, closing her blue eyes as she slowly started to move her head forward taking more of my meat into her mouth. She started to move her head back and fourth working her lips up and down my shaft. Andrew started to rub Kate's ass, trying to work his fingers in between her legs and probably into her moist cunt.

"Looks like someone's wants to get back into the action!" Kate said taking my cock out of her mouth, smiling at Andrew while pressing my cock on the side of her face. She started to stroke Andrew's cock with her other hand. "You want me to ride it baby?" She asked.

"Yeah." Andrew replied, grabbing her by the hips, making Kate let out a loud yelp and pulling her on to his lap, while he lay back down on his back. She straddled him and held his cock in position while she slid her pussy down his pole.

"That feel good Andrew?" She moaned her question.

"Yeah! Just keep riding it!" He replied holding her hips. I sat back leaning against the foot board, opting to watch them go at it and give my cock a couple of minutes rest before I took another shot at her. Kate was riding him as fast as she could, moaning while Andrew just lay back and let her do all the work.

"Turn around." Andrew said.

"What's that Andrew?" Kate asked.

"I want to see your beautiful face while you ride me." He said. Kate stopped riding him, and leaned back, lifting her feet into the air. She then locked eyes on me, as she slowly put her feet together, knowing that I found her feet sexy. She arched her feet and posed with them for a second, smiled at me and the spun around on Andrew cock, causing him to moan out loud from having her pussy twist around on his cock. Kate had managed to turn herself around without pulling herself off his cock and started to ride him at the pace she was going at before he asked her to turn around.

Andrew reached up, groping her tits, one in each hand while she rode him. Kate twisted her upper body slightly to get me into her view and looked right into my eyes.

"Charles?" She called out to me. "You like watching me ride a big cock?" She asked. "Watching me work my tight cunt up and down his shaft?" She continued not letting me answer. She tried to look down at his cock. She put her feet together, only her big toes touching and rubbing Andrew's ball sack.

"You like watching me play with his balls with my toes while I ride him?" She asked with an unbelievably sexy tone and gave me seductive looks. What she was doing was working, she was turning me on and making me want to fuck her again. I got up to my knees and made my way to her. She was now riding Andrew really fast and ended up pulling herself right off his cock.

I pushed her forward and quickly pushed my cock into her pussy and went into the fast pace that she was going at while she rode Andrew.

"Yeah! Fuck me! That feels sooo good!" She moaned, thrusting her ass back fourth, keeping up with my thrusts at first until she started going faster than me and she ended up puling herself off my cock. Kate held Andrew's cock and pushed her pussy down his shaft, still going at the fast pace. I wasn't really ready to hand her pussy over to Andrew but she just put his cock in her. I decided that I still wanted to carry on going so I pushed Kate forward by her back. Andrew wrapped his arms around her waist, his hands at the back of her head, pulling her closer to him.

I spread her butt cheeks apart to reveal her ass hole. It looked a little red from the assault it endured from me earlier on. Her ass hole glistened with traces of her cum that had made it's way down and into her ass crack when she was flat on her back. I rubbed my wet cock against her puckered ass hole and pushed the cock head in.

"ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK!" Kate screamed as I pushed my shaft into her rear. As I pulled back, Andrew pushed his hips forward, getting his cock deep into her cunt. I thrust forward, working more of my cock in to Kate's anal passage as Andrew pulled back this time. Me and Andrew instantly worked in to a rhythm, when one of us pulled back the other would thrust forward and vice versa.

"Shit! Argh!" Kate moaned, sobbing at first from having both holes filled at the same time. She took a little longer to get use to having a dick in her ass and pussy at the same time. Maybe we should've started off a little slower, but Kate had built it up to this pace and we just continued until she started to get into it. It took a while but when she did get into it, she started to thrust her hips back and fourth and with me and Andrew going at the rhythm that we were, when ever she thrust her hips forward and one of us pulled back, we'd nearly leave the warmth of one of her orifices.

"Fuck yeah! Fuck my ass and cunt!" Kate pouted, gritting her teeth as she went as fast as she could. She nearly thrust her ass off my cock, so I just thrust forward and then just let her work her ass back and fourth on my shaft. Andrew carried on working in and out of her and once he realised that I stopped he stopped too letting Kate do all the work.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm..." She screamed as she orgasmed once again, probably more from having a dick in her pussy than being ass fucked. This time she just carried on going, not stopping. I could feel her cum splash onto my balls when she pushed back.

"Letting me do all the work huh?" Kate laughed once she realised what we were doing and she stopped once her orgasm subsided. She looked back at me and the side of her face looked like it had dry skin, from when she pressed my cock on the side of her face, she probably got my pre-cum on her cheek and it dried and looked white. She worked her hips back and fourth a couple of times and stopped. It was her way of saying that it was out turn to do the work. It's not like we minded, we fell back into the rhythm quickly going as fast as before.

"You boys are quite the studs!" Kate commented as we started to build up pace. "Fucking Kate Winslet for this long and still not cumming even once." That's when it hit me, that we had fucked her this long without even cumming.

"So you want me to cum in your ass?" I asked.

"Yes!" Kate yelled as our double pounding started to hit the right buttons again. "In my ass!" She moaned. "I want it up my ass!"

"You want two thick loads in your sexy pussy and ass ?" Andrew asked, in a mocking sort of way, running his finger along her lips and cheeks, while I was pounding in to her really fast just trying to cum.

"Yes!" She screamed her answer after a moment of moaning from the double pleasure. Andrew instantly started to go faster, we were like two Jack rabbits, pounding Kate as fast as we could.

"FUCK!" Kate screamed. "Just cum! Nnnnnghhh!" She gritted her teeth, getting desperate for us to finish so we'd stop.

"SHIT!" Andrew yelled. I started to go as fast as I could knowing that was a sign that Andrew was about to cum.

"You gonna cum?" Kate asked Andrew.

"Y...E...S!" Andrew moaned. I don't know if he was cumming or holding back. Kate pushed herself up, so she wasn't flat on her front on top of Andrew, her back pressing against my front.

"Mmm...Yes! That's it! Fill my beautiful pussy and ass with your cum!" Kate moaned as Andrew's cock up her pussy as his cum shot up all over her vagina and womb, while I filled her fat full ass with my thick white milk. Pumping out load after load up her cunt and ass. Once me and Andrew stopped shooting cum out and our cocks were starting to get flaccid.And Andrew and me got out of her two orifices. Kate laughed.

"I haven't ever been fucked like that before and I've been fucked in every way you can think of!" She carried on laughing, sucking the tip of my cock, getting any cum that may be on my cock off and swallowing. She did the same to Andrew's cock and then got up. "Where's a camera when you need one?" She laughed, her face looked like a vision of beauty. Me and Andrew looked at each other almost laughing at her camera remark, knowing full well that there's eight cameras set up in here. She wiped some cum off her pussy and ass with her finger and put it in her mouth.

"Hmm.." She said as she savoured the taste and swallowed. She then licked her lips and did the same. "I can't decide who's cum taste's better!" She said turning around, looking back at us and shaking her ass. That's when I noticed cum coming out of her butt crack and going half way up her back. Kate noticed it too, I don't think she could see it, but she could feel it. She reached back, her hand at the top of the cum trail, her fingers followed it down into her butt crack and wiped it off from in between her butt cheeks.

"Now who's cum is this?" She smiled. It was obvious it was mine, it was cumming out of her ass and I was the last one to ass fuck her, actually, I was the only one who ass fucked her. I didn't even notice that I let a load out on her lower back. She put her fingers to her mouth, she smiled and looked at me.

"It taste's like it's yours Charles!" She carried on walking forward and went into the room's bath room. I don't know if she could only tell that it was my cum from tasting it or if she figured it out like how I did and just said it tastes like mine to make herself seem like she was a cum taster. I got up and got my clothes and got dressed. Andrew lay flat on his back on the bed.

"Going already?" Kate asked cumming out of the bath room with no traces of cum on her face. "I though you were going to hang around and have me suck you dick until you got hard enough to fuck me again."

"That sounds unbelievably tempting, but I got somewhere I have to be and I need to quickly jump into the shower first."

"Well.... See you later stud!" Kate said, kissing me, working her tongue around my mouth. I was a bit weary of her sticking her tongue in my mouth, but she tasted minty, probably rinsed her mouth out with mint flavoured mouth wash. She turned around to Andrew.

"Looks like your dick gets my lips all to itself." She turned to me, raised her hand and wiggled her fingers. "Bye!" I left the room and headed to the front of the club and out the front door. I didn't realise how hot I was until the cool air hit my face and I ran my hand through my sweaty hair. My hair was a little messy so I undid my ponytail and tied it again.

الاثنين، 30 يناير 2012

Mothers and Sons ...

Mothers and Sons by Eros (Hetero incest and sex, Anal, Oral)

DISCLAIMER: These stories are all of an erotic nature, and are graphic.
They contain descriptions of incest and some pedophilia. If this
bothers you, don't read them or download them.

If you are underage for your community, or if by doing so you would be
committing any kind of crime, please do not read or download these

You have been warned!

Alison paused outside her son's bedroom, her beautiful face spreading
into an amused smile as she listened to the soft moans and rhythmic
creaking sounds emanating from the other side of the door. Her son
Randy was beating his meat again. Actually his full name was
Randolph... after his grandfather, but everyone called him Randy, much
to Alison's amusement. A fitting name for a sixteen-year-old who spent
most of his time alone with his cock in his hand, she thought with a
smile. In the year since her husband had died, she'd heard Randy
jacking off with greater and greater frequency. Now, dressed in a
transparent, waist-length negligee, Alison had decided to help her
horny, frustrated young son become a man.

It was perfectly natural, Alison thought, that her only son should
enjoy the intense pleasure of his very first fuck with his own mother.
She looked down at herself, admiring the extreme voluptuousness of her
nearly naked body, the size of her large, firm tits and the dense
triangle of her dark-brown pussy fur. Her figure was extremely
curvaceous for a woman of her petite build, with full, perfectly formed
thighs and the kind of plump, round ass that men always wanted to pat
and pinch and stroke.

Her most impressive feature, Alison knew, was the size of her breasts.
She'd often caught Randy, or one of his young friends, admiring her
big, jiggling tits. It excited her to know that she could still turn on
teenage boys... especially her son. Alison often went around the house
without a bra, just to get a reaction. She invariably did. Right now,
her tits were completely visible through the transparent negligee. For
the first time, Randy would be able to see the stiff, crimson buds of
her nipples.

Alison was hoping it would make her son so awfully horny, he'd want to
stick his hard young cock into her pussy rather than beat off alone all
the time. She saw nothing wrong in her desire to fuck her own son. In
fact she got extremely aroused at the thought of feeling Randy's lips
sucking her stiff nipples, his hands on her ass as he rammed his
throbbing young teenage cock in and out of her cunt. Why shouldn't she
give him some relief, when her son was obviously so horny? Sometimes
she'd heard the bed springs squeaking five times in a single night.

"Oh, Randy," Alison said, in a gentle voice. She knocked lightly. "It's
me. Do you mind if I come in and talk to you for a minute?"

"Uh... yeah, sure." Randy's voice sounded rushed, and Alison pictured
him hastily pulling the sheets over his naked body. "Come on in, Mom!"

Alison stepped into his bedroom, smiling lovingly at the tall, slender,
red-faced youth sitting up in bed, supported by pillows bunched between
his shoulders and the head board. He was dark, like her, and the lamp
shining on the nightstand showed the lean musculature of his bare
torso. The sheets were around his waist, and Alison felt her pussy
begin to moisten as she saw the tenting bulge of an obvious hard-on
beneath the covers.

"Wh-what'd you want to talk to me about, Mom?" Randy said nervously.

Alison crossed the room, her tits jiggling seductively as she took a
seat beside him on the bed. Randy's eyes bulged as he saw his mother's
transparent negligee.

"About what you were just doing, honey," Alison said gently. She smiled
at her son, dropping her hand to lightly stroke the downy fur that had
just begun sprouting on his chest. "You were jacking off when I knocked
on the door, weren't you?"

Randy's blush grew much deeper. "How'd you know?"

"The bed springs squeak, honey," Alison smiled, bouncing up and down
gently. "But I guess you were too engrossed in what you were doing to
notice, right?"

She moved her hand down, stroking his stomach.

"Honey, I've heard you jacking off an awful lot recently. Are you
really that horny?"

"I g...guess so Mom," Randy mumbled.

"Mmm. I hope it doesn't embarrass you, darling. It's natural for a boy
your age to get a lot of hard-ons. Tell me, have you fucked a girl

"No," Randy whispered.

"But you'd like to, wouldn't you, honey? That's what you think about
when you stroke your stiff cock, isn't it?"

Randy didn't answer. He was licking his lips, trembling lightly with
helpless lust as he ogled his mom's gorgeous body through the negligee.
Alison's pussy started throbbing as she watched her son's cock getting
even stiffer, throbbing powerfully under the sheets.

"Honey, why are you looking at Mommy's body like that?"

"I... I can't help it," Randy mumbled.

"Ummm." Alison looked at his jutting crotch. "Your cock looks like it's
about to punch a hole through the sheets, baby. Is my body making you

Randy just gulped and nodded his head. Alison smiled at her son's
sudden shyness. It was very appealing. Grasping the sheets, she slowly
pulled them down to the foot of the bed.

"Mom! What are you doing?!" exclaimed Randy, but made no move to cover
himself as his tremendously large erection came into view.

Alison gasped at the sight of his naked cock. It was everything she had
expected, and more... incredibly huge and stiff, at least as long as
his father's had been, but much thicker. Her nipples tingled as she
gazed hungrily at her son's enormous prick, watching it jerk and pulse
over his flat, muscular stomach.

"Oooh, Randy, it looks like it's going to explode," Alison purred,
shamelessly wrapping her fingers around her son's prick. "Does that
feel good, honey?" she asked, as she started jacking his cock.

"Jesus, Mom!" Randy gasped.

"Please don't be ashamed, Randy. Mommy really wants to do this for
you." Alison jacked his prick faster. "Would you like to learn about
sex with your mom?"


"All right, baby. Why don't I start out by showing you how good it
feels to have your cock sucked? Be a good boy, now, and sit up on the
edge of the bed."

Randy did as his mother asked, his huge prick throbbing wildly,
wiggling to the edge of the mattress. Alison eagerly knelt on the floor
facing him, her mouth watering as she confronted the jutting thickness
of his cock. Again she wrapped her fingers around his fucker, this time
she squeezed it very hard and pumped her fist up and down its length
from tip to base. Her pussy began to drool as she watched his spongy
cock-knob puff up in front of her, oozing out little, milky droplets of

"Your cock is leaking," Alison purred. "You must be awfully horny,
darling. Mmmmmmmm! Oooh yeah, you really do need Mommy to suck your
prick for you, don't you?"

"Please! Oh, please, Mom..."

"Ohhh, Randy..."

Her words trailed off as Alison dropped her head, planting a wet kiss
on the flared tip of her son's throbbing erection. With a moan, she
thrust out her tongue, wantonly lapping up the sticky juice from his
cock-hole. It was delicious, salty-tasting and creamy at the same time.
She couldn't wait to get her lips around his gorgeous young pole... to
milk the full load out of her son's balls... to swallow and gulp down
his jizz as the hot cum fountained down her throat. Her cunt twitched
with wild, incestuous anticipation.

Alison let her lips part, sliding her mouth down onto the throbbing
stiffness of Randy's cock. She paused with a third of his big prick in
her mouth, her lips stretched to bursting around his surprisingly thick
cockshaft. Then the horny mom shut her eyes and puckered her cheeks,
eagerly sucking the blood-pounding length of her own son's cock.

"Uuuhhh, Mom!" Randy gazed down at her, shocked and excited by the
obscene spectacle of his own mother slurping hungrily on his prick.
"That feels so good, Mom! Unggghh! Oh, shit, it feels way better than
jacking off! Suck harder, Mom! My cock's so stiff!"

Alison sucked her son's prick extremely hard, as if she were physically
starved for the taste of his soon-to-be-squirting cum. Her cheeks
reddened with the wanton intensity of the blow-job, and she shut her
eyes more tightly, wanting to block out all thoughts unrelated to the
taste and feel of his wonderful fuckmeat.

She was sure this was her son's very first experience with cocksucking,
and she wanted to be sure it would be one he'd remember for many years
to come. Already Randy's vital personality and rugged good looks had
attracted a number of young girlfriends, but Alison doubted if any of
those teenage cock-teasers had sampled her son's big, stiff prick yet.
But it wouldn't be long, she thought, before he found one who would be
willing to go down on his pleasure-pole for him.

She really needed Randy to enjoy his first blow-job. Alison wanted him
to remember his mother as the best cocksucker of them all. She would
certainly be one of the most eager. During the years of their marriage,
she could count on one hand the nights she'd allowed her departed
husband to go to sleep without sucking at least one spewing load of cum
from his prick. Alison was determined to continue the tradition with
her eager young son.

Randy's prick was getting even stiffer now, pulsing violently on the
roof of her mouth. Any second now, her son was going to squirt his load
down her throat. Alison tightened her fingers around the base of his
prick, again jacking his glistening shaft hard and fast with her fist.
She bobbed her head in a shameless rhythm, eagerly fucking her face
with her son's stiff prick.

"Jesus, Mom! I'm gonna cum!" Randy gasped, wincing as his mother's
strong right fist flew up and down his cock, from the base to her
sucking lips. "Suck it, Mom... suck it hard! Uuuuuuuh, fuck! It's gonna
be a big one, Mom!"

Alison started sucking as hard as she could, slurping and gurgling
noisily, her wet mouth covering the top third of his cock with spit.
She pushed her left hand between his trembling thighs, and gently
squeezed and fondled her son's big hairy balls, encouraging the load of
spunk to come gushing out of his dilated cock-tip.

"Oh, Mom, I'm cumming now! Ahhhhh!"

Randy clutched is mother's head, curling his fingers in her wavy brown
hair. Alison whimpered in ecstasy as the hot spurts of cum started
shooting out of his throbbing cock, spewing and gushing in a torrent
down her throat.

Frantically the horny mother gulped and swallowed, the sounds of her
cocksucking growing even louder as she urgently consumed the creamy
tide of her son's delicious cum. The milky jizz spattered the inside of
her mouth, squirting rhythmically across her tongue. Alison clung
feverishly to Randy's jerking, spewing prick, refusing to let it out of
her mouth until she'd licked the last trace of her son's tasty sperm
from the tip.

"Ohh, God!" Randy panted dazedly. "Jesus, Mom, that was so good!"

Alison rose to her feet, shamelessly licking the cum from the corners
of her mouth. Her pussy burned as she looked at her son's prick. His
saliva-coated erection was still hard as a rock, as if he'd never cum
at all. It was more than stiff enough to slide up his mother's cunt.
Alison stripped off her negligee, tossing it to the floor, completely
exposing her incredibly sexy body to her son. Her big tits quivered
invitingly as she crawled onto the center of the bed, spreading her
legs and settling her asscheeks into a good humping position on the

"Would you like to touch Mommy's body now, honey?" she purred,
wantonly. "Before I teach you how to fuck?"

Randy quickly turned toward her, stretching out beside his mother on
the bed. Alison shuddered with pleasure as he slid his hands up her
slender, girlishly-rounded belly, then filled his fingers with her
luscious tits. His fascination with her breasts was obvious as he
lewdly squeezed and milked the heavy globes, kneading them under his

"Go on, suck them, baby. Suck Mommy's tits!"

Randy lowered his head, opening his mouth wide to engulf one stiff,
crimson nipple. Hungrily he slurped his mother's rubbery teat into his
mouth, and Alison was reminded that this wasn't the first time her son
had sucked her nipples. As a baby he had done it hundreds, thousands of
times, sucking her warm creamy milk into his hungry mouth. But now,
sixteen years later, his suckling was doing things to her that it never
had as a nursing baby. She only she wished she had some milk for him to
suck up now.

Alison whimpered and started humping her ass off the bed, groaning as
her horny son ran his fingers through her dense brown pussy curls and
slipped two, stiff fingers into her creamy, clasping cunthole.

"Oh, my baby! Ooh, my sweet, sweet baby!" she cried. "Mommy's cunt is
so wet now, Randy! Please, honey... fuck your mother now! Hurry, baby!
Fuck my cunt!"

Randy took a moment to suck her second nipple, until the second areola
was also crinkled to total stiffness, covered with saliva and little
tooth marks. Then he released her quivering tits and crawled into
position between her legs. Alison quickly lifted her luscious legs high
in the air, spreading them wide-open, completely opening her tight,
wet, curly-haired pussy for the first eager thrust of her son's stiff

"Lean over me, Randy," she panted. "I'll help you put it in."

Randy did as his mother asked, placing his arms either side of her
shoulders to support the weight of his torso. His huge erection pulsed
over her lower belly, and Alison reached down, grasping his hard-on
with both hands. She bent it down until his fat cock-head nudged
between the pouting lips of her gaping pussy-slit.

"Push your hips down, Randy!"

Randy did as he was told immediately, his mouth opening wide in
pleasure his cock slid into a tight, wet cunthole for the very first

"Uhhhhh, fuck! Mom, it feels so good!" he cried.

Clumsily he started humping on top of her, thrusting two, then three
inches of his long, hard prick up his mother's clinging cunt. She
stopped him when he had about four or five inches of throbbing man-meat
lodged inside her tightly-stretched twat. But there was still a good
deal more to go.

"Unggghhh! Oh, Randy! Oh, baby, it's so big!" Alison cried. "Take your
time, lover. We've got all night. That's right... that's better... oh,
Randy... ungghhhh! Oh, Randy, it's such a monster! It feels so good up
Mommy's cunt!"

Over half of his huge prick was buried in the syrupy sheath of his
mother's pussy now, and Randy could hardly believe how good it felt to
have a tight, hot cunt milking wetly around his prick. His humping
motions were smoother now as he worked on top of her, contracting his
ass cheeks, sliding his massive fuck-pole deeper and deeper into his
mother's tight cunt.

"Fuck me, Randy!" Alison squealed, growing hornier and hornier.
"Unggghh! Oh, please, baby, Mommy wants ALL of your cock!"

Randy pushed his hips down hard, sinking every inch of his rigid fuck-
pole into the juicy tightness of his mother's pussy. The giant cock
stuffed her cunt completely, his cock-knob reaching the depths of her
womb. Randy let his elbows bend. his chest now crushing his naked
mother's enormous tits. Eagerly he started humping his ass in a hard,
fast rhythm, pumping his hard young cock eagerly in and out of his
mom's hairy, clinging cunt.

"That's it, baby!" Alison gasped. "You're fucking me good now, lover!
Do you like the way it feels, Randy? Do you like the way Mommy's pussy
feels around your prick?"

"Oh, God yesssss!" Randy hissed, fucking faster and deeper. "It feels
fuckin' fantastic! Oh, Mom! I think I'm gonna cum again!"

Alison threw her arms and legs around him, locking her forearms
together around his neck, scissoring her ankles together across her
son's bobbing ass. Then the big-titted mom started humping her hips off
the bed in a frenzy of lust, ferociously fucking her pussy up at the
satisfying stiffness of her own son's pounding prick.

"Fuck your mother, Randy! Unh unh unh, fuck your mother's juicy pussy!
Harder, honey! God, I'm so hot for you! I love your big cock, Randy!
Oh, please, fuck the shit out of me! Mommy needs a good cum!"

Randy fucked his horny mother faster and faster, the headboard thumping
against the wall and the noisy bed springs squeaking louder than ever
under Alison's madly-humping ass. Suddenly, Alison felt her cunt
starting to spasm around her son's pistoning fuckrod. Randy's cock grew
even stiffer, milked hungrily by the tight, clinging sheath of his
mom's bucking pussy.

"Fuck it, Randy!" Alison gasped, her face contorting in a grimace of
pure lust. "Unngghhh! Harder, baby! Fuck that cunt as hard as you can!
Nnnngggg! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, I'm cumming! Fuck your mother, Randy!
Arrrrrhhh, Mommy's cuuummmiiinnnggg, babbyyyy!"

It was an intense orgasm, the like of which Alison had not experienced
for a long, long time. The pleasure coursing through her naked body
made her tight pussy-hole suck and contract reflexively around her
son's deeply impaling prick, her trembling hips buck uncontrollably off
the bed. Randy fucked his mother hard, slamming his prick to the hilt
in her spasming fuckhole until his own climax peaked and a torrent of
jizz squirted from the end of his twitching cock for the second time
tonight, this time deep up inside his mother's hot, clinging cunt.

"Oh, baby!" Alison cried, as she felt the milky cum spouting into her.
"Oh, yeah! Cum in me, Randy! Cum in Mommy's cunt! Uhhhhnnnngg!

The sticky incestuous load gushed out of Randy's cock-tip, deluging his
mother's squirming pussy with fuck-cream. Alison eagerly kept humping
her ass beneath him, shuddering as she felt his jism oozing back out of
her hairy pussy-slit, puddling under her ass on the bed.

As the ecstasy began to fade from Alison's tingling body, the
importance of she'd just done began to sink in. She'd actually fucked
her own son... and loved every second of it! It was such an intensely
pleasurable experience, Alison knew that she would suck him off or let
him fuck her whenever his cock got stiff. She knew that a virile young
prick like Randy's was prone to frequent stiffness.. it was up to her,
as a mother, to give her son relief.

Alison sighed and settled back on the bed, feeling Randy's cock still
throbbing deep inside her tender fuck-hole. She thought of her best
friends, Monica and Kate, both of whom were single parents, both of
whom had sons just about Randy's age. The similarity in their lives was
one of the things that had made the three moms close.

Kate supplemented her meagre income with a small business as a history
tutor. Alison had met her when Randy had enrolled as one of Kate's
pupils. She'd met Monica in a more peculiar fashion, when the two of
them had become embroiled in a length argument about sex-education at a
school meeting. Alison sighed as she thought of Monica Walsh's
incredible beauty. Monica had the kind of long, wavy, golden blonde
hair that nearly all women envied, and a face that had once made her a
sought-after figure model. Her body was as incredible as Alison's, with
long, tapering legs and tits that were nearly as big.

Alison often thought it was a shame that Monica had to be so
conservative. She doubted that Monica had given her pussy to a single
man since her divorce, even though every male in the suburb would have
done anything to get into Monica's panties. And Monica had a son, Paul,
who had grown up to be quite a handsome young stud. Alison smiled to
herself, wondering how often Paul jacked off, if Monica ever heard him.
They had argued at the school meeting because Monica had been so
vehemently opposed to any form of sex-education in public schools.

"Oooh!" Monica Walsh squealed in surprise as her bedroom door suddenly
flew open. Instinctively, she raised the bath towel to cover her naked
body, still dripping water from her shower.

"Paul! For God's sake..."

"Sorry, Mom," Paul mumbled.

But Monica's young son didn't seem very sorry or embarrassed about
barging in on his beautiful naked mother at all. The tall, blonde youth
took a good long look at her as he closed the door, his eyes lingering
on his mother's long, tapering legs that, like every inch of Monica's
mouthwatering body, were a natural, golden tan in color. He seemed to
shrug before he closed the door, as if he were sorry that she'd been
able to raise the towel so fast.

"Damn, him!" Monica said angrily.

She knotted the towel around her naked, dripping body, thinking about
what had just happened and grew madder and madder. This was not the
first time her son had either caught her naked, or done his best to do
so. Since her divorce, it had happened with greater frequency every
month, and there was no longer much doubt that he was doing it on

What kind of son would want to ogle his own mother? Monica sometimes
thought of her incredibly voluptuous body as a curse. She was in her
middle thirties now, but her age didn't show at all on her beautiful
face, and there wasn't, and never had been, an ounce of excess fat on
her tall, slender figure. She had a perfect model's body in every way,
except for the size of her tits, and Monica knew it was in the
combination of her larger-than-average breasts combined with her
otherwise lean, delicately structured body that made men so horny for

Men were constantly whistling and hooting at her, and Monica now knew
that her ex-husband who had practically stolen her from high school to
the altar had married her purely for her body. He'd always insisted on
fucking her at least twice a day, a level of lust that Monica had
considered alarming, even as her naturally high libido had made her
enjoy it. But her ex-husband's desire to start swinging with other
couples was the last straw! And now it looked like her son Paul had
inherited those repulsive, animal-like lusts from his father. Actually
bursting in on his own mother like that! Monica felt so suddenly angry
that she could hardly think straight.

"Paul!" she shouted, suddenly, impulsively. "Get back in here this

Monica sat on the edge of the bed, the loosely wrapped towel reaching
from her huge tits to the tops of her thighs. Paul entered sheepishly,
wearing only his pajama bottoms. His face was red. He seemed to know
instinctively what his mother wanted.

"Get in here, Paul," Monica said harshly. "I want to have a little talk
with you."

Paul obediently stood in front of his smouldering mother. Even in the
face of her obvious anger he couldn't help himself, his eyes already
fluttering down to study the several deep inches of cleavage exposed by
the wrapped towel. Monica flushed as she found herself looking at his
cock. It was obviously quite large and semi-swollen under his pajamas.
She felt her pussy tingling, and that just made her angrier.

"Paul, I have simply lost count of all the times you have walked in on
me in the bathroom or in my bedroom any time you thought you could see
me naked," Monica whispered furiously. "Now don't try to deny it, Paul.
I know what you're doing, and I think it's utterly disgusting. I don't
ever want it to happen again, alright?!"

"Sorry," Paul muttered sheepishly.

"I mean, I happen to be your mother," Monica continued. "Don't you know
how repulsive it is to sneak peeps at your very own mother. Not even
your father stooped to that! I've got a good mind to... ooh!"

Monica gasped, staring at his crotch, watching helplessly as his young
cock swelled rapidly and obscenely in his pajamas. Paul's eyes were
moving all over her body, and she suddenly realized what a mistake it
had been to talk to him before getting dressed. Monica's face reddened
as his big prick jerked up to total stiffness, protruding obscenely
through the flannel.

"Why, that's disgusting!" she sputtered. "How on earth can you stand
there in front of your own mother and get a big hard-on like that? I
have never... Jesus, Paul!"

He had shifted nervously as he stood in front of her, and the movement
had made his erect cock pop out of the wide fly of his pajamas.
Monica's blue eyes opened wide as she stared at her son's huge, naked
cock, jerking and throbbing luridly up and down right in front of her
face. His father had been well-endowed, but she now saw that her son
was hung like a horse. It was the biggest, stiffest cock she'd ever
seen in her life.

"Paul, put your penis away this instant!"

But Paul just stood there, too shocked to move, his enormous erection
pulsing wildly in front of her face. Helplessly Monica stared at her
son's huge prick. The more she stared the more her pussy tingled until
she felt a strange unnatural desire pounding deep inside her belly that
was unlike any she'd ever felt in her life. A veritable flood of cunt-
juice was oozing into her slit, and she could feel her pouting pussy
lips getting unbearably hot and swollen and itchy. Monica's mind began
to cloud over with lust as she stared helplessly at her son's
magnificent young cock. She watched in a daze as her hand reached out
towards her son's crotch, trembling lightly, as if it had a will of its

Monica shuddered, wrapping her fingers tightly around the swollen shaft
of her son's cock. Paul looked down at her in amazement. Instinctively,
Monica suddenly started jacking his stiff prickshaft, shocked and
horrified by her own actions, even as she began to jerk on the boy's
prick as fast as she could.

"Does that feel good, Paul?" she heard herself say. The room seemed to
be spinning now. All she could think of was the incredible wet need
pounding in her long-neglected cunt. "Is this what you wanted me to do
to you?"

Paul could only gulp and nod his head enthusiastically. He didn't know
what had suddenly come over his sexy mother, he just hoped she didn't
stop pulling on his cock before he had a chance to cum.

"You dirty little bastard!" breathed Monica, but the tone of her voice
was more in lustful wonder than anger. "You want to fuck your own
mother, don't you, Paul? You don't care what a sin it is. You just want
to side this big long thing up Mommy's hot pussy and shoot out a big
load of cum, don't you?"

"Oh, God!" Paul gasped, his huge prick pulsing wildly in her fist.
"Oh... ohhhh, yessss! I want to fuck your cunt, Mom! Please let me!
Please let me fuck you!"

"All right, Paul. If you're going to be so blatantly disgusting, about
it, maybe I should give you what you want!"

Monica yanked off the towel, making Paul's cock start twitching and
quivering even more violently as she suddenly exposed her gorgeously-
tanned nakedness to her son. Trembling uncontrollably with incestuous
passion, the sex-crazed mother climbed onto the bed in the dog-fucking
position. Her big tits jiggled as she dropped her shoulders low,
resting her cheek on her forearms. Then she spread her knees wide on
the bed and shamelessly wiggled her pert little ass at her son, knowing
that he could now clearly see the hairy, dripping slit of her tight,
throbbing cunt.

"Go ahead, Paul," she panted. "If that's what you want, you might as
well help yourself. Fuck me, Paul. Fuck me right now. Do it just as
long and hard as you want."

Paul ripped down his pajama bottoms, leaving himself completely naked.
Hurriedly he climbed onto the bed behind his mother's luscious ass
cheeks, his massive erection pulsing before the gooey slit of her cunt.
Holding the base of his prick in his fist, Paul pressed the bloated
head into his mom's juicy, pink cuntslit and pushed.

Monica grimaced and bit her lip as her son's huge cock slid all the way
in, the long, thick shaft stretching her little-used fuckhole almost
painfully as he thrust it roughly up inside her hot, clinging cunt.
After so long without sex, her son's big prick felt like a baseball bat
being stuffed up her cunt, but she loved every solid inch of it!

"Unggghhh! Oh, fuck!" gasped Monica, frantically humping her sopping
wet pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of her son's eager prick. "You
like that, don't you, Paul! Uuuuunnnnggghhhh! God, you're so big!...
You like fucking your mother, don't you? I this what you wanted all

"Ooouuhhh! Shit, yeah," Paul sighed. "It sure is, Mom!"

He slid his hands over her bobbing ass to clutch her hips, holding on
tightly as he fucked his mom's hot, gooey cunt with every inch of his
cock. Monica felt like she was being fucked by a horse. Her poor pussy
was stretching wider and wider, forcibly accommodating the massive
thickness of her son's enormous cock. Paul kept humping relentlessly
behind her, jamming his prick to the hilt in the juice-spewing
tightness of his mother's wonderfully tight little cunt.

Jesus! I'm fucking my own son, Monica thought dazedly. The obscenity of
the realization made her pussy start throbbing even harder, and a hot
blush of shame coursed into her cheeks. She didn't know what she was
doing now. It could have all been a dream. She thought she was going to
faint. The naked mother whimpered in ecstasy as she started humping and
bucking as fast as she could, feverishly pounding her sucking cunt-hole
onto the root of her own son's cock.

"Fuck me, Paul!" she gasped, her voice a wail of passion. "You've got
such a nice big cock, honey! Oh, shit, it's stretching me open!
Unnggghhh! I'm so horny, Paul! Ahhhh, shit, fuck your mother, baby!
Fuck Mommy's pussy as hard as you can!"

Encouraged and aroused by the spluttered litany of obscenities coming
from his sexy mother's mouth, Paul tightened his grip on her hips and
started ramming his over-sized cock in and out of her cunt furiously.
His huge organ reamed out her pussy completely, his cock-knob reaching
up to her womb with every thrust. Monica's pussy itched and burned,
convulsively sucking the hammering length of her son's mighty fuck-
tool. Her clit was swollen and throbbing, stimulated intensely by every
smashing thrust of his young cock, and in no time at all, Monica was
cumming already.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she chanted, clawing the sheets and
whipping up her shapely little ass in an orgy of desire. "Faster, Paul,
faster! My pussy's so hot! Fuck your mother, Paul! Shoot your hot cum
up Mommy's cunt!"

Paul fucked his naked mom as fast as he could, making her asscheeks
quiver as they collided rhythmically with his upper thighs, making her
huge tits jiggle sexily as they humped. Already Monica could feel the
cum mounting in her belly, making her pussy-hole suck and spasm around
her son's cock. She could feel it in her puckered little asshole too.
She'd never let her husband give her an ass-fucking, in spite of all
the times he'd begged for it. Now the obscene longing to completely
possess her horny young son sexually, made her want to feel his huge
cock pounding into her hot, itchy anus as well.

"Paul, play with my asshole!" she moaned suddenly, whipping her cunt
onto his cock as fast as she could. "Unh, unh, unh! Mommy's so horny,
oh, fuck, oh, shit! Paul, put your fingers in my ass! Fuck my asshole
with your fingers as hard as you can, honey!"

Paul looked down, watching his huge, glistening prick rapidly sliding
in and out between the furry lips of his mom's sucking, dripping-wet
cunt. Then he looked up at her asshole, his cock pulsing even more
stiffly up her pussy as he watched her hairless little shit-hole pucker
obscenely in and out with every thrust. Paul slid his hand from her
hip, sliding into the crack of her madly-humping ass. It was going to
be difficult to get his fingers into her asshole while he was fucking
her cunt, but then Paul had an I idea.

Suddenly, Monica gasped as something fatter than fingers pressed onto
her rubbery asshole. It was Paul's thumbs! He found that he could
insert both thumbs up his mother's rectal passage as he spread her
asscheeks with his fingers and still fuck her cunt to the hilt with his
cock. Paul soon had them both boring deep inside her hot, horny shit-
tunnel as he eagerly thumb-fucked her asshole, with the same rhythm of
his huge cock pounding in and out of her cunt.

"Unnggghhh! Oh, fuck!" Monica cried as her pussy and asshole spasmed
uncontrollably at the same time. "Fuck your mother, Paul! Fuck my hot
cunt! Ungggghhh! Oh fuck... nnngggg! Cumming, I'm cuuummiinnngggg!"

Her whole body seemed to erupt as she came, the pleasure pounding
through her nakedness made her asshole suck his finger and her pussy
ripple in a seemingly endless series of spasms around his thrusting
prick. Monica fluttered on the ecstatic edge of consciousness for
nearly a minute, writhing in the throes of the most powerful cum of her

When she recovered, Paul was still ramming his young cock into her
pussy as fast as he could. Monica's asshole was still burning and
puckering lewdly in and out. She knew that later she would feel
intensely ashamed of herself, that she would furiously order Paul never
to touch her again. But the knowledge of this was like a tiny light
flickering somewhere in the back of her mind, easily overwhelmed by the
sheer intensity of her passion. All she really knew now was that her
asshole was unbearably hot and horny, and that she needed to feel her
own son's enormous cock ramming savagely into the forbidden tightness
of her anus.

"Paul, I... I want you to fuck my asshole now," Monica stammered.
"Don't cum in my pussy! Please, Paul, my asshole's so horny! Get the
Vaseline from the nightstand, honey! Hurry, baby. hurry! Oh, fuck, I
need your cock up my ass so bad!"

Paul pulled his rock-hard cock out of her pussy, letting his naked mom
sprawl flat on her belly on the bed. Monica felt the intense, burning
need in her little asshole as she watched her well-endowed young son
leaning across the mattress to open the nightstand drawer. Quickly she
grabbed a pillow, lifting her hips to thrust it under her belly.

With a low animal groan of need, Monica succumbed completely to the
depraved incestuous passion numbing her lust-crazed brain and reached
behind her back to spread her pert little asscheeks with her fingers,
shamelessly opening her pink, twitching asshole for the invasion of her
own son's cock.

"Hurry Paul! Uuuuuhhhhh, I can't wait for you to fuck my ass! Mommy's
asshole needs your prick, baby!"

Paul uncapped the jar of Vaseline, smearing the white goo hurriedly
onto his huge, throbbing cock. Monica shuddered with intense pleasure
as she felt her son pasting it onto her puckered little asshole,
darting two fingers into the hot, buttery interior. Seconds later, the
Vaseline was back on the nightstand and Paul was again mounting her,
pressing his swollen cock-tip against her well-lubricated little anal

"Oh, Paul! That feels so good! Fuck my asshole, Paul! Fuck your
mother's ass!" squealed Monica, totally out of control now.

Paul started humping, forcing inch after inch of his rigid cock into
the slippery interior of his mom's hot shit-chute. Monica's itchy ass-
ring stretched wider and wider, slowly accommodating the meaty
thickness of her son's hard cockshaft. She'd expected her first asshole
reaming to be intensely painful, but there was no pain at all now.
Instead she felt only intense pleasure, as her horny shitter sucked and
spasmed around his eager young prick.

"Deeper!" Monica cried. "Fuck it in deeper, baby! Mommy can take it!"

She thrust her hand between the pillow and her belly, groaning in
ecstasy as she sank two fingers up her cunt. Shamelessly, Monica
started finger-fucking herself, jacking off her hot, drooling pussy as
her son plowed his magnificent cock deep into her buttery bowels.

"God! It that's it, Paul! Unh, oh, fuck, your cock feels so fucking
hot!" groaned the horny Mom. "Fuck my asshole, baby! Ram Mommy's horny
asshole with that big prick! UuuhhhhHHHHH!"

Paul fucked deeper and deeper, grunting as his mother's strong anal
muscles squeezed and milked his prick. He had never felt anything like
it in his young life! His cock was buried to the balls between his
mom's pink-flushed asscheeks and she was squealing and humping back at
him like crazy. It was a tremendous turn-on for the young teenager.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Monica gasped, the chanted obscenities
adding greatly to her excitement. She jacked off her pussy in a frenzy,
humping furiously off the bed. "I'm so horny! Oh, fuck, oh, please,
fuck Mommy's asshole! Harder, baby, fuck the shit out of Mommy's horny

Paul gave his horny, naked mom exactly what she asked for. He grabbed
her by the hips and slammed his virile young prick faster and deeper
into the clasping, wet slickness of her horny ass-channel. Monica
humped back deliriously to meet her son's powerful strokes, groaning
every time she slammed her asshole onto the swollen root of his cock.
She could actually hear it now, could hear her stuffed, Vaseline-lubed
asshole sucking and clasping around Paul's eager prick.

"Yes.. yes, yes! Harder!" she cried, her voice rising to the level of a
constant scream. "I'm gonna cum again, Paul! Oh, shit, fuck my asshole!
Fuck my asshole as hard as you can!"

Paul picked up the pace of his humping, panting onto his mother's
shoulder as he drilled his long cock in and out of her tight little
butthole as fast as he could. Monica caught her clit under her finger,
rolling it wildly. Her asshole started spasming and sucking
uncontrollably, milking every inch of her son's rapidly-pounding prick.

"I'm cumming!" she shrieked, making the bed springs squeak as she
whipped her hips in a frenzy off the mattress. "Fuck me, baby! Oh,
fuck, oh, shit, I'm cumming now! Ahhhh, yes, I'm CUMMMIINNGG!"

Paul started shooting off in mid-stroke, unable to resist the
contracting pressure of his mom's spasming asshole around his prick.
Monica cried out in ecstasy, feeling his hot cum squirting deep up
inside her quivering bowels.

Her son had obviously been carrying around an incredibly big load.
Again and again, his milky sperm fountained into her bowels, soothing
the ravished walls of her ass with a creamy coating of jism. Paul
seemed to cum for ages, and soon there was nowhere else for the excess
to go but out around his pistoning shaft. Monica moaned as she felt her
son's spunk bubbling back out of her shitter, oozing out of her
puckered ass-ring around his wildly-stroking prick. There was so much
cum she couldn't even take it all. Her little asshole was completely
filled with her own son's cum.

Paul just kept stroking his meat into her asshole, fucking his mother
through her orgasm and his own, not stopping until the last droplets of
jism had burned out of the head of his prick. Then he pulled his cock
out of her gooey asshole and sprawled happily beside his mom on the

Monica just lay there, her lust gradually subsiding, to be replaced
immediately by an overwhelming feeling of guilt and shame. Her asshole
was swollen red now, glistening with Vaseline and their combined fuck-
juices. Her tiny hole was stretched wide by the repeated, pounding
thrusts of her own son's prick.

I can't believe I did it! Monica thought dizzily, I actually let my own
son fuck me in the ass! Never in her life had she dreamed she could
commit such an unspeakable sin.

"Mom, that was so great," Paul sighed. "I swear, I've wanted to fuck
you for so long, I...."

"Get out, Paul!"


"I said, get out of this room! Right now, Paul. Right now!"

Paul stared at his mother for a moment, then obediently slid off the
bed and left her bedroom. Monica lay still for a long time, promising
herself that she would never, ever let him touch her again. But deep
down she knew it was no use, his hard young cock had felt too damn good
and she'd been without sex for much too long. Before long Monica was
shamefully, helplessly playing with her pussy, her face red with guilt
and humiliation as she relived the intense pleasure of fucking her own

"Randy, you don't seem to be concentrating very well on your lesson
today," Kate said gently.

The petite, curvaceous redhead sat next to Alison's son on the couch,
in the den where she conducted her tutoring sessions.

"Do you mind if I ask if something's the matter?"

Randy just flushed and averted his eyes. He'd fucked his mother for the
very first time the night before, and he had no way of telling his
tutor that he couldn't wait to get home to fuck her again!

"No, it's nothing. I'm okay, Mrs. Sanders," he murmured sheepishly.
"I'll try to concentrate better. You can go ahead with the lesson now."

But Kate didn't want to go ahead. She glanced at Randy's crotch,
feeling her pussy creaming under her short skirt as she saw the
enormous hard-on throbbing blatantly in his jeans. Whatever was
distracting him, it obviously had something to do with sex... something
Kate had been getting none of lately. Maybe she could interest young
Randy in helping her out of her frustrating predicament. She'd always
been an extremely horny woman, so horny that her husband had divorced
her simply because he couldn't keep up with her constant demands for

Since then, Kate had been masturbating several times every day. She
knew she was more than pretty enough to snare virtually any man she
wanted. Her short red hair and freckles gave her a girlish look, and
she knew she looked far, far too young to have a son who was as grown-
up as Marty was. Kate was petite, but her tits were quite big, and men
always stared at her pert little ass when she wore clinging pants on
the street.

She'd sampled quite a few of the men who'd drooled over her, actually,
but increasingly she'd found that her sexual tastes ran to younger
studs like Randy. Kate's pussy ached as she sat beside him now, trying
not to stare at the obviously large hard-on stretching his pants. If
she fucked Randy, she told herself, she would at least be tying to
quell the increasingly strong desires she'd felt for her son, Marty.
Kate knew it was a horrible sin to desire her own child, but her
conscience hadn't been able to influence her pussy. More and more,
recently, she'd masturbated to thoughts of her boy Marty's handsome
young body, and to the fantasy of her own son fucking her hot, juicy,
red-haired cunt.

"Randy, why don't you tell me about it," Kate said, wiggling closer to
him on the couch. "I feel very close to you, you know. I'd like to
think I can help you with other things besides tutoring."

"Well, it... " Randy hesitated, licking his lips nervously. "You know,
Mrs. Sanders. It's kinda personal."

"It has to do with sex, doesn't it, Randy?"

Randy reddened and squirmed on the couch. Kate stared pointedly at the
boy's bulging prick.

"That's quite a big hard-on you have there, Randy," she said easily. "I
don't think that the study of ancient history is going to make a cock
get stiff like that."

She looked into his eyes.

"Who's the lucky girl, Randy?"

"It's... it's no one," Randy said awkwardly. "I'm just, you know,
overly horny, I guess."

I can see that for myself, Kate thought. She stared at his hard-on,
watching the boy's formidable cock-bulge pulse obscenely through the
tightly-stretched denim of his jeans. By then the red-headed mother's
pussy was so wet that she could feel the crotch of her bikini panties
sticking to her cunt. Impulsively, Kate dropped her hand to his crotch,
hungrily squeezing his hard prick.

"Oh!" Randy's eyes bulged. "Oh, Mrs. Sanders!"

"It's awfully stiff, Randy," Kate purred.

She ran her fingers up and down his cockshaft, measuring its length and
thickness through the boy's jeans.

"Mmmm, and it feels like a nice big one, too. Why don't you take it out
and show it to me, Randy? I'll bet I can help you with your problem
just like I help you with your schoolwork."

Randy just sat there and looked at her, too surprised to move. Giggling
at his inexperience, Kate slid off the couch and knelt in front of him.
Quickly she undid his belt and yanked down his zipper. Randy's stiff
cock throbbed harder as he helped her by raising his hips. Kate yanked
his pants down, pulling them off over his smoothly muscled young thighs
in one smooth motion. She gasped at the sight of his naked cock.

"Oh, Randy! It's so big and hard!"

Kate eagerly wrapped her fingers around the boy's erection, sighing as
she felt his hot cock-flesh pulsing in her fist. She jacked it slow and
hard, making milky drops of cock-juice ooze out of his flared cock-
knob. Kate couldn't stand it any longer. Suddenly her head dive-bombed
onto his crotch, sucking in the first several inches of his gorgeous
young prick.

"Ooooooh, Jeeeeesus! Mrs. Sanders!"

Randy looked down at his pretty tutor dazedly, his mouth sagging open
as he watched her slurp hungrily on his throbbing prick. Kate's right
hand clung to the base of his cock, lovingly jacking and milking it.
She forced her face farther down onto his crotch, until over a third of
his hard-on stretched her lips. Then the horny mother started sucking
the youth's big cock extremely hard, laving his cock-knob with her
tongue, lapping up his drooling pre-cum.

"Unnnghhhh! Oh, fuck!" Randy dropped his hands, curling his fingers in
her red hair. "That feels so good, Mrs. Sanders!" He started grinding
his hips off the couch, fucking his cock between her ovaled lips.
"Unngghhh! Oh shit, suck it harder! I wanna cum in your mouth!"

Kate loved the taste of spewing jizz, and it would have gratified her
immensely to suck Randy to orgasm and swallow every drop of the boy's
squirting cum. But Randy was obviously young and inexperienced, and it
had always been a special fantasy of hers to tease a young stud until
his cock was practically ready to explode. She wasn't going to swallow
his cum this time, as much as she would have loved to have a bellyful
of jizz. No, she was just going to suck and slurp and jack his prick
until it was positively aching. Then she'd get to see how hard he'd beg
to fuck the piss out of her horny cunt.

Panting through her nostrils, Kate started sucking Randy's throbbing
cock as hard as she could. Her cheeks reddened with the intensity of
her cock-sucking, the flush setting off her freckles. She tightened her
fingers around the root of his prick, jacking his young hard-on so fast
that her fist was almost a blur on his cockshaft. The slurping,
gurgling sounds of the blow-job echoed loudly in the large room. Randy
moaned and writhed, his cock swelling to full, burning stiffness
between her sucking lips.

Sensing that he was close to cumming, Kate made herself drag her lips
off his throbbing prick. She giggled mischievously at Randy's anguished
expression, then gasped at how wildly his huge cock throbbed and
quivered over his hard, muscular young stomach.

"Please keep sucking," Randy moaned. "Please, Mrs. Sanders. I was about
to cum!"

"I know you were, honey. But I want you to fuck me and cum in my pussy
instead. You'd like that better than cumming in my mouth, wouldn't

Randy could only nod his head, his eyes were between his pretty tutor's
creamy thighs. The hem of her short shirt had ridden up to her crotch,
provocatively revealing the moist, panty-encased mound of her cunt.

Kate climbed back onto the couch, twisting sideways so that she was
facing Randy with her back braced on the padded armrest. She lifted one
long, slender, lightly freckled leg, kicking off her sandal as she
tossed it over the back of the couch. The other leg slid down to the
floor. Staring at her young lover's throbbing cock, Kate pulled her
skirt up to her belly, letting him see the thick red bush of her tight
juicy pussy through her panties.

"See how wet I am, Randy?" Kate purred. "My pussy got so wet that it
soaked right through my panties." She pouted her lips playfully. "Would
you be a good boy, Randy, and help me get them off?"

Randy immediately lunged at her, his fingers shaking as he tried to
yank off her panties. Kate giggled and squirmed on the couch, teasing
him by making it as difficult as she could. But finally the panties
were on the floor and Randy found himself gazing hungrily at the juice-
matted curls fringing the woman's small, wet, pouty-lipped cunt. Like a
young bull, he immediately tried to mount her, aiming his pulsing
cockhead at her gaping fuck-hole. But Kate just grinned and pushed him
away before he could get his prick-knob into her cunt.

"Unnh, unh! Not so fast, Tiger!" she purred.

"Why not?" " 'Cause I want you to lick it first." Kate whispered. "I
know my pussy's already wet, but you've got such an awfully big cock,
baby. I want you to lick my little cunt and make it nice and happy
before you introduce it to your prick."

Randy didn't look as disappointed as she'd thought he'd be, and Kate
happily realized it was because he was secretly dying to lick her
horny, musky-smelling pussy. Hurriedly, the boy slid down between her
legs, sprawling on his stomach on the couch. Kate groaned as she felt
the pressure of his young lips on her gooey cuntslit. Tentatively, the
youth thrust out his tongue, pushing it deep up inside her cunt.

"Oh, God! That feels so good," Kate whimpered, wiggling her ass.
"Randy, have you ever licked a pussy before?"

"Not yet," Randy admitted.

"Be gentle, darling." Kate spread her legs wider, sliding her hand down
to open her throbbing pussy with her fingers. "As long as you're gentle
and do what I tell you, I'll let you lick my cunt just as much as you
want. I'm sure you'll love the taste, darling. It's good for you."

Tentatively at first, then with growing eagerness, Randy sluiced his
tongue up and down between the horny woman's swollen pussy-lips. Kate
gasped, fighting back the urge to hump her ass up in a frenzy off the
couch. She held her cuntlips open with one hand, and pushed the other
firmly on the back of young Randy's head, holding his mouth on her

"Uuuuhh, yeahhh! Lick it, Randy!" she cried excitedly. "You like that,
don't you? Does my hot pussy taste good?"

Randy didn't answer. He was too busy licking and lapping, greedily
tonguing the tasty, musky-smelling fuck oils from the throbbing depths
of her cunt. Kate's clit was getting very swollen now, tingling and
aching, protruding at the top of her glistening-wet pussy-slit.

"Randy, see the little bump at the top?" she gasped, fighting to
control her voice. "That... ooooh... that's my clit, baby. That's the
most sensitive part of a woman's pussy. Please Randy, I'm so horny now.
Please suck my clit for me, Randy. Please, I really need to cum!"

Randy obediently pushed his tongue higher, sliding it experimentally
around the erect bud of her clit. Kate moaned loudly, digging her
fingernails into the back of his neck, fighting again to keep herself
from humping madly off the couch.

"Oh, Randy, that feels wonderful!" she cried. "Lick it good, baby! Oh,
shit, suck it for me, honey! Suck my horny little clit!"

Randy eagerly lapped and licked her swollen clit bud, pushing it from
side to side with his tongue until Kate's hips were squirming
uncontrollably on the couch. Then he wrapped his lips around it,
instinctively knowing just how hard to suck it, puckering his cheeks.
Kate clawed his neck with both hands down, twisting and wriggling her
blushing asscheeks helplessly on the couch.

"Put your fingers in my pussy!" she cried, her voice cracking with
passion. "Please finger-fuck me, Randy! My cunt's so hot! Oh, please, I
need to cum real bad!"

Randy stiffened two fingers and slid them into the wet, clasping
interior of the red-headed mother's pussy. He felt her cunt-muscles
contracting tightly around them, as if welcoming them into her body.
Randy sucked her clit and finger-fucked her pussy fast and hard,
pumping his knuckles against the puffy, richly-furred outer lips of her
clinging cunt. She was surprisingly tight, and Randy couldn't wait to
replace his fingers with his cock and fuck his sexy tutor's brains out!

"Suck my pussy, you gorgeous hunk!" Kate cried, grimacing and twisting
her head ecstatically from side to side on the couch. "Oh, fuck, Randy!
I'm cumming now! Suck me, honey! Suck meeeeee! Ahhhh, fuck. I'm
cumming! Cummmiinnggg!"

Randy kept sucking and finger-fucking her throbbing, spasming pussy,
guiding her through the delicious contractions of her orgasm. Then,
when her cries of passion finally died down and her hips stopped
hunching up into his face, Randy rose to his knees between Kate's
spread-eagled thighs, licking her pussy-juice from his glistening lips.

Kate stared hungrily at his hard-on. His giant prick looked incredibly
stiff now, engorged with blood and bloated to a lurid deep-red. Kate's
pussy throbbed again as she imagined the boy's formidable weapon
piercing her cunt and his hot young spunk spraying hotly into her belly
as he came inside her.

"All right, Randy," she purred, teasingly wiggling her hips at him. "I
guess you want your reward now, don't you? You want to fuck my hot, wet
little pussy, right baby?"

Randy nodded swiftly. Kate giggled and spread her legs even wider,
lifting her knees until they were over against shoulders, completely
opening her creamy pussy-hole for the first thrust of the boy's virile
young cock.

"Okay, baby. You got me all wet and juicy for your prick. Now you can
fuck me just as hard as you want!"

Randy swiftly mounted her, looming over the red-head's lush, sexy
little body, his huge cock throbbing and jerking directly above her
gaping pussy-slit. Holding the base of his prick in his fist, he
inserted the fat, bloated head into her juice-filled opening and pushed
hard. Kate grimaced and bit her lip as the boy's huge cock started
plowing into her pussy, spreading her pouting cunt-lips wide around the
invading thickness of his young prick.

"Oh, Jesus, Randy! You're so damn big, baby!"

Kate started humping as soon as he had his cock inside her, eagerly
pumping her gooey little pussy onto his long, hard teenage fuckshaft.
Randy let his arms bend, crushing her tits under his chest as he
sprawled on top of her. Deeper and deeper and deeper, his huge prick
pushed, until the horny mother thought she could feel it all the way up
her belly. Randy wiggled his hips, making his hard-on spear to the
depths of the woman's gaping fuckhole. Finally it was fully stuffed up
her clinging, throbbing cunt, every inch of his young cock impaled in
her hairy, hungry cunt-slit.

"Oooooooh, Randy!" Kate draped her ankles over his shoulders, humping
her ass off the couch like a bitch in heat. "I love it, baby! Your big
cock is making me so horny! Unh, unh, unh! Fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my
hot cunt! Do it hard, Randy! Do it just as hard as you can!"

Randy feverishly started humping and grinding, panting on her shoulder
as he stroked his long, hard prick in and out of her juicy cunt. Kate's
pussy was so wet that she could hear the frothy fuck-hole squishing
audibly around his fuckshaft, sucking hungrily on the pumping length of
his prick. Randy clenched his ass muscles as the woman's tight,
clinging fuckhole milked the pulsing hardness of his young cock. He
slid his hands down, clawing the sides of her humping ass-globes. He
started fucking into her burning pussy faster and deeper, ramming her
ass onto the couch with every pelvis-jarring stroke of his big,
throbbing prick.

"Fuck my cunt, Randy! Unggghh! Harder, lover, harder, fuck my horny
little cunt!"

Kate's pretty face was now very red, and her lips were pulled back to
bare her teeth. She humped her ass as fast as she could, groaning
obscenely every time she hunched her impaled pussy to the very root of
the boy's cock.

"Is my pussy tight enough for you, baby?" she panted, humping faster
and faster. "Is it, Randy? Am I as tight as your little teenage

"Ooooh, yeahhh!" Randy moaned. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Then fuck me faster, lover!" Kate cried, her voice rising into a wail.
"I want to cum, too, Randy! Unnnggghhhh, please, fuck me hard! Faster,
Randy, faster, fuck my little pussy just as hard as you can!"

The sweat beaded on the horny youth's forehead. He gripped her ass
tightly, ramming his cum-laden cock into her gooey pussy as fast as he
could. Kate humped to meet his strokes, again hearing her drippy fuck-
slit sucking wetly around his cockshaft. Then she felt the spasming
start deep inside her cunt, and she knew she was on the verge of
another hard cum.

"Fuck it! Fuck, my pussy... uuuuhhnnhh... ram that cock in there...
fuck my horny pussy! " she gasped, blubbering out the words. "God!
Jesus, I'm cumming, Randy! Ahhh, shit, cumming, cummiiinnngggg!"

Randy kept ramming his huge cock into her, shuddering as the jism
bloated up his balls. Then his mammoth prick started spewing out his
fuck-juice in mid-stroke, spraying a fountaining load of cum deep
inside the horny woman's cunt. Kate shrieked as she felt the sticky
sperm blasting into her pussy, the gushing torrent reaching the
innermost depths of her womb. Again and again, his young, throbbing
prick jetted cum, soothing her burning pussy walls with a hot tide of
teenage spunk.

"Keep fucking me, Randy!" Kate cried. Her hips gyrated madly beneath
him as she humped her ass in a frenzy, pounding her juicy, sucking cunt
again and again on his cum-squirting cock. "Shoot it all out, baby! Cum
in me!.... Oh, sweet Jesus! Yessss! Cum in my cunt!!"

Randy kept fucking her as fast as he could, moaning into Kate's
shoulder as his twitching prick squirted out the last sticky drops of
cock-juice. Then he collapsed on top of her, his cock still throbbing
hard as he buried it up her cunt one final time. Kate made a gentle
cooing sound, and gently stroked his hair. Her tight, horny pussy
continued to reflexively spasm and suck on his buried length, lovingly
milking the aching stiffness of the boy's spent prick.

He was such a lusty young lover, thought Kate dreamily. Yet deep down
inside she still wanted her son. She thought lewdly of her handsome,
red-headed son, imagining it was him lying on top of her now, ramming
his big cock into his own mother's cunt. Kate sighed softly, realizing
how difficult it would be now to keep herself from succumbing to the
wanton joys of incest with her son. Not even Randy could satisfy her
constantly-horny pussy like she was sure her own flesh and blood would.
`Ohhhhhhh, Marty!' she thought, as she ground her insatiable cunt up
against Randy's rapidly deflating young cock.

"I swear, Mom," Randy sighed. "I never thought it would ever be this
much fun to stay home nights with you!

Alison didn't answer. She was on her knees in front of the couch in
their living-room, completely naked, her eyes closed and her cheeks
flushed as she sucked lovingly on her son's erect cock. Randy was naked
too, staring blankly at the latest episode of 'Dynasty' on the TV
screen as his rock-hard prick slid rhythmically in and out between his
mother's lips.

It was the third blow-job Alison had given her son since he'd returned
home that afternoon and braggingly told her how he'd fucked Kate
Sanders. It didn't make Alison at all jealous to think that her son had
sampled another woman's cunt, if anything, she was happy for him. She'd
tasted Kate's pussy-juice on his prick as soon as she started sucking
Randy off, and the thought that the cock she was sucking had recently
been pounding into her friend's pussy just made Alison feel even
hornier. She started bobbing her head as she knelt before her son,
hungrily fucking her face with his large throbbing erection.

"Oh, Mom!" Randy dropped his hands, pawing lewdly at her jiggling,
stiff-nippled tits, excitedly humping his ass as his cock throbbed
lewdly between her lips. "Suck harder, Mom! I'm gonna cum again!"

Alison's flush deepened as she started sucking her son's cock as hard
as she could. Her cheeks puckered sharply, increasing the suctioning
pressure around his swollen shaft. Hot droplets of pre-cum were oozing
out of the tip of his prick, and Alison made obscene slurping sounds as
she lovingly lapped his cock-knob with her tongue.

"Jerk on it, Mom!" Randy gasped excitedly. "Jerk on my cock!"

Alison tightened her fingers around the base of her son's cock, still
sucking the leaking tip feverishly. Urgently she started jacking and
stroking his huge, aching hard-on as fast as she could. Her fist moved
in a blur, milking down his cock, encouraging the stored-up cum load to
fountain out of his young balls.

"Ooooooooh, Mom!"

Randy raised his hands to her head, clutching it tightly as he came.
His throbbing prick jerked and bucked as it sprayed out his jizz,
squirting great gobs of salty-tasting cock-juice between his loving
mother's lips. Alison swallowed eagerly, the sounds of her cock-sucking
becoming even louder as she noisily gulped down his spurting cum. Her
jacking fist slowed, milking her son's twitching cock much harder as
she pumped out every drop. When she finally lifted her mouth from his
dripping prick, little traces of spunk gleamed at the corners of her
mouth. And Randy's big cock was still as hard as iron, stiff and eager
to fuck his mother's cunt.

"You can just keep it up forever, can't you, honey?" Alison purred,
wantonly fondling his prick. "Would you like to fuck me, baby? You know
how wet my pussy gets when I suck you off."

Randy just grinned, his hard young cock throbbing more stiffly than
ever at the thought of fucking his mother's tight, wet pussy again.
Alison turned her lusciously full, rounded asscheeks toward him,
assuming the dog-fucking position on the carpet. Her big tits jiggled
pendulously as she leaned onto her elbows, wiggling her asscheeks
invitingly at her son.

"Fuck me, sweetheart!" Alison panted, looking at him over her shoulder.
"Fuck momma's cunt! See how hot and wet my pussy is? It's 'cause it
needs your cock, baby!"

Randy slid down to the floor behind his mother, holding his prick in
his hand, preparing to plow it into her pussy. Suddenly he shook his
head with a regretful sigh.

"Shit, Paul's staying over tomorrow night."


"You know.... My friend, Paul Walsh. Monica's kid. We were gonna help
this friend of ours buy a car early in the morning, and I told Paul he
could stay overnight so we could go over together. Shit! That means I
probably won't get to fuck you tomorrow night at all!"

"Oh, we'll manage somehow," Alison giggled. "But please, Randy, you're
teasing me. Fuck me now, honey! Please, darling, Mommy's pussy needs it

Randy pushed forward until the flared tip of his saliva-coated cock
nudged into her tight-lipped cunt. Alison immediately started wiggling
her ass and hunching her hips back at her son, her huge tits jiggling
over the carpet as she backed her pussy onto her son's prick. Randy
grabbed his mother by the waist and pushed forward gasping with
pleasure as inch after inch of his long, hard cock disappeared into the
tight hair-lined slit of his mother's cunt.

"Unnggghhh! Oh, Randy! It feels so big!" Alison's big tits slapped
fleshily together as she humped her ass fast and hard, pumping her
pussy onto her son's big prick. "God, I'm so hot, Randy! Unh, unh, unh!
Yeahhhhh! Fuck your mother, darling, fuck Momma's hot, horny cunt!"

Randy stared down in fascination, watching the swollen purple-veined
shaft of his cock disappear into the hairy wetness of his mother's
pussy. He shoved it all the way in, then pulled back, watching as his
cock came out gleaming with her copious pussy-juice. His fingers
tightened on her hips as Randy started fucking his mother's pussy fast
and hard, still staring down, excitedly watching his hard prick
pounding in and out of her clinging cunthole.

"Faster, Randy! Fuck your mother!"

Alison clawed at the carpet, her beautiful face contorting in obscene
incestuous pleasure as her son's hard young prick pummeled her cunt,
fucking her deeply.

"Fuck your mother, fuck your horny mother! Oh, Randy, I'm getting so
close now, baby! Please, darling, fuck me hard!! Unnhhh! Unnnhh!

In response to his mother's shameless request, Randy picked up the pace
a bit, slamming his prick into the gushing depths of his mother's pussy
with renewed vigour. He was still gazing down at her, and now he found
himself staring at her asshole. Her full, heart-shaped asscheeks were
spread wide enough for him to see her puckered little anal opening, and
the rosy sphincter was throbbing obscenely in and out, puckering out
every time he stuffed her cunt full of prick.

"Does this feel good, Mom?" Randy panted.

He dropped his hand to the cleft between his mother's asscheeks and
tentatively pressed a finger onto her asshole. Alison groaned with
intense pleasure and immediately started humping much faster, wildly
pistoning her dripping, pulsating pussy on the satisfying stiffness of
her young son's cock.

Yes, Randy!" she cried. "Unnggghhh! Oh, yes, play with Mommy's asshole!
Fuck it with your fingers, darling!"

Randy did as his mother asked, sliding his finger deep inside the hot,
rubbery tightness of his mother's rear passage. Alison shuddered with
intense fuck-lust as her rectal muscles spasmed tightly around the
invading digit. She bit her lip and humped back at her son as fast as
she could, feeling her pussy and asshole pulsating with pleasure at the
same time.

"Fuck my asshole!" she pleaded. "Yes, Yes, Mommy loves it, finger-fuck
my asshole while you fuck my cunt! Put two fingers in. Randy! Oh, fuck,
oh, please, ohhhhh God I love your finger up my ass!"

Randy pushed in a second finger, ramming them quickly in and out of his
mom's tightly-stretched asshole. Alison felt her pussy contracting,
sucking uncontrollably around the pistoning hardness of her son's
wonderfully long cock.

"Fuck your mother, fuck your mother!" she chanted, as the wet need
exploded deep inside her buttery cunt. "Uhhhhhhhh, yes, I'm gonna cum!
Fuck Mommy's pussy, Randy! I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Alison's hot asshole sucked at his fingers as her pussy exploded in
orgasm, her hairy fuck-slit drooling cunt-juice all over Randy's
pistoning cock. Randy fucked his horny mom as fast as he could, guiding
her through the peaks of her climax. When Alison recovered her senses a
minute later, her virile young son still hadn't shot his wad. He was
still finger-fucking her asshole as he continued drilling his cock
deeply into her sopping pussy-slit.

"Ohhh, Randy, fuck my asshole now!" Alison moaned.

She pulled suddenly away from him, sprawling flat on her belly on the
floor. Reaching behind her back, the horny mother separated her
asscheeks with her fingers, exposing her puckered shit-hole to her son.

"But I'll hurt you, Mom!" Randy whispered.

"No you won't!" Alison squealed. "I'm too horny for it to hurt! Just
shove it in and fuck Mommy's asshole, baby!"

Randy mounted his naked mom, aiming his swollen cockhead at the rubbery
ring of her asshole. Alison gritted her teeth as she felt the
incredible thickness of her son's prick plowing into her bowels. It was
the first time she'd ever tried ass-fucking without Vaseline, and she
knew there was going to be some pain as her well-hung son stuffed his
huge prick into her shitter. But Randy was humping on top of her now,
humping steadily, and the little stabs of pain from her stretched
asshole were overwhelmed by the intense pleasure emanating from the
depths of her loins.

"Unnggghhh! Fuck my asshole, Randy!" she pleaded, humping faster and

Alison thrust her hand under her belly, whimpering as she thrust her
fingers through her pussy curls and started finger-fucking her gaping

"Oh, honey, your cock feels so good up my asshole! Drill me with it,
Randy! Unggghh! Fuck Mommy's asshole, lover, fuck my ass with your big,
hard prick!"

Randy lunged and pumped madly on top of her shivering asscheeks,
groaning as he sank his young cock deeper and deeper into the hot,
rubbery slickness of his mother's tight asshole. Alison felt her
stretched ass-ring puckering and throbbing, sucking the probing length
of her son's huge prick.

Finally Randy was all the way inside her, buried to the balls in the
forbidden tightness of his mother's ass. He moaned with intense
pleasure as he started fucking his mom's tender asshole fast and hard,
drilling her bowels deeper with every furious stroke of his cock.

"Fuck it, honey! Uuuuuuuhhhh! Fuck Mommy's asshole!" Alison cried, her
voice trembling with lust. She finger-fucked her dripping pussy as fast
as she could, ramming her burning, itchy little shitter again and again
onto her son's cock. "Harder, Randy, harder! Really fuck my ass hard,
baby, I'm gonna cum again! Oh, fuck! Ohhhhhhh, God!!"

Spurred on by her panted obscenities, Randy started reaming his mom's
tightly-sucking shithole as hard as he could. His huge prick slammed
into her ass, seeming to stuff her bowels deeper with every stroke.
Alison caught her clit under her fingers. Rubbing it wildly. Her whole
body trembled as she started to cum.

"Faster, Randy!" she gasped. "Fuck your mother! Fuck my hot asshole!
Oh, fuck, oh, shit, I'm cumming again! Mommy's cuuummmmmiiinnnggg!"
Alison's cunt and asshole erupted in a delicious series of orgasmic
spasms, her puckered little ass-ring clenching and pulsing around her
son's pounding prick.

Randy moaned as he fucked his climaxing mother, the tightness of her
asshole clenching around his prick finally pushing him over the edge
too. With a cry, he stiffened and pulled her quivering ass hard up
against his cock, burying himself deep up inside his mother's belly as
the pent-up load of cum jetted powerfully from the tip of his jerking
cock. The thick, milky jizz spurted repeatedly into Alison's shitter,
splattering on her rubbery ass-walls and soothing her itchy asshole
with a gushing torrent of hot, creamy sperm.

"Oh, Randy!" Alison mewled. Lewdly she flexed her rectal muscles,
making her asshole suck the squirting hardness of her son's huge prick.
"Cum in Mommy, honey. Cum in Mommy's asshole. Oh, darling, Mommy loves
your cock so much... "

Her words trailed off as Randy finally slid his wilting cock out of her
asshole, sprawling beside her on the floor. Alison rolled onto her
back, her flushed tits jiggling sexily with the movement, her rosy-red
nipples as stiff as little pebbles. Her son rolled onto his side next
to her and immediately began to knead and suck his mother's heaving

"Paul doesn't have to stay over tomorrow night," he said, between tit-
suckings. "I can tell him I can't make it. It'd be okay... Then we
could fuck like this all night."

"No, darling," Alison murmured, lovingly stroking his hair as her
handsome young son suckled on her creamy breasts. She smiled as a lewd
thought made her pussy tingle. "Paul can come over. As a matter of
fact, I think I'd like to get to know your friend a little better."

"Oh, Marty," Kate whispered. "Fuck me, honey! You know Mommy loves it,
darling! Uuuunnnnghh, that's right, lover, fuck that big fat cock right
up your mother's cunt... "

But Marty wasn't with her in the bedroom. Kate was alone. It was still
only a fantasy. Sprawled naked on her bed, the redheaded mom's thighs
trembled as she finger-fucked her gooey pussy as fast as she could. Her
encounter with young Randy Ross had happened only a few hours ago, and
it had made her cunt unbearably wet and horny. The more she remembered
how wonderfully Randy had fucked her, the more she thought of Marty.
Her lust for her own son had become unbearably strong.

He was in the living room now, Kate knew, reading a magazine. Suddenly
the horny mother withdrew her fingers from her dripping pussy, sliding
off the bed and rushing to her clothes closet. She donned a pale pink
t-shirt that clung enticingly to her big, round, braless tits. Then she
selected a paisley mini-skirt, the shortest one in her wardrobe.

I won't really be trying to fuck my own son, Kate thought, as she put
on the skirt and admired her reflection in the mirror. No, I'll just be
giving him a little opportunity. Kate giggled softly as she left the
bedroom, her pussy throbbing so wetly that she could hear the fuck-
juices squishing in her cunt as she padded barefoot down the hall.

"Hi, Mom," Marty said, glancing up as she entered the living room.

He was sitting in his favorite easy chair, reading the latest issue of
a car magazine. He was a tall, muscular boy, with his mother's red hair
and a naturally-engaging grin. Kate forced herself not to stare at the
appetizing young cock bulge in his tight jeans.

"You don't mind if I sit and read with you, do you, darling?" Kate
said. She was careful to sit on the couch directly opposite him.
"Honestly, I've been so busy today. I haven't even had a chance to read
the paper."

"Go ahead. I'm done with it." Marty grinned. "I just read the sports
page anyhow."

Kate picked up the paper and pretended to immediately immerse herself
in the front page. Then she slid her hips to the edge of the cushion
and slowly, carefully spreading her thighs. She felt her skirt ride up.
If Marty looked at her, he would have a clear view of the curly red-
haired lips of his mother's tight, juicy cunt. Seconds later, Kate
heard her son's sharp intake of breath. He was looking, all right. She
made herself wait nearly a minute, frowning studiously at the front
page. Then she suddenly dropped the paper and regarded her son. As she
suspected, his eyes were between her legs, staring hungrily at her
naked pussy.

"Marty" she said sweetly. "Why are you staring at me like that?"

Marty moved his lips, but the words wouldn't come out. His face was
very red now, and his eyes darted from his mother's face to her
completely-exposed pussy. Kate's cunt throbbed as she noticed an
enormous hard-on bulging through the crotch of her son's tight jeans.

"You're... you're kind of hanging out, there, Mom," he mumbled.

"Oh my God!" Kate opened her eyes wide in a pretended look of surprise
as she glanced down at herself. But she made no movement to close her
legs. "I guess I forgot to wear panties, didn't I? How awful. Mommy's
sitting in front of you just like some hot little slut, isn't she?"

Marty chuckled nervously. They were silent for five long seconds. Kate
didn't change her position. She smiled at the formidable-looking
erection stretching her son's jeans.

"Why, Marty," she purred. "I don't think that's a banana in your pants,
is it? Looking at me has given you a big hard-on."

Marty groaned in embarrassment, flicking his eyes down to the betraying
bulge in his crotch. It looked like it was threatening to burst through
the denim. Kate wiggled her ass hornily on the couch and lifted her
skirt even higher. Marty gasped as he watched his mom drop her hand
between her legs. Kate giggled lewdly as she ran her middle finger
sensually through the red curls of her pubic mound and then into her
glistening, pink cuntslit. It excited her immensely to play with her
pussy in front of her own son.

"Why Marty, I do believe you like looking at Mommy's pussy, don't you?
That's why you've got that big hard-on in your jeans. Does your cock
always get stiff when you think about Mommy's cunt?"

"Oh, Mom!" Marty gasped. That seemed to be all he could say. His stiff
young erection twitched noticeably now, so that Kate could see every
pulsation of her son's hard prick.

"Marty, I think you're going to squirt a load of cum in your pants if
you're not careful," Kate whispered. "Honestly, your big cock is
throbbing so hard. Why don't you come over here and take a better look
at Mommy's pussy, darling, if it turns you on so much."

Marty immediately rose from the chair, his bulging erection ready to
burst through his jeans. He was so eager to take a closer look at his
gorgeous mom's naked cunt that he almost tripped over the coffee table
Kate giggled at her son's immature haste, and smiled at him lovingly as
the boy and knelt eagerly on the floor in front of the couch. Her pussy
creamed heavily as she realized that she was almost certain now to
experience the intense pleasure of sex with her own son.

"Go ahead, Marty," she said seductively.

The horny mom raised her hips to strip off the skirt completely,
leaving herself naked except for her t-shirt. She wiggled her pert
little ass even closer to the edge of the couch and spread her legs
even wider.

"You like looking at my pussy, don't you? Why don't you touch it,
honey? Don't be shy. Mommy wants you to. Go ahead, Marty. Touch my

Marty slid a trembling hand up his mother's slender shapely thigh. Both
of them shuddered as he caressed her pussy with his fingers. He seemed
amazed at how gooey, swollen and obviously aroused his mother's cunt
was. Kate grimaced with intense pleasure as the youth straightened his
forefinger, pressing it into the clasping interior of her over-heated

"Ohhhh, Marty, that feels sooooo good!" she groaned, wiggling her ass
excitedly. "Why don't you move it in and out a little?"

Marty eagerly complied, pumping his finger in and out of his mother's
pussy, feeling her cunt-muscles sucking juicily around the invading
digit. Kate gasped and started humping her ass feverishly off the

"Marty, would you do Mommy a favor now?" she moaned. "I'm awfully horny
now, baby. Please, Marty, would you lick my pussy for me? Please lick
it for me, Marty. Mommy's horny little pussy needs to cum!"

Ooooh, Mom! Yeahhhh! Fuck, yeahhhh!" groaned Marty. He couldn't believe
this was really happening to him. His own sexy mother acting like a
horny slut, showing him her juicy pussy and now asking him to actually
suck her off. Jesus, it was like a wet-dream come true! With a moan of
pleasure, Marty eagerly dropped his head between his mother's creamy
thighs and buried his young face in his mother's red-haired pubes.

Kate's whole body started shaking as her excited son began licking and
lapping avidly, nibbling her hairy cuntlips and even digging his tongue
deep inside her buttery cunt-slit. The horny mom dropped her hands to
his head, pulling her son's hair, forcing his wonderful mouth onto her
cunt as she lazily humped her ass up off the couch.

"Unnngghhhhh, Marty! Yesssss!" moaned Kate ecstatically. "Lick Mommy's
cunt, honey! Oh, that feels so good , darling. Uhhhhhh, Mommy loves you
sucking my pussy! Make me cum, Marty! Make mommy cum, with your mouth!"

Marty hungrily licked and sucked, sluicing his tongue up and down
between the juicy folds of his mom's musky- smelling pussy. He made
little kissing, slurping sounds as he tongued up her fuck-juice, loving
the taste of his mother's hot, dripping cunt. Kate thrust her right
hand under his forehead, opening her pussy-slit wide with her

"Marty, ohhhh fuck, please lick my clit!" she gasped, unable to stand
the irresistable sensations of her throbbing pleasure-bud. "Please,
baby, it's so hot and swollen. My little clit's throbbing, Marty.
Please suck it for Mommy. Oh, fuck, oh, please, I need to cum so much!"

Marty moved his lapping tongue higher up his mother's pussy-slit,
thrusting it experimentally onto her erect clit. Kate bucked as if
she'd been shot, her pretty face contorting with pleasure as she dug
the fingernails of her left hand into the back of his neck.

"Oh, fuck, lick it!" she hissed. "Lick my fuckin' clit! Oh, yes, oh,
fuck! Ohhhhhhh, fuuuuuuck!"

Marty licked his mother's clit, laving it, covering it with saliva,
flicking it teasingly with his probing tongue. Kate's cunt began to
twitch and spasm, and she knew she was on the verge of a very hard cum.
She forced her trembling ass to remain still on the couch, so that her
son could keep his tongue on her clit. She held her pussy-lips wide
open with her right hand while the fingernails of her left hand dug
into Marty's neck hard enough to leave red welts on the skin as she
forced his open sucking mouth into her quivering cunt.

"Suck it!" she gasped, her voice quavering with lust. "Ooooooh,
yessssss, suck my clit! Lick my my cunt, Marty! Unnngggghhhhh! I'm
gonna cum so hard! I'm gonna cum any second!"

Marty wrapped his lips around his mother's burning, tingling clit,
sucking gently but forcefully, tugging on it with his mouth as his
tongue massaged the underside. He pushed two fingers up her pussy and
started finger-fucking her cunt forcefully, pumping his knuckles
against the puffy, hairy outer lips of her pussy. Kate clawed his neck,
arched her back and screamed.

"I'm cumming! Uuuuuunhhhh! Unngggghhh! Suck me hard, Marty! Oh, fuck,
oh, shit, I'm cumming now! Suck me, suck Mommy's hot pussy! GOD! I'M

She came hard for a long time, even harder than she'd cum with Randy.
The very thought that it was her own handsome young son sucking her
pussy to orgasm intensified her pleasure enormously. Marty's fingers
were dripping with oozing cunt-juice as he kept fucking them into her
spasming, throbbing pussy, at the same time sucking hungrily on her
engorged clit.

"Ohhhhhhh, Marty!" Kate shuddered, finally pushing his head away from
her pussy. "God, baby, you made Mommy feel so good!"

Marty sat up on his knees, blushing as he licked his mother's fuck-
juice from his mouth. Kate moaned as she looked down at his crotch. His
young cock pulsed and jerked in his jeans so violently that the horny
mother was afraid he might shoot off before she had a chance to even
touch his gorgeous prick. Her mouth watered as she imagined herself
bobbing her face on his crotch, shamelessly fucking her face with her
own son's stiff prick.

"Oh, Marty, you've really got a hard-on now, haven't you, darling?"
Kate purred. Teasingly she dropped her bare foot to his crotch, rubbing
his bulging prick with her toes. "It's really throbbing hard now, isn't
it, baby? Would you like Mommy to give you some relief?"

Marty gulped and nodded swiftly. Kate smiled and slid off the couch,
kneeling on the floor. She patted the cushion in front of her.

"Take off your pants, sweetheart. Mommy's going to give you a cock-
sucking you're going to remember for a long, long time."

Marty rose to his feet, kicking off his runners and reaching for his
belt buckle. He undid it, pulling down his zipper, blushing as he
struggled out of his jeans. He wore no underwear, and Kate gasped in
amazement at the size of his cock as it suddenly sprang out of
confinement. Her son's rock-hard, rosy-knobbed prick was even bigger
than his father's had been, a good nine or ten inches long and as thick
around as a cucumber. Her own son had one of the biggest cocks she'd
ever seen in her life.

"Oh, Marty!" she breathed. "It's wonderful! Hurry, honey, sit in front
of me. Please, baby, Mommy wants to suck your big cock so much!"

Marty sat on the couch, sprawling back, pushing his hips to the edge of
the cushion just as his mother had done earlier. Kate's fingers
trembled with incestuous passion as she wrapped her right hand around
the fat shaft of Marty's prick. She jacked his magnificent young
erection slow and hard, groaning as she watched his piss-hole open up
to emit sticky white drops of pre-cum. Her pumping fist quickened. More
spunk oozed out, coating his flared, puffy cock-knob with a shiny
coating of jizz.

"It's is leaking, baby," Kate purred. "You like the way Mommy plays
with your cock, don't you?"

"Yes," Marty moaned. "Oh, Mom... "

"Want Mommy to suck this big fucker for you, baby?" By then Kate was
jerking his cock so hard that her fist was almost a blur. "I will, if
you want me to. I love giving blow-jobs, honey. Will you let Mommy suck
your cock for you?"

"Yes, oh, yes!" Marty gasped.

"All right, baby... ummmmmm..." Her words drifted into a horny whimper
as Kate dropped her head and pursing her lips on the cum-leaking tip of
his prick in a lewd, sucking kiss.

Marty gasped with pleasure, his cock pulsating wildly in his mother's
hand. Kate gradually let her lips part wider and wider, making wanton
little slurping sounds as she sucked in the swollen inches of her son's
big prick.

"Ohhh, Mom!" Marty looked down at her in awe and lust, seeing how wide
his mom's mouth was stuffed with the thickness of his young cock. "That
feels good! Suck it for me, Mom! Suck my prick!"

Kate paused with over a third of his cock in her mouth, when she was on
the verge of choking herself with his fuckmeat. She shut her eyes,
concentrating on the taste and feel of her son's prick. Her nostrils
flared. Then she started sucking his tasty, cum-oozing cock extremely
hard, slurping and gurgling noisily, puckering her cheeks to increase
the suctioning pressure around the moaning boy's cock.

"Jesus, Mom!" Marty yelped. He clutched her head, curling his fingers
in her red hair. "Suck it! Suck my fuckin' cock, Mom!" His hips jerked
excitedly off the couch, fucking his cock between his mother's full,
red lips. "Oh, Shit! That feels so good! Suck me hard, Mom! Make me

With wanton delight, Kate sucked shamelessly on the pulsing stiffness
of her son's cockshaft, laving the fat knob lovingly with her swirling
tongue. The adolescent pre-cum oozed heavily out of his cock-hole now,
and Kate made loud slurping, smacking sounds as she lapped it up. Her
right hand tightened around the root of his cock, again commencing a
pumping hand-job. Soon the horny, naked mom was jacking furiously her
son's prick, sucking as much as she could of the formidable erection
into her mouth.

"Harder, harder!" Marty gasped, his boyish face contorted in ecstasy.
"Oh, fuck, Mom, I'm gonna cum soon! Oh, shit, it feels so fucking

Kate sucked his prick as hard as she could, her whole face flushing
brightly, as she abandoned herself to the obscene pleasure of the
incestuous cock-sucking. Her right fist was a blur of motion as it
jerked up and down over the lower half of her son's stiff shaft. She
fondled his balls with her left. Cum, Marty, cum! she thought, sucking
and slurping harder and louder. Cum for your mother, baby! Shoot a big,
juicy load down my throat!

"UUUUUNNNNGHHHHHH, MOM! FUUUUCCK!" grunted Marty in the throes of

He held her head tightly as he jerked his hips off the couch, jamming
his swollen cockhead down his mother's tight gullet. Kate started to
gag on the pulsing thickness of his throbbing prick. Then the long-
awaited shower of sperm spewed out of the tip of Marty's cock.

It squirted and gushed into his mother's mouth, spattering across her
tongue, bathing her tonsils in a fountaining stream of hot, milky cum.
Kate made a wet gurgling sound of pleasure and she started swallowing
as fast as she could, urgently gulping down the jetting mouthfuls of
jizz. Again and again, Marty's thick, adolescent seed squirted out of
his cock-tip, causing his dick to twitch and jerk obscenely in his
mother's mouth as she greedily gulped down his creamy load.

"Uuuuuh, baby!" purred Kate at last, when she finally slid her hungry
mouth off his cock. "You really gave Mommy a meal there, didn't you? I
never even knew a man could hold so much cum in his balls!"

Marty just panted and sprawled on the couch, trembling from the
intensely pleasurable experience he'd just enjoyed with his own mother.
Kate's cunt started burning again as she stared hypnotically at his
prick. It was staying nice and stiff, she thought dazedly. More than
stiff enough to fuck her horny cunt.

"Marty, I don't think I've really relieved you yet," she sighed,
wantonly stroking his virile young cock. "You're still awfully stiff,
honey! Do you want to fuck Mommy's pussy now? I bet you do! Then you'll
feel relieved, won't you? When you shoot another big load of jizz up
Mommy's cunt."

Marty just nodded, his cock pulsing just as stiffly than ever at the
thought of fucking his mother's hot, juicy pussy. He remembered how her
tight little fuckhole had sucked at his finger like a tiny mouth, and
the thought of those tight, slippery cunt-muscles clutched around his
prick soon had the boy so eager to fuck his sexy mom, his balls began
to ache. Kate motioned for him to stay put as she rose to her feet.
Swiftly she pulled off her t-shirt. exposing her big, round, stiff-
nippled tits.

"Just sit right there, lover. Mommy's going to sit on your big, fucking
cock and help you cum."

Kate hurriedly mounted her son, her tits jiggling as she planted her
knees on the cushions to either side of his hips. With a lewd grin, she
reached between her slender thighs and eagerly took hold of Marty's
cock. Then she wiggled her ass downward, groaning as she felt cum-
smeared head of her son's cock push between the wet, swollen lips of
her cunt.

"Ohhhhh, Marty, it's so big and fat!" she gasped. She made sure his
huge cockhead was securely embedded in her juicy pussy, then put her
hands, on her son's shoulders and looked lustfully into his deep-blue
eyes. "Now... Fuck me, Marty! Fuck mommy's hot cunt good, lover!"

Feverishly Kate humped and wiggled her ass, sliding her clinging,
sucking pussy down onto the upthrust length of her son's huge prick.
Marty looked down, dazedly watching his thick, purple-veined cockshaft
disappear into the hairy wet slit of his mom's pussy. Kate grimaced as
her cunthole stretched wider and wider, forcibly accommodating the
boy's large prick. Finally, it was all the way inside her, throbbing
and twitching deep inside her belly. She had never felt so deliciously
full as she did right now, fully-impaled on her son's wonderful big
cock. Her pussy throbbed in time with his prick as Kate began to move
her hips, her brain reeling with pleasure at the realization of finally
fucking her own son.

"Oh, Marty, Mommy loves it!" she squealed. She held his shoulders
tightly as she humped her ass in a feverish rhythm, sliding her tight
little pussy rhythmically up and down his cock. "Please, Marty, fuck me
now! Oh, darling, my cunt's so hot! Fuck my pussy! Fill me with cum!"

Marty slid his hands down her slender waist, clutching the peach-shaped
globes of his mom's girlish, madly-humping ass. Then he jerked his hips
off the couch to meet the rhythm, thrusting his young cock in and out
of his mother's hotly clinging cunt.

"Harder, Marty! Fuck my pussy, harder! Mommy like to be fucked real
hard, baby!" grunted Kate feeling her son's cock-tip slamming against
the entrance of her very womb. She bucked her naked ass up and down
over his crotch in a frenzy of passion, pounding her wet, swollen cunt
onto her son's pile-driving cock as hard as she could. "Fuck me, fuck
me, fuck Mommy's cunt, Marty! Oh, fuck, your cock feels so good inside
me! Please, Marty, fuck my pussy as hard as you can!"

Marty picked up the speed of his fucking, groaning with pleasure as he
humped high and hard off the couch, ramming his cock up his mom's hairy
pussy-hole as deeply as he could. Her cunt felt ever bit as tight and
hot and wet as he'd imagined, and the way she was bouncing her ass all
over the place like some cheap, cock-starved slut really got him
excited. God, he was fucking his own mother and she was going crazy
with lust.

The ecstasy built steadily deep inside Kate's loins. She felt her erect
nipples tingling and her pink little asshole throbbing in and out as
Marty fucked her faster and faster, impaling her deliciously on the
satisfying stiffness of his prick.

"God! I'm gonna cum!" Kate squealed, her body shuddering stiffly. She
dropped her hand, shamelessly rubbing her clit as her son's huge prick
pounded solidly up into her cunt. "Harder, harder, harder! Fuck me,
honey, fuck my pussy! Oh, Marty, oh, shit, I'm getting so close! Fuck
your mother, Marty! Faster, fuck Mommy's horny cunt!"

Clutching her bucking asscheeks, Marty pounded his aching cock into his
mother's pussy as hard as he could. The room was filled with an obscene
litany of moans and groans and loud slurping noises as Kate's tight,
juicy pussy squished wetly around her son's huge prick, and Marty's
enormous erection probed the depths of his mother's womb. Then, with a
scream, Kate came like a rocket.

"Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! I'm cumming, baby! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Mommy's
cuuummmiiinnngggg!" Her pussy spasmed violently, spewing cunt-juice all
over the racing length of her son's pistoning cock.

Marty kept fucking her cunt as hard as he could, gasping as the second
load of jism exploded from his balls. It squirted deep inside his
mother's pussy, deluging her squirming cunt with a powerful stream of
jizz. Kate gasped in ecstasy as Marty emptied his balls into her fuck-
hole, filling her insides with a white torrent of hot thick sperm. She
kept humping wildly on top of her son, flexing her cunt-muscles around
his jerking, squirting prick, not even slowing until she had drained
his balls of the last drops of his teenage fuck-juice.

"Ohhh, God, Mom!" gasped Marty, his cock still deeply imbedded inside
his mother's softly twitching cunt. "That was fuckin' fantastic!"

"Ummmmmm, it sure was, baby!" grinned Kate. "You sure gave mommy one
hell of a fantastic fuck!"

Marty made his semi-hard cock twitch inside the tight grip of his
mother's cunt and smiled up at her boyishly.

"Want to do it again, Mom?" he asked.

"Uuuuuuh, baby! Can you?" Kate murmured, not quite believing that any
cock could recover so quickly, even a young teenager's.

"What do you think, Mom?" smiled Marty flexing his swelling prick
inside her again for added emphasis

"Ohhh, honey! I think I want you to fuck me again!" Kate gasped. His
cock was definitely growing and moving inside her horny pussy and it
felt absolutely wonderful.

Marty rolled his mother over onto her back and pulled her legs up over
his shoulders. Then, without another word he began to pound his long,
hard prick deep into her gooey pussy. It was filled with his sperm and
his mother's cunt-juice and felt a little less tight than before, but
Marty didn't mind, that simply meant he'd be able to last a lot longer,
and he wanted to fuck his gorgeous, sexy mother all night long if it
was possible.

Kate was in seventh heaven, her wonderful young hunk of a son was
fucking her like a stud stallion, really slamming his cock into her
cunt hard, the way she liked it... the way her husband never had. She
had to admit that her son was a better lover by far than her ex-
husband, and she had him all to herself, to fuck whenever she wanted.
And judging by Marty's insatiable efforts so far, Kate knew that she
wouldn't be able to go for long without her son's magnificent young
cock pounding her pussy.

The next night, Paul stayed over at Randy's house as planned, and
Alison found herself admiring her son's handsome young friend more and
more. Both boys were wearing tight jeans and T-shirts which showed off
their muscular young bodies to perfection. Alison was in a constant
state of arousal just being around them. Paul was absolutely gorgeous,
she thought. He was tall and athletic-looking with more than his share
of his mother Monica's good looks.

All through the evening, Alison found excuses to be with them. Paul
seemed to like her company, and Alison flirted with him shamelessly,
much to Randy's annoyance. After dinner, while Paul was taking a shower
Randy confronted his mother.

"Mom, what is it with you tonight?" he asked. "You've been all over
Paul like a rash."

"Don't tell me, Mommy's little baby is jealous?" teased Alison.

"Come on, Mom, be serious!" whined Randy. "You want to fuck Paul, don't
you? That's what all this cutesy stuff tonight was all about, wasn't

"Maybe I do," said Alison, "Would you mind if I did?... Fuck Paul, I

Randy thought about it for a second then gave his mother a lewd wink.

"I guess not, Mom," he grinned, pulling her into his arms. "As long as
I get my share."

Alison dropped her right hand to Randy's crotch and gave her son's
swollen cock-bulge a playful squeeze through his pants.

"Don't worry about that, honey," she murmured, "I'm so horny lately,
I've got more than enough to go around."

"So I noticed, Mom!" chuckled Randy, squeezing his mother's ass
suggestively. "Think we have time for a quick one before Paul get's out
of the shower?"

"I don't know, sweetheart, let's find out!" smiled Alison pulling her
son down the hallway towards her bedroom.

+ + + + +

Paul had intended to take a long, relaxing hot shower as he always did
at home, but on second thought decided to make it short and sweet. He
was only a guest here, and it wasn't polite to hog all the hot water.
Stepping out of the shower, Paul reached for the towel, Alison had left
him and leisurely dried himself off. His clothes were in Randy's room
so he wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the bathroom door.
He was halfway down the hall when he heard strange moaning noises
coming from the bedroom across from Randy's. `That's Mrs. Ross' room,'
he thought maybe she's sick or something.'

As Paul got closer, he noticed the door was slightly ajar and peeked
inside. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. Alison was stretched
out naked on her bed with Randy, equally naked, between his mother's
wide-stretched thighs, slamming his rock-hard cock into her bucking

"Jeeessus!" whispered Paul, under his breath. His friend was fucking
HIS mom too!

Paul stared wide-eyed as Randy continued to ram his mother's wet,
clinging cunt full of hard, teenage prick. As Paul stood there, rooted
to the spot, his own cock began to swell automatically at the sight, of
Randy's long glistening weapon pounding savagely into his gorgeous,
naked mother. Paul had always thought Mrs Ross was one hell of a foxy
lady, and now, seeing her getting fucked by her own son made his prick
ache with need. He thought of his own mother and wished he was home
right now, doing the same thing to her that Randy was doing to Alison.
But his mother was on a guilt trip and had refused to give in to his
requests that they have sex regularly. Paul watched in envy as his
friend really hammered it to his sexy, willing mother.

Randy soon had his mother on the brink of orgasm. The pleasure was so
intense that Alison had to cover her own mouth with her hand to stop
from squealing out as she normally did. She tried desperately to keep
silent as Randy pumped his cock vigorously into her spasming cunt, she
didn't want Paul to hear her over the noise of the shower. It wasn't
until after Randy's cock exploded in her cunt that Alison realized she
couldn't hear the shower running anymore!

"Shit!" she gasped, scrambling off the bed. "Quick! Paul's finished his

"Fuck!" exclaimed Randy, grabbing his jeans and shirt from the foot of
his mother's bed.

As the frantic pair dressed, Paul raced back to the bathroom and closed
the door. He waited until he heard them pass by outside, then opened
the bathroom door and went to Randy's room to dress, as if nothing had

The rest of the night, Paul couldn't stop staring at Alison. The sight
of her gorgeous, naked body stretched out under her son was etched into
his horny young brain. His cock was in a constant state of semi-
hardness just thinking about it. Alison seemed to notice it too. If he
wasn't mistaken, she was stealing sly little glances at the bulge in
his crotch every chance she got.

Randy suggested he and Paul get an early night since they had to make
an early start the next day. Reluctantly, Paul agreed. He much
preferred to stay up and talk to Randy's sexy mother, but Randy was

After almost an hour of tossing and turning, Paul was still wide awake.
His mind was filled with lewd fantasies of Randy's mother. He imagined
her sucking his cock, spreading those long, creamy legs wide to take
his cock in her juicy cunt, and bending over to let him ram his cock up
her gorgeous firm little ass. He was just about to jerk off with the
frustration of it all when he heard Alison's bedroom door open and the
light padding of footsteps heading down the hallway in the direction of
the kitchen. Without thinking, Paul got out of bed and followed, not
really knowing what he was going to say to her.

"Well, hello there, handsome," Alison said, smiling pleasantly as Paul
walked into the kitchen. "I thought you'd be dead to the world by now.
Can't you sleep?"

"Oh, I guess I've got insomnia," Paul mumbled, shrugging feebly as he
looked at Alison, trying desperately to think of something to say
besides what was going through his mind. She sat at the kitchen table
in a short terry robe, sipping a small glass of brandy. "I guess I was
kinda hoping you'd have milk in the fridge. That usually helps me get
to sleep."

"Why, certainly, honey. Just have a seat and I'll get you a glass."

Alison rose, glancing at Paul's crotch as she turned toward the
refrigerator. The youth's prick looked semi-swollen, and it was
obviously a big one. Alison had no way of knowing that Paul couldn't
sleep because he was thinking about her, or that he was horny and
frustrated because his mother, Monica had refused to have anything to
do with him sexually since their first torrid coupling days before. All
she knew was that the quick fuck with Randy earlier had not been near
enough to satisfy her. In fact, it just left a wet need pulsing in her
pussy. She was still very, very horny.

`No, I shouldn't!' Alison thought, hesitating as she opened the
refrigerator and pulled out the carton of milk. `It's bad enough that
I'm fucking my own son. I shouldn't seduce his friend too!' But her
pussy was throbbing out a different tune and Alison grew hornier by the
second as she thought of the delicious young cock bulging through
Paul's underwear only feet away.

With her back turned to Paul as she fetched a glass from the shelf,
Alison deliberately loosened the sash of her robe, so that when she
turned around, it would "accidentally" fall open.

"I can heat up the milk, if you want, Paul."

"No, that's okay." Paul sat on the chair in front of the table. "Hot or
cold, as long as it goes in my stomach."

Alison smiled sweetly as she turned back to him, carrying the carton
and glass. Paul's bulging eyes went straight to her body. The loose
robe now gaped open far enough so that he could see the inner slopes of
her large jiggling tits. God, even his mother didn't have tits as big
as those, though Paul.

"Th-thanks, Mrs. Ross," he mumbled.

She put the milk and the glass on the table, but remained standing in
front of him. She smiled as she watched Paul's eyes move down, seeing
her rounded belly through the partially-open robe, and the shadow of
her richly-furred cunt. Alison stole a glance at the boy's crotch. She
suppressed a sigh as she saw that her son's friend was growing a simply
enormous hard-on, a huge, pulsing shaft of flesh that bulged obscenely
through the crotch of his shorts.

"Don't you want your milk, Paul?"

"Uh... yeah! Sure, Mrs. Ross."

Paul's hands trembled as he picked up the glass and the milk carton,
his eyes remaining locked on the incredible body under the robe. He was
obviously already much too horny to concentrate on what he was doing.
Alison smiled as she watched him pour the milk half in and half out of
the glass, spilling it clumsily on his thighs and the floor.

"Aww, shit!"

"Ohh, Paul, you're making a mess." Alison stepped closer, feeling her
big, firm tits sway sexily under the terry robe. "Look at how you're
trembling, Paul. What are you so excited about?"

"N-n-nothing. Mrs. Ross."

"Paul," Alison said, in a softer voice. "Why are you staring at my body
like that?"

Paul gaped at her, his eyes opening wider as he distractedly put the
glass and carton back on the table.

"I... I wasn't... "

"Yes, you were, Paul." Alison smiled and stroked his hair. "You don't
have to be ashamed of it. It's natural for a boy your age to be curious
about a woman's body. Boys your age are usually quite horny. That's why
your cock is so stiff right now, isn't it, Paul?"

"I... I guess."

"Would you like to see more of my body, Paul" Alison asked softly.
"I'll take off my robe, if you want."

Paul managed to nod his head. Smiling seductively, Alison slid the robe
off her shoulders. The youth's jaw dropped open as he gazed at her
large, stiff-nippled tits, his eyes falling to the tiny triangle of
fleecy, dark-brown pubic hair that covered her pouty-lipped cunt. He
could even see the narrow pink slit of her pussy glistening wetly in
the light from the hallway.

"Oh, Jesus, Mrs. Ross!" Paul said excitedly.

"Oh, Paul, look at your cock!" Alison put her hand on her mouth in mock
surprise. She was loving every moment of this.

"Maybe I shouldn't have let you look at my body. Look at how stiff your
cock is now. It looks like you're about to burst right out of those

Totally embarrassed, Paul looked down at his crotch. She was right. His
prick was throbbing and twitching obscenely in his shorts, leaking out
so much pre-cum that the sheer fabric was stained with the milky juice.
Alison, couldn't help herself. She dropped to her knees in front of
Paul, and, grasping his shorts by the elastic waistband, swiftly yanked
them down over his hips. A moment later Paul was naked, his huge hard-
on pulsing and quivering in front of his stomach. Alison wrapped her
fingers around his cock and smiled lovingly into his eyes, jacking his
her fist rapidly up and down the long, thick shaft.

"Oh, fuck, Mrs. Ross!"

"Paul, I don't think you need a glass of milk after all," Alison
purred. "I think a good cocksucking to help you get to sleep is what
you need... Would you like me to suck this nice big prick of yours for
you, honey?"

"Please," Paul groaned. "Oh, please!"

Smiling at the horny boy, Alison slid her fist to the pulsing root of
his cock. Holding it tightly, she dropped her head into his crotch,
whimpering shamelessly as she thrust the first several inches of the
boy's long, throbbing hard-on between her lips.

His cock was huge and it tasted good, nearly as good as her own son's
cock. Alison closed her eyes, breathing heavily through her nose as she
compressed her stretched lips in a wet, ovaled circle around the veined
stiffness of Paul's hot young prick. Then she started sucking him hard,
puckering her full cheeks to increase the pressure around his cock-

"Oh, fuck, I can't believe this!" Paul gazed down at his friend's naked
mother in a trance, shocked but excited by the sight of Alison's lips
stretched around his cock.

"Suck it, Mrs. Ross!" He clutched her head and hunched his ass off the
chair, fucking his big cock between her lips. "Oh, shit, that feels so
good! Yeahhhh! Suck it hard! Suck the cum out of my prick!"

Alison forced her face farther down into his hairy young crotch,
wanting to suck in as much of his wonderful cock as she could take
without choking. Her hungry mouth made obscene slurping, smacking
sounds as she worked on the boy's throbbing erection. Pre-cum was
oozing heavily out of his fat, bloated cockhead, and Alison eagerly
swirled her tongue around the puffy knob, lapping up his drooling cock-
juice. It tasted great, and Alison couldn't wait for the boy to cum so
that she could sample more of his delicious young spunk.

Face flushed and breathing heavily, the naked mom started sucking and
jacking on Paul's prick much harder, rhythmically alternating between
puckering and bellowing her cheeks around his pulsing cock. Her tongue
laved and swirled around his cockhead, digging into his piss-slit,
determined not to miss a drop of his oozing pre-cum.

"Oh, shit!" Paul was pulling her hair now, humping his ass urgently off
the chair. "Suck harder, Mrs. Ross! Oh, fuck, you're gonna make me
blow! Yeahh! Yeahhh! Harder, make me cum in your hot fuckin' mouth!"

Alison sucked the boy's huge cock as hard as she could, her breath
whistling loudly through her nostrils as she sucked. Her right hand
tightened around the rigid shaft as she jacked her fist up and down the
portion of Paul's cock that wouldn't fit into her mouth. His seemed to
swell suddenly as she jerked on the shaft and sucked the bloated,
purple head to a to a hard, heavy rhythm. He's going to cum! Alison
thought happily, moving her left hand between his trembling thighs, she
cupped the warm hairy sac of his young balls and squeezed them gently.

"God! Fuck, I'm almost there!" Paul moaned. "Suck it, Mrs. Ross! Suck
it, please suck it, suck my fucking prick! Ahhhh, shit, I'm cumming!
Ahhhhhhhhh! Godddddd, yesssssss!"

His pulsing cock swelled to an incredible, bucking stiffness between
her lips, before suddenly erupting in a series of powerful, creamy
spurts that Alison's mouth to overflowing. She whimpered around Paul's
erupting prick and sucked and jacked it even harder, determined to get
every drop of his tasty young fuck-cream.

She had to swallow rapidly to gulp down all of his load, but she never
missed a drop. In fact, her pumping fist kept coaxing more prick-juice
out of his balls, until she'd finally lapped up the last traces of his
jism. Even after Paul had stopped ejaculating, Alison nursed loving on
his cock, sucking out the last of it. She had never been so hungry for
a man's cum before.

After a minute or two, Paul's cock began to deflate in her mouth, but
Alison kept up a gentle, insistent sucking action that soon stopped
that. His virile young prick began to swell again and within minutes,
it was almost as hard as before. Alison popped her lips off Paul's
rejuvenated organ and smiled dreamily up into his dazed young eyes.

"I'll bet you think I'm a pretty good cocksucker now, don't you, Paul?"
she purred, continuing to pump her fist feverishly up and down his
prick. "Think you can keep this big cock hard for me, lover? My cunt
got all wet from sucking you off. I'd really like you to fuck me!"

"Really?" Paul murmured enthusiastically. "Okay... where?"

"Let's do it right here on the floor, honey."

Paul looked confused. "But Randy might walk in on us."

Alison suppressed a giggle, remembering how hard her son had fucked her
earlier while Paul was in the shower. "He won't wake up, Paul. Believe
me. Now don't make me wait any longer. I'm so hot, darling. I really
need you to fuck me right now!"

Alison slid away from him, her huge tits jiggling provocatively as she
stretched out on her back on the floor. It would hurt her ass to hump
off the linoleum, but she was much too horny to care. Alison stared
hungrily at the naked youth's big stiff cock, wiggling her ass into a
good position, then spreading her legs wide to offer him her juicy,
hairy cunt.

"Fuck me, Paul," she said softly.

Paul slid off the chair, staring at her tight, wet pussy as he joined
the naked woman on the floor. Alison cocked her legs high in the air,
shamelessly opening her wet, horny pussy for the invasion of his prick.
Paul quickly mounted his friend's mother, supporting his weight on arms
outstretched beside her shoulders, his hard cock pulsing up and down
against her cuntmound.

"You've got gorgeous tits," he said breathlessly, staring down at her
large, firm breasts. Her fat nipples protruded stiffly with her desire.
"I swear, they're even bigger than my mom's..... ummm, I mean......"

His words trailed off into a feeble mumble, but Alison was too horny to
pay attention. Eagerly she grasped Paul's rigid cockshaft, pulling him
down with it, until she felt his big prickhead nudge between her

"Oh, Paul, it feels so big!! Fuck me with it, Paul! Fuck my hot pussy
with your big, fat prick!"

Paul pushed down eagerly, sinking his cock into her, and they both
moaned loudly as Alison's tight, slippery cunt sucked wetly around the
invading cockshaft. In and in, the long, thick shaft pushed, until
Alison's tingling cunt was stretched wide around the pulsing thickness
of the boy's cock. Paul let his elbows bend, crushing the horny
mother's big tits under his broad, muscular chest. Then he started
humping on top of her, fucking his rock-hard cock steadily in and out
of Alison's tightly, clinging cunthole.

"Faster, Paul! Fuck me faster!" Alison threw her arms around his
shoulders, shuddering as his long cock filled her with it's wonderful
thickness, "Ohhhh, yessss! Fuck my pussy, fuck my hot little pussy!
Unnnnhhh, fuck! Your cock is huge, baby! Ohhh, yeahhhhhh! Fuck it it
there! Fuck it in!"

She lifted her legs higher, then scissored her ankles together high
across his back. Madly, the naked mom bucked and humped off the floor,
feverishly pistoning her horny, drippy pussy onto the boy's big, womb-
probing prick. Paul fucked faster, his ass bucking and jerking,
spearing his cock expertly in and out of Alison's bucking pussy. She
was hunching her ass up off the floor with every thrust of his powerful
young prick, fuckin him back for all she was worth. Soon the naked mom
and her son's friend were fucking with wild abandon, the kitchen filled
with their moans and sighs, the sound of their bellies slapping
together, the squish-squish noise of her drooling pussy clinging to his
huge, pounding cock.

"Uuuuhhh! Harder, Paul! " Alison moaned at last, as her pussy spasmed
harder around his prick. "Oh, fuck, oh, shit, you're making me cum now!
God, I love your big cock, Paul! Oh, yes, fuck me good with it! Harder,
Paul, harder, I'm really gonna cum!"

Paul started fucking the horny, naked woman as fast as he could,
slamming his big cock into her upthrust cunthole, banging her asscheeks
onto the hard linoleum floor with every thrust. Alison's cock-stuffed
pussy had begun to suck and contract uncontrollably around his young
prickmeat and she knew she was on the verge of a very intense orgasm.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny cunt!" Alison chanted, whipping her ass
off the kitchen floor in a frenzy of illicit lust. "I'm cumming, Paul!
Oh, fuck, oh, shit, keep fucking my cunt! Harder, Paul! Ram it in! Fuck
me hard! Oohh! Ohhhhh! Ooooooooh! I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her tightly-stretched fuckhole spewed out cunt-juice, spasming and
rippling uncontrollably around the youth's pounding cock. Paul fucked
the mom's cumming cunt as fast as he could, moaning as his swinging
balls slapped the crack of her heaving ass. Suddenly Alison felt
another load of jizz spewing out of his prick, this time spurting and
splattering hotly, deep inside her pussy.

"Ohhhh, baby! Cum in me, Paul! Cum in my hot, fuckin' cunt!"

It was as big a load as the first one she had taken in her mouth. Paul
lunged and fucked wildly on top of her, his seemingly endless torrent
of creamy young sperm spraying into her ravished, clinging pussy.
Alison wrapped her arms and legs more tightly around the boy's bucking
body, continuing to fuck her clasping cunt onto his shooting cock. As
last of his jism jetted deep into her belly, Alison felt it oozing back
out of her hairy cunt-hole, puddling on the floor under her humping

Paul slid his cock out of her cream-filled cunt, making Alison giggle
as he quickly slid down her body to cup her enormous tits. Hungrily,
the youth fondled and sucked her breasts, taking turns slurping each of
her stiff, rubbery nipples deeply between his lips. Then Alison gasped
with surprise as he slid down farther, planting wet kisses on her
undulating belly, finally nuzzling his head between her thighs.

"Oh, Paul, you just shot so much cum in there. You don't really want to
lick my pussy now, do you, Paul?!.... Oh, Paul!.... Ooooh, that feels
good! Ohhh... yesssssss!"

The horny youth moaned as he rubbed his face in her wet, hairy, just-
fucked pussy, coating his cheeks with her sticky fuck-juices. Then he
thrust his tongue up Alison's cunt-hole and busily started lapping out
the tasty mixture of jism and cunt-juice that filled her hot, swollen
little slit to over-flowing He opened her pouting cuntlips with his
fingers, exposing the glistening, wet pinkness within. Alison whimpered
as his sluicing tongue licked closer and closer to her pulsating clit.

"Oh, God!" She clutched his head and started humping her ass again,
shamelessly fucking her throbbing pussy onto the boy's mouth. "That's
fantastic! You're gonna make me cum again, honey! Unnggghh! Suck my
clit, Paul! Put it in your mouth and suck it good and hard!"

Paul started licking the swollen, pulsing little bud with his tongue
and nibbling it gently with his lips, making Alison's thighs tremble as
waves of intense pleasure coursed through her incredibly-aroused body.
Finally the boy pursed his lips on her ultra-sensitive clit, sucking it
hard, at the same time, pumping his fingers in and out of her buttery

"Oh, fuck, Paul!" Alison felt her cunt contracting around fingers as
the second powerful climax with minutes flooded through her loins.
"You're making me cum, lover! Suck my clit! Fuck my cunt! Oh Jesus,
Paul! I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Alison's climax lasted even longer this time, crashing through her
quivering body until she thought she would pass out from sheer
pleasure. Paul kept licking and sucking and finger-fucking her until
she came down from her high, obviously loving the heavy flow of pussy-
cream that oozed out of her curly-haired cunt. He worked on her leaking
slit until he'd licked up every drop of her spendings, then rested his
head on her belly, his tongue lightly flicking her clit, like a
contented little puppy. She stroked his hair tenderly.

Paul had been a marvelous fuck, Alison thought happily. Almost as good
as her very own son. A horny little tremour passsed through her cunt as
she imagined having both of them fuck her at once. It was a totally
depraved idea and she wondered if the boys would be willing, but the
more Alison thought about it, the more she wanted to try it.

"Jesus, Mom," murmured Marty, sprawling naked beneath his mother on her
bed. "I never thought you'd be so fuckin' horny!"

"Unnnghhh! Don't talk, just fuck my pussy, Marty," Kate panted. "Fuck
Mommy's cunt with that big fat cock, baby! Make me cum, again!"

It was late in the morning, a good half-hour after Marty should have
left for his first class at school. Kate knew she would have to let her
son go soon, but in the meantime, she wanted his hard young cock
drilling her pussy until she couldn't cum any more!

They'd fucked for the very first time the night before, and Kate just
couldn't get enough of her son's virile young prick. He was as
insatiable as she was! Again and again, he'd fucked her cunt, well into
the early hours of the morning, and when Kate had woken him at seven
a.m. his young cock was still as long and as hard as a railroad spike!
Now she just wanted him to keep fucking her gooey little pussy, and
shooting her cunt full of hot teenage jizz.

The naked redhead mom was was on top of her son now, her knees on the
bed to either side of his slim hips, clutching his shoulders as she
bounced her insatiable pussy up and down on his erect prick, her juices
making Marty's thick, bloated shaft glisten in the early morning light
streaming through the bedroom window.

Marty's cock was still extremely stiff, despite all the loads of cum
he'd emptied into her pussy. A young stud like her son could obviously
keep his cock hard all day and all night, at least that's what Kate
hoped, anyway.

"Harder, Marty!" Kate pleaded. Her voice cracked with passion as she
quickened the speed of her humping, shuddering as she pistoned her
tight, clinging pussy up and down on her son's erect prick. "Mommy
wants another cum, lover! Oh yeahhhh, Marty! Keep fucking me! Fuck my
hot little pussy as hard as you can, baby!"

Marty stared down at the juncture of their naked, writhing bodies,
excitedly watching his juice-slickened cock sliding deeply in and out
between the clasping lips of his mother's tight, fur-lined little
pussy. He slid his hands down from her jiggling tits and gripped the
madly-humping globes of her ass. Then he started humping much harder
beneath her, ramming his huge cock up into the clinging heat of his
naked mom's eager fuck-hole until Kate thought she'd faint with sheer

"Oooooohhhhhh, God! Yesss, Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Kate chanted,
her cute young-looking, face contorting with obscene incestuous
pleasure as her hungry pussy sucked and spasmed around his monstrously
engorged young prick. "Unggghhh! Mommy's cumming again, Marty! Oh,
please fuck me, darling, harder, harder! Oh, fuck, I'm cumming again!
Yessss, baaabby, Mommmmyyyyy's Cummmiiinnnggg!"

Kate's creaming pussy literally sucked her son's pounding prick into
her body, rippling and contracting around every inch of the his huge,
glistening shaft. Enjoying the power of being able to bring his horny,
naked mom to orgasm so often, Marty fucked her hard and fast, slamming
his long, hard prick deep up into his mother's quivering fuckhole,
guiding her through the peak of her orgasm.

But when the spasms finally subsided, Kate realized that her boy hadn't
shot another hot load into her pussy. A lewd smile spread across her
face as she realized she would have to use her mouth to suck out
another load of hot, creamy jizz from his young balls.

"You didn't cum that time, Marty," she purred, lifting her leg to slide
her wet, clinging pussy off his cock. "I guess you want me to make you
cum with my mouth again, huh?"

Marty just smiled up at his mom, his enormous hard-on twitched over his
stomach, the fat cock-knob swollen and red, the ridged veins throbbing
with his heartbeat. Drops of milky pre-cum oozed out of his piss-slit
in a little white trail. Kate could smell her own musky cunt-juice
which covered Marty's cock from balls to tip in a bright, glistening
sheen. The very thought of letting that wonderful, tasty young prick
slide down her throat had Kate's pussy throbbing like crazy. Her own
son had the most suckable cock she'd ever seen in her life.

"Sit up on the edge of the bed, Marty. Mommy's going to suck you off!"

Marty did as she asked, sitting up so that his huge prick rose stiffly
out of his lightly-haired young crotch. Kate's mouth was already
watering as she slid to her knees on the floor and gazed hungrily at
the shiny, throbbing hardness of her son's huge erection. She wrapped
her fingers around the base, squeezing hard, then started to jack on
it. She moaned as she watched more tasty young teenage spunk bubble out
of her son's huge, stiff organ.

"Come on, Mom! Suck it!" Marty moaned excitedly. "Please suck my cock!"

"You don't have to beg me, darling." Kate giggled. "You know how much
Mommy loves to suck you off!" With a lewd grin, she lowered her head to
Marty's crotch, moaning all the way down in lustful anticipation.

Kate opened her mouth as wide as she could and wrapped her full, red
lips around the hard, meaty cock-shaft. It was so thick and swollen,
Kate wondered if she'd be able to get it all into her mouth. It would
be a battle, but one she would enjoy nonetheless. She shut her eyes,
concentrating on the feel and taste of her son's big prick. She could
taste her own pussy-juice on it, and it made her even hornier to think
that she was sucking on a cock that had just finished fucking her cunt.

Swallowing as much of the huge pole as she could without choking, Kate
immediately started sucking her son's cock as hard as she could. Marty
made little whimpering sounds of pleasure and humped his ass off the
bed, fucking his aching cock through his mother's tightly-pursed lips.
Kate slurped and licked and sucked, loudly and wetly, the sounds of her
incestuous cock-sucking filling the bedroom. She bobbed her head on his
crotch, as Marty greedily fucked her face with his huge, stiff prick.

"Yeahhhh, Mom, suck that cock, baby!" Marty panted, as his cock swelled
even stiffer between her lips. "God, what a mouth! Unnnhhhh! Ohhhhh!
Wowwwwww! Oh, fuck, Mom, I think I'm gonna cum now! I'm really getting

Kate feverishly sucked her son's pulsing cock even harder, her freckled
cheeks reddening brightly with the torrid energy of the wanton,
incestuous act she was performing. It may be wrong, she thought, but it
was the best feeling in the world!

She tightened her fingers around the root of his prick and commenced a
furious hand-job on the bottom half of Marty's cock, her fist pumping
in a blur up and down his lust-swollen shaft. Pre-cum oozed more freely
out of his cock-tip now and Kate knew he was truly going to cum any
second. Shamelessly, she swirled her tongue around his cock-head,
lapping every tasty drop of milk that emerged from her son's prick.

"Ooooooohhhhhh! Mom, I'm cumming! Fuck! I'm cummiinnngg!"

Marty's cock erupted like a volcano, squirting huge, thick jets of
sperm into his mother's hotly-sucking mouth. Kate slurped and swallowed
happily, relishing the taste and texture of her son's spewing jizz, and
she moaned in ecstasy as his huge creamy load spurted out over her
tongue and down her throat, warming her belly with it's sticky
thickness. Kate kept sucking for a long time after she'd milked out the
last of his young spunk, knowing that it was her last chance for sex
with her son that morning. Although she didn't want him to leave, Kate
realized she would have to let him go to school or questions would be

"Keep thinking dirty thoughts, darling, and we can have more fun when
you get home from school this afternoon" she purred, licking the last
of the cum from her mouth as Marty reached for his clothes.

"You fuckin' bet I will, Mom!" he grinned, staring down at Kate's
drooling, glistening cuntslit.

Ten minutes later, Marty left for school with a note for the principal.
Kate didn't bother getting dressed. It wasn't worth the trouble when
she was this horny. She knew she would only spend the rest of the day
finger-fucking anyhow, thinking constantly of the incredible feelings
of lust that the feel and taste of her own son's prick instilled in

He'd still had an enormous hard-on in his jeans when he'd walked out
the door, Kate remembered with a mischievous chuckle. She wondered if
any of his female teachers would have trouble lecturing a young stud
with such an appetizing cock bulge in his pants.

+ + + + +

"Unnngggh! God!" Monica panted. "Uuuuuhh! I'm so hot! I wish you were
here to fuck me, baby! Oooh, Pauly! I need your big cock, lover! Unh,

The gorgeous, blonde mom lay sprawled naked on her living-room couch,
her pretty cheeks flushed bright-red with shame and passion as she
rubbed her hot, burning pussy-slit, stabbing her fingers into her gooey
wet fuckhole as fast as she could. Her fingers felt nice but she needed
a cock... Paul's cock. She imagined her tall, handsome young son was
between her legs now, fucking her with his long, thick teenaged prick,
sending her through orgasm after orgasm, until she couldn't cum
anymore. God she felt horny! She'd missed him badly when he'd spent the
night at her friend Alison's house.

Out of misplaced guilt, Monica had refused to let her son fuck her
again after that first time, but it wasn't for lack of desire. The more
she remembered how good her own son's cock had felt up her pussy, the
more she thought she would go out of her mind with lust for him. She'd
never thought she could be this horny. She hadn't let Paul touch her
again, and hardly even spoke to him, yet all she could think about was
his huge, throbbing teenage cock at full erection!

He'd actually wanted to fuck his own mother! Every time she voiced the
words to herself, her pussy grew unbearably wet and hot. Monica had
lost count of how many times she'd masturbated herself to totally
unfulfilling orgasms in the past several days. She'd always felt
ashamed of playing with her pussy, but now she simply couldn't help it.
There was little doubt that she would soon be eagerly spreading her
legs for her son again if she didn't do something to relieve her lust.
No amount of finger-fucking could take the place of a big, hard cock.

"Oh, Paul!" Monica gasped, biting her lip and digging three fingers
deep inside her gaping cunthole. "OH, FUCK! UHHHHH! UUUUUNNNGGGHHHHHH"

The violent orgasm made her ass buck wildly off the couch, her cunt-
juice spewing hotly onto her rapidly-fucking fingers. When it subsided,
the naked mom was still as horny as ever. Wearily, she slid off the
sofa, brushing her wavy, golden-blonde hair out of her eyes, her big,
firm tits jiggling as she strode across the room. The living room
curtains were parted just enough for her to see the street. Monica shot
a casual glance at the sidewalk, and then saw something that made her
stop in her tracks.

It was Kate Sanders' son, Marty, apparently late for school and walking
fast. Monica's hungry eyes went straight for his crotch. Her lips
parted in surprise, and a feverish new passion flooded into her cunt.
Why, the little bastard was walking to school with a big hard-on in his
pants! Monica's blue eyes homed in on Marty's crotch, there was no
doubt that the boy was toting around an extremely stiff, bulging prick!

Monica's face flushed, and she started breathing hard. Don't do it! she
told herself, but the warning was ignored. She was just TOO horny!
She'd lost all control over her lust. She'd go mad if she didn't get
fucked this morning... damn the consequences!

"Marty!" Monica called. She pressed herself against the wall beside the
window, poking her head out just far enough so that he wouldn't be able
to tell she was naked.

"Hi, Mrs Walsh!" said Marty, trying desperately to hide his hard-on
with his school bag.

"Um, Marty, could you please come in here for a minute?"

Marty stopped and turned on the sidewalk, looking worried. "I can't!
I'll be late for school."

"You're already late. Just please come in here, Marty. It's important."

Marty paused, shrugged, then walked up the path to her house. Red-faced
and trembling, Monica stood naked in the hall, in front of the door.
There was no point in putting on clothes, not when she was inviting him
in for only one reason, and by the size of his cock-bulge, young Marty
was thinking about the same thing. Her nipples were painfully stiff,
and her pussy was so hot and wet that she could feel her cunt-juices on
her inner thighs. It was shocking and horrible and sinful to confront a
16-year-old boy like this, but it didn't matter. Monica wasn't going to
let either Marty or Marty's cock out of her house until he gave her the
fuck of her life.

Marty opened the door and stepped into the hall. His jaw dropped open
as he gaped at the beautiful, naked woman standing before him.

"Jesus Christ!!" he managed to breathe.

"Shut the door," Monica whispered.

Marty reflexively kicked the door shut behind him. Then he leaned
against it, his eyes bulging as they moved up and down Monica's
incredible body. Monica watched his cock-bulge swell even more stiffly
as he gazed at her long, sleek legs and hairy pussy triangle, his eyes
then rising to the firm, creamy tits that were so big for her
delicately-boned torso.

Monica didn't give him a chance to look for long. She had already
dropped to her knees in front of him, her hands trembling as she
reached for his belt buckle.

"What the fuck....." Marty yelped.

"Shut up and let me see your cock!" muttered Monica, a wild, crazy look
of lust in her eyes. All sense of reality was gone for her, now. All
that mattered was getting her hands on this gorgeous young stud's hard

Marty instinctively tried to step back, but Monica held him still as
she unbuckled and unzipped his jeans, then yanked them roughly down to
his ankles. To Monica's delight, Marty wore no underwear. His stiff,
proud cock sprang out and slapped obscenely against her cheek. It was
just as big as her son's, and Paul's cock was enormous. The pussy-juice
literally dribbled out of her cunt as she wrapped her fingers around
the root of Marty's prick, jacking the thick, blue-veined shaft firmly
with her fist.

"Mrs. Walsh!" Marty gasped. "What're you... "

"I told you to shut up," Monica hissed.

She jacked his cock harder and faster, shuddering as she watched the
milky pre-cum dribble out of his cock-tip.

"I want to know why you're walking around town with a hard-on, Marty,"
she panted. "Don't you know how disgusting your big cock looks when
it's sticking out like that? You're a dirty, filthy, horny young man,
aren't you? You can't even keep yourself from having a big, stiff,
fucking cock when you go to school!"

Monica was practically babbling out the words now, pumping his
incredibly stiff erection as hard as she could. Marty moaned and
slumped back against the door. He didn't know why this gorgeous naked
woman was suddenly jerking on his cock, and he didn't care... he just
prayed that she wouldn't stop!

"Why, I think the reason your cock is so stiff is that you need someone
to suck it for you," Monica panted. "Isn't that right, you horny
bastard? You do want your cock sucked, don't you, Marty? You need it
sucked, because you need to shoot out a big load of cum!"

"Oh, Mrs. Walsh! Oh, please... "

"It looks like I'll have to suck your cock for you, Marty. You know I
can't let you walk to school with your big, fat prick sticking out like

Monica dropped her face into his crotch, pressing her lips on the
spongy tip of his cock in a wet sucking kiss. Marty groaned, his prick
pulsing harder than ever. The shameful, horny mom let her mouth open,
sucking several inches of the boy's cock into her mouth. She nearly
choked herself on it in her eagerness to fill her mouth with every inch
of his magnificent young cock. Monica finally stopped jamming her head
down when she had over two thirds of his thick fuckmeat stretching her
lips. Her cheeks flushed even brighter as she puckered them inward,
increasing the milking pressure around his cockshaft. Then she wantonly
started sucking and slurping on the youth's tasty prick, the gurgling,
smacking sounds of the blow-job bubbling obscenely out of her lips.

"Oh, Jesus! Mrs. Walsh! Yeahhhhh!" Marty leaned back against the door
for support and looked down dazedly at her gorgeous, big-titted body,
then at her full, red lips nursing feverishly on his prick

"Suck it, Mrs. Walsh!" He dropped his hands, filling them with the
golden tresses of her long, wavy, blonde hair. "Suck harder! Oh,
yeahhhhhh, baby, suck my big fat cock! Suck it!!"

Monica was going to tell him to shut up again, but she was too busy
slurping insatiably on her young lover's prick. His hard-on throbbing
in her mouth was intensely satisfying, fulfilling the lewd hunger that
had possessed her for the past several days. I love giving blow-jobs,
Monica realized as she bobbed her face feverishly over his jizz-oozing
prick. The only thing that could possibly be better than sucking a
stiff cock was having one rammed deep inside her cunt, and she intended
to make him do exactly that before the morning was out.

Harder and harder she sucked, alternating between puckering and puffing
her cheeks around the swollen thickness of his hard young fucker.
Marty's cock grew even stiffer between her lips, pulsing against the
roof of her mouth. Monica's tongue laved and lapped his heart-shaped
cock crown, slurping up all of his oozing pre-cum.

"Uuuuuhhhhhh! I'm gonna cum!" Marty moaned, suddenly. He pulled her
hair and rocked his hips, fucking her face with his prick. "Suck it,
suck it good! Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum now! Suck my cock, Mrs. Walsh!
I'm cum down your hot fuckin' throat!"

Monica's pussy itched for attention as she imagined the hot cum that
would soon be spraying her tonsils. His young cock would throb
violently and jerk inside her mouth as his furry balls spat out their
creamy load. Her eyes tightly closed, panting through her nose for air,
Monica sucked Marty's cock as hard as she could. Her fist pumped madly
up and down his thick cockshaft, urgently milking his prick up to her
sucking mouth. Finally she thrust her left hand between his legs,
cradling his cum-swollen balls and squeezed them gently.

"I'm cumming, Mrs. Walsh!.. UHHHHHNNNNGGHHH! FUUUUUCCCKKK!!""

His cock throbbed violently in her mouth, twitching twice before
ejecting his huge, pent-up load in a series of powerful jets that
filled her mouth to over-flowing. Monica swallowed as fast as she could
but it wasn't enough, some of Marty's sperm dribbled out around his
cockshaft and ran down her chin. She scooped it up and used the creamy
fluid to lubricate the lower half of his long cock with her fist.

Monica whimpered happily around Marty's spurting hard-on, sucking and
jacking as hard as she could. For what seemed like ages, sperm spewed
out of his cock-tip, but Monica didn't let his long, glistening fuckrod
slide out of her mouth until she'd nursed down every last drop of his
delicious cock-cream.

"Oh, fuck, that was good!" Marty sighed, leaning against the door on
trembling legs.

Monica sat back on her knees, her eyes wide with crazy desire, the
boy's cum smeared obscenely around her mouth. She stared, hypnotized by
the sight of Marty's huge cock. She watched as it slackened slightly,
then as he ran his own eyes over her naked tits and pussy it started to
swell again. Monica reached out and stroked the boy's cock. She
couldn't believe it. He was almost back to full erection, in less than
five minutes! Soon the incredibly long prick was once more pulsing
obscenely in front of her face.

"What's wrong with you, Marty?" she demanded suddenly. "Your hard-on's
not going down at all. Why doesn't your cock stop being so stiff,
Marty? I hope you don't expect me to suck it for you again."

Marty just leaned against the door, unable to believe the naked woman's
behavior, yet excited by her gorgeous body. He wondered if she'd let
him fuck her. The thought of sticking his aching cock into her horny
cunt was enough to make him want to jump her on the spot, but he didn't
know what she'd do. Maybe she was a prick-tease who only gave blow-jobs
to passing boys and then, when they were horny as hell to fuck her,
made them leave. Marty decided to let her make the first move, she
seemed a little crazy.

Monica's pussy burned as she started jacking his prick again,
shuddering as she felt her saliva and his cum slipping under her
fingers as she fisted his swollen cockshaft.

"Oooooh Marty, honey... You're as hard as a rock again! I know you
can't go to school with a hard-on like this."

"There's a better way you can make me cum, Mrs Walsh," Marty offered,
staring suggestively between the naked woman's open thighs.

"Why, Marty! I think you want to fuck me now. Isn't that right. Marty?
You want to fuck my tight little pussy and shoot another big load of
cum. Will that make your poor stiff prick go down?"

Marty gulped, nodding swiftly. Monica was much too horny to bother
going into the bedroom, or even onto the living room couch. Her pussy
was throbbing so hard she could barely stand it. She needed the kid to
drill her right now, right here on the floor.

"Oooohhh, Marty! Yesssss! Sucking you off made me so horny! Fuck me now

The naked mom stretched out on her back on the hallway carpet, wiggling
her peach-shaped asscheeks into a solid humping position on the rug.
Staring at Marty's big cock, she lifted her long legs and spread them
wide-apart, completely opening her curly-haired pussy for the invasion
of his prick.

"What are you waiting for, baby? I told you, you could fuck me, didn't
I? So why don't you get down here and put it inside me, then? Go ahead
and fuck my pussy, you horny little bastard. Come on, Marty, my pussy's
all ready for your cock. Fuck me, please!"

Marty dropped to his knees, his cock throbbing more stiffly than ever
as he stared in lust and wonder at the incredible curves of her body.
Holding his prick in his hand, he leaned over the woman, fitting his
cum-leaking cock-knob between the pouting, curly-haired lips of her
drippy slit. Monica moaned long and loud as she felt his long thick
pole pushing into her clasping cunt.

"Oh, fuck!" Monica started humping immediately, wiggling and bucking
her ass off the floor, trying to shove her tight, gooey pussy onto the
youth's probing prick. "It feels good, Marty! You've really got a big
cock, don't you? Unngghhh! Oh, shit, fuck my pussy with it, Marty! Go
ahead, you horny little bastard! Fuck my cunt with your big fat prick!"

Marty sprawled on top of her, sinking his aching cock deeply into her
hairy fuck-hole, flattening her big, quivering tits under his eager
young chest. By then, Monica was humping like a horny whore, groaning
and whimpering as Marty pistoned his huge prick deep up into her hungry
cunt. He kept fucking her steadily, drilling his cock deeper and deeper
into her drooling fuck-slit until he was buried to the balls in her

"Fuck me! Ohhhhhhh, yessssss, fuck me!" Monica hissed, her eyes wide
with lust.

She threw her long legs around his back, scissoring her ankles
together. Her blushing asscheeks hunched up off the floor in a steady,
driving rhythm, grinding her tightly-sucking pussy onto his cock. Marty
started pounding her harder, moaning as he rammed his rock-hard prick
into the creamy, clinging tightness of her horny upthrust cunt.
Gradually the speed of his fucking quickened. Monica's gorgeous face
contorted into a grimace of utter ecstasy as Marty's big cock fucked
her hard and fast, slamming her ass into the floor with every skewering
thrust of his young prick.

"Unnhhhggghhh, Harder! Fuck me harder, you gorgeous young bastard!"

Monica's tight little pussy had begun to itch and burn, contracting
uncontrollably around the pistoning shaft of his cock. The pleasure
flowing through her loins was incredibly intense. She could have played
with her pussy all day without ever feeling like this. There really was
nothing in the world like hot, hard teenage cock, she thought dreamily.
An image of her son flashed through her mind and Monica moaned in
ecstasy, suddenly wishing it was Paul's big thick cock in her cunt
instead of Marty's.

Harder and harder, Marty fucked her tight, slippery pussy, panting into
her shoulder as he drilled her throbbing cunt with long, powerful
strokes that made her big tits shake and quiver with every thrust. His
long cock reached the innermost depths of her pussy, probing all the
way up to her womb. Monica humped mindlessly beneath him, fast and
hard, tossing her head from side to side as the indescribable pleasure
of orgasm built to a crashing climax deep in her cunt.

"I'm gonna cum!" she gasped. her voice shaking with desire. "Unnggghhh!
Jesus! Fuck me, you bastard, fuck my pussy! Oh, shit, oh fuck, fuck,
fuck! Nearly there lover, nearly there! Fuck my cunt, Marty!
Ooooohhhhh, yessss... yesssssss, I'M CUMMMMMIIINNNGGGGGG!"

The spasms pounded through her naked body, making her asshole contract
and her hot, pulsing pussy spew fuck-oils around the shaft of Marty's
pounding prick. Marty kept fucking her cunt as hard as he could,
gasping as his jism seemed to boil in his balls. Finally he came too,
his jerking cock letting loose another load of sperm out of his aching
balls, this time into her quivering, cumming cunt. It gushed and
streamed into Monica's ravished pussy, deluging her spasming cunt-hole
with a flood of hot creamy spunk.

Monica moaned and whimpered, humping tirelessly beneath the energetic
boy, gasping with satisfaction as the sticky load gushed into her cunt.
It blasted deep inside her pussy, soothing the itchy walls with a
coating of thick, slippery cream.

Jesus I'm a horny bitch! Monica thought as she flexed her cunt-muscles
around his deeply-imbedded cock, milking Marty's cock for all she was
worth. There was no longer any question of her having sex with her son
again. She would let Paul fuck her as soon as he came home from school.

"I'm home, Mom!" Paul said cheerfully, as he walked through the front
door that afternoon. "Guess what! Timmy got the most bitchin' deal on
this hot set of wheels, and... oh, Mom!"

"Take off your pants, Paul!" his mother panted.

Monica was sitting up on the living room couch, still completely naked,
wiggling her ass on the edge of the cushions as she rammed two long,
stiff fingers into her wet, hairy pussy as fast as she could. The
feverish fucking and sucking she'd enjoyed with young Marty Sanders
earlier that day had just made Monica hornier. It was useless to try to
resist her wanton need for Paul now, so she wasn't going to try. Her
unbearable lust could only be satisfied by fucking her very own son!

Paul walked up to the couch, his jaw dropping open as he watched his
gorgeous, naked mother jacking herself off right in front of him.
Monica was so far gone, she could only stare at her son's crotch,
quivering with need as she watched his young cock growing big and hard
in his tight blue jeans.

"I said take off your pants, Paul," Monica panted. "I know you want to
fuck me again, don't you? You can't do it with your pants on, baby."

"But, Mom!... I... I thought you didn't want to... "

"I changed my mind," Monica interrupted, her voice trembling with lust.
"I'm so horny, Paul. I've been thinking about you all day. Now, please,
baby, strip for Mommy. I want you to fuck me with that big, fat cock of
yours sooooo much!"

Gaping at his Mom's gorgeous body, the horny youth started ripping off
his clothes as fast as he could. Soon he was as naked as his mother,
his long, thick teenage cock throbbing stiffly in front of him like a
steel bar. Monica quickly leaned forward, reaching out for his prick.
Then something made her pause as she lowered her head to suck greedily
on his rampant young cock.

"Why, Paul!" Monica held his throbbing cock, sniffing several times.
Her face clouded with anger. "Your cock smells like pussy, Paul! Who
have you been fucking besides me?"

"No one, Mom" Paul lied, blushing as he remembered the quick fuck he'd
enjoyed with Randy's mother, Alison, that morning before Randy woke up.

"Don't lie to me, Paul!" Monica said harshly. "I know what pussy smells
like." She started jacking his cock so hard it hurt. "Who did you fuck,
Paul? I know some other horny little slut got your cock up her cunt,
today... Who was it?!"

"Well, you said you weren't gonna do it with me anymore!" Paul said
defensively. Then he lowered his eyes in embarrassment. "So Randy's
mother did."

"Alison Ross?" Monica sputtered indignantly. "Why, that miserable
little whore! How dare she seduce my very own son? And you ought to be
ashamed of yourself, Paul. How dare you fuck another woman's cunt?"

"I'm sorry," Paul mumbled.

"Show me how sorry you are, Paul... lick Mommy's pussy!" Monica said
suddenly, forcing herself to release his stiff cock. "That's how I'll
let you make it up to me. You're too old to put over my knee, so I'll
make you lick my cunt instead."

Paul didn't look particularly disturbed by his mother's suggested
punishment. He smiled at his mom, licking his lips as he dropped to his
knees in front of the couch. Monica spread her legs as wide as she
could, planting her feet on the edges of the cushions. Her ass wiggled
in lustful anticipation as Paul kissed his way up her naked inner thigh
towards her juice-filled cunt.

"Uuuuhhhhhh! That feels good, Paul. Lick it now. Lick Mommy's hot, wet
little pussy and make me cum!"

Paul kept kissing his way up her soft, creamy-white inner thigh, until
his lips touched the pouty, swollen lips of his mother's fur-lined
cunt-slit. He pressed his tongue into her gooey fuck-opening, making
his horny mom whimper and buck her ass excitedly off the couch. Eagerly
Paul started licking and kissing his mom's juicy pussy, hungrily
lapping the musky-smelling fuck-juices from her tasty cunt-slit.

"Did you like fucking that little slut Alison's pussy?" Monica asked,
exciting herself with her own jealousy. "You liked her big tits, didn't
you? Aren't Mommy's tits big enough for you, Paul?"

Paul didn't answer. He was too busy licking and sucking her wetly-
gaping pussy, his cock throbbing stiffly as he savored the taste and
fragrance of his mother's highly-aroused cunt. Monica slid her fingers
though her damp pussy curls, spreading her swollen cunt-lips wide for
her son's probing tongue, giving him free access to the bright, wet
pinkness of her inner pussy, and the swollen, pulsing bud of her clit.

"Does Alison's pussy taste as good as mine, baby?" she panted. "I'll
bet she hasn't got a nice, tight cunt like mine, does she, Paul? Did
the horny slut suck your cock, too? I bet she did!"

Paul just kept on licking hungrily, as if he were starved for the musky
cunt-juice oozing from his mother's pussy. His tongue moved higher and
higher up her glistening wet slit, inevitably finding her erect clit.
Monica instantly bucked much harder, clutching her son's head with her
free hand. Desperately she tried to hold him so that he would be forced
to keep the pressure on her hot, throbbing clitoris.

"Suck my clit, Paul!" she gasped, her naked body trembling with
obscene, incestuous desire. "Oh, fuck, baby! God, I'm so horny now!
Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh, please, darling! Suck Mommy's clit!"

Paul kept licking her sensitive little love-bud, sucking it
momentarily, then lapping the underside with the flat of his tongue.
Finally he took her clit between his lips and sucked it right into his
mouth. He used just the right amount of suction, slurping on it with
puckered cheeks, his tongue continuing to massage the underside of the
throbbing little bud until his horny mother went crazy with pleasure.

"Oh, fuck, Paul! Yessssss! That's it, that's right! Ooooooooohh, Jesus!
Suck me! Suck me, you gorgeous little fuck......"

Monica clutched her son's head with both hands, moaning and panting as
the fuck-lust built dramatically in her loins. His mouth was working
wonders on her clit, but she desperately needed something rammed up
inside her hotly quivering cunthole.

"Unnngghhh! Paul, honey! Finger-fuck me, darling! Stick your fingers up
Mommy' cunt, baby!

Paul straightened two fingers and thrust them eagerly into the hot,
clasping interior of his mom's creamy cunt, fucking her aching fuck-
hole hard and fast as he rammed his knuckles into her puffy outer cunt-
lips. All the time, his tongue kept licking and his lips kept sucking.
Monica's beautiful face contorted with intense pleasure as she felt
herself starting to cum.

"Suck me! Suck your mother!" she cried, her voice rising into a wail of
raw lust. "Mommy's cumming, Paul! Suck me, suck me..... Oh, fuck, I'm

Monica's pussy spasmed violently, her fuck-juices oozing onto her son's
hand, her clit pulsing uncontrollably between his lips. Paul kept
licking and finger-fucking his sex-starved mom, guiding her through the
full force of her orgasm. Finally he rose from his knees, and Monica
stared straight at his huge, throbbing cock.

"I want to fuck you now, Mom," he panted. His face looked pained.
"Please, my cock's so fucking stiff, it feels like it's going to start
shooting cum all over the floor. I'm sorry I fucked Alison. Please,
please, Mom, let me fuck your pussy now!"

Monica's horny cunt throbbed harder than ever as she stared at her
son's enormous cock, throbbing obscenely in front of her.

"Alright, Paul," she whispered, so highly aroused that she was hardly
aware of her own voice. "You did a good job of sucking my pussy. I
guess I forgive you for letting Alison play with your cock. You can
fuck me now, if you like."

She twisted sideways on the couch, again lifting and spreading her legs
as high and wide as she could. Paul stared at his mom's big, firm tits
and then at her pink, furry fuck-hole. His cock pulsed harder than ever
as he imagined how good her tight, slippery pussy would feel around his

Paul climbed onto the couch over his naked mom, his young cock jerking
stiffly over her belly as he moved into position on top of her. Monica
gazed down the valley between her swollen, stiff-nippled tits,
excitedly watching her son fit his big, purple cockhead into her cunt.
She watched enthralled as his hard young prick slid easily into her
well-lubricated fuckhole, spreading the walls of her pussy to bursting
around the incredible thickness of his meaty cock-shaft.

"Ooohhhhh, God, that feels good, baby!" Monica lifted her legs even
higher, draping her ankles over his shoulders, eagerly humping her
tight ass up off the couch at him. "Yeahhhh, all the way in, Paul! Fuck
Mommy's pussy good and deep with your big, hard cock!"

Paul leaned heavily into his mom's juicy pussy, looking down too,
watching his cock disappear into the pouting, sucking lips of her
juice-filled twat. He kept his shoulders up on outstretched arms,
watching his mom's big, firm tits bounce rhythmically as he started
fucking in and out of her cunt. Monica felt her tits jiggling too, as
she humped her ass up shamelessly to meet her son's solid pumping

"Fuck your mother, fuck your mother!" she chanted as her pussy sucked
harder around his probing prick. "Faster, Paul! Oh, shit, you've got
such a big cock, baby! It's all the way up Mommy's cunt! Uuuuuuhhhh,
yesssss, Paul, screw me with your big, beautiful cock, lover!"

Paul fucked his naked mom hard and fast, staring at her bouncing tits,
groaning as her tight pussy sucked the straining stiffness of his
pounding prick. Feverishly, Monica humped her ass to meet her boy's
powerful strokes, grimacing with pleasure every time he rammed her
pussy full of long, hard teenage cock.

"Harder, Paul!" she gasped, as her cunt clasped his cock. "Paul, Mommy
needs to cum again now! Please, Paul, please fuck the shit out of me!
Fuck my cunt as hard as you can!"

Paul let his elbows bend, crushing his mom's large, jiggling boobs
under his chest. His hands slid down, clawing the sides of her
asscheeks. Monica's ankles bounced on his shoulders as he fucked her
gooey pussy as fast and hard as he could, pounding her ass onto the
couch with every thrust of his cock.

"Ooooooooohhh, shit! Fuck your mother, fuck your mother! Yes!.. yes..
yesss... yesssssssss! I'm cumming, Paul! Jeeeessusssss! I'm gonna

Paul fucked her as hard as he could, slamming his cock into her hot,
hairy fuck-hole, pistoning his muscular young ass up and down like a
machine as he sought to bring his mother off while at the same time
pushing himself to the very edge of orgasm.

`I'm fucking my own son!' Monica thought deliriously. `... and I love
it!... Christ, I love sucking and fucking my very own son!' The thought
seemed to glow through her whole body. Instantly she stared cumming,
her spasming pussy contracting and sucking wetly, around her boy's
madly-pounding prick.

"Mommy's cumming, Paul!" Monica gasped. "Unngghh! Fuck your mother,
fuck your mother! Oh, shit, baby! I'm cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

The delicious cum pounded through her quivering loins spreading a
lurid. shameless smile across her face as her gushing pussy sucked and
clenched around his cock. Yet still, her son didn't blow his load
inside her. Instead he just kept fucking her tender, clinging slot as
hard and fast as he could, obviously within seconds of blasting her
pussy full of jizz.

"Take it out," Monica panted suddenly.

"Awww, shit, Mom! I'm nearly there!"

"No! I want you to fuck my asshole, Paul! Please! My little asshole's
all hot and horny now! Please, baby, Mommy needs a good, hard ass-
fucking so much!"

The thought of again invading his mom's tight little shitter made Paul
comply. He slid off her immediately, pulling his huge prick out of her
tightly clasping cunt with an audible `plop'. Monica immediately
twisted onto her belly, crushing her tits on the couch. She raised up a
few inches on her knees and grasped her ass cheeks with her fingers,
hungrily spreading them wide as she lewdly exposed her puckered little
pink asshole to her son.

"Fuck me in the ass!" Monica panted. "Come on, Paul, shove it right in!
I don't need any lube. I'm too horny! Hurry up and fuck Mommy's
asshole! It needs your big, fat cock, baby!"

Paul swiftly mounted his mother's asscheeks, pressing his fat, cum-
leaking cock-head onto her pink, hairless shitter. Monica grimaced as
her son's cunt-slickened prick started plowing into her, spreading her
itchy little ass almost to bursting point around the mammoth thickness
of his young erection. His cock was really too big for her asshole, and
there was some pain as Paul forced his huge cock into her bowels. But
Monica was too horny to care. All day long her little ass-ring had been
nearly as hot and horny as her pussy. The slight pain was easy to
ignore. His giant fuck-tool felt incredibly good plowing into her itchy

"Unnnngghhhhhh, God! All the way, baby! Ram that big fucker in deep!"

Monica sprawled submissively beneath him, groaning and whimpering as
her well-hung son fucked his cock deeper and deeper between her
blushing asscheeks. Her hand thrust under her belly and she shoved two
fingers up her creamy pussy-slit, frantically stabbing her fingers in
and out of her pussy as her son's cock probed the depths of her ass.

"Oh, Jesus! I love your asshole, Mom! Unnnnnghhh, fuck that's tight!...

Paul grunted and lunged down, ramming the last few inches of his rock-
hard cock into the sucking tightness of his mother's hot, buttery shit-
hole. Monica finger-fucked her pussy as fast as she could as she felt
her tight, muscular ass-ring grip the fat root of her son's prick.

"Now, fuck my asshole!" she moaned, her voice a pleading whimper. "Fuck
Mommmmmy's asshole... ohhhhhh, I'm so horny... oh, fuck, make me cum
again, Paul.... pleeeeease, baby!"

Paul started stroking his cock in and out of his mother's tight,
slippery asshole, panting loudly with the effort as he drilled her
deeply. Monica felt her tender little shitter loosening slightly, just
enough so that her boy could really piston his cock into her snug
little asshole. Paul ass-fucked his mom faster and deeper, shuddering
as a mighty load of sperm built steadily in his aching young balls.

"Oh, fuck, that's good!" Monica gasped. She caught her clit under her
fingertip and rolled it wildly, writhing and moaning as her asshole
spasmed around her son's pumping prick. "Fuck my brains out, lover! Unh
unh, fuck Mommy's asshole! Harder, Paul, harder! Oh, fuck, oh, shit...
God, I need to cum!"

Paul drilled his naked mom's horny, sucking asshole as hard as he
could, spearing his cock relentlessly between her plump little
asscheeks. The pleasure built steadily in her ass and pussy, and then
Monica felt herself starting to cum.

"Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhh, fuuuuuuuccccckkk! I'm cumming again!" She humped her
ass in a delirium of passion, trying to make Paul ram his cock even
deeper up her asshole. "Fuck Mommy's butt... fuck my hot little
shithole! I'm cumming, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Monica's asshole sucked and throbbed, clenching around the driving
stiffness of her son's huge prick. With a loud primal shout, Paul
collapsed on his mother's blushing ass, ramming his cock to the hilt
inside her tightly-stretched rectum as an incredible flood of jism
sprayed up from his balls, making his prick throb and buck as he filled
his mom's tender asshole with a load of hot, scalding cum.

"Oooooooooooooh, Paul!"

Monica squirmed and wiggled happily beneath him, feeling his sticky
sperm coating the rubbery walls of her asshole. Shamelessly, she flexed
her shitting muscles around his gushing cock, helping her boy drain his
balls of jism. But already another thought was in the back of her
mind... she was going to have a nice, long talk with Alison Ross. There
was no way that Monica was going to give that big-titted slut another
chance to touch Paul's cock. After today, Monica wouldn't be sharing
her son's wonderful young prick with anybody!

Monica hesitated outside the front door of Alison's home late the next
afternoon, working her beautiful face into its sternest frown. It was a
hot day, and for that reason she couldn't wear the modest, bulky
clothes she would ordinarily have considered appropriate for the
occasion. The size of her huge tits was amply displayed by her t-shirt,
and her gym shorts, though modestly cut, still clung to her ass and
revealed her long, tapering legs.

I hope this doesn't give Alison the wrong idea, Monica thought,
glancing down at her outfit as she knocked firmly on the door. Well, it
was hardly her fault that her body looked so sexy in summer clothes.
She was still going to give Alison Ross the lecture of her life. Monica
looked up as the door swung open, finding herself staring not at
Alison, but at Alison's young son, Randy.

"Hello, Randy," she said, in an icy voice. "Is your mother here? I'd
like to have a few words with her."

"She went shopping. I don't know when she'll be back." Randy was
staring at her, his eyes darting from her face to her incredible body.
"Ummm... you can stick around and wait for her, if you want, she
shouldn't be too much longer."

Monica hesitated. She thought of going home, then realized that it
would be too much trouble to psyche herself up again. Besides she was
here now and she wasn't going to leave until she'd given that slut
Alison a piece of her mind.

"All right, Randy," she said stiffly. "I will wait. Thank you very

Randy led her into the living room. He was also dressed for the
weather, bare-chested, in denim cut-offs that clung to his firm,
muscular ass. Monica blushed, feeling her cunt getting wet as she sat
on the sofa. Just about any cute, male body seemed to make her horny
since she'd started fucking her son, and young Randy certainly had a
cute body.

"You want some Lemonade, Mrs Walsh?"

"All right, Randy. Thank you."

Randy returned from the kitchen a minute later with two glasses.
Something was moving behind his zipper, and Monica felt her pussy
getting juicier as she realized that Randy wore no underwear. It was
his cock, swinging as he moved. Maybe he had a nice big one. Monica
wiggled her horny ass on the cushion. smiling politely as Randy handed
her the drink and sat down beside her.

"What'd you want to talk to Mom about?"

"It's personal," Monica said icily. "I'd prefer not to discuss it right

Randy shrugged sheepishly, then turned sideways on the couch, bracing
his lower back on the padded armrest. Monica wondered why he'd changed
position, until she saw how his eyes were devouring her body. Alison's
son was staring at her legs and tits as openly as if he were looking at
a centerfold. Monica's cheeks flushed. She started to get angry. The
boy's mother was a complete whore... no wonder her son didn't know
enough not to gape at a woman like some kind of horny animal.

"Randy," Monica said tersely. "Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Uh... sorry! " Randy's face reddened as he tore his eyes up to her
face. "I didn't know I was being that obvious."

"I don't see how you could have been any more blatant about it," Monica
replied, enjoying her answer. "Doesn't your mother teach you not to
stare at a woman like some kind of dog? The way you're looking at me,
it's a wonder you don't start humping my leg."

"Sorry," Randy mumbled sheepishly.

"I think you ought to learn how to keep your dirty little eyes to your
own business. It's a hot day. That's why I'm dressed like this. I
happen to be old enough to be your mother. Just because I dress like
this, doesn't mean that I..."

Then her words trailed off abruptly as she happened to glance down at
Randy's crotch. As embarrassed and guilty as he obviously felt, the boy
was still sitting there with an absolutely enormous hard-on sticking
out of his shorts. Sticking out, literally! Monica's eyes bulged as she
saw his meaty cock-knob had popped out of the leg of his pants, pulsing
naked and obscene against his hard, muscular young thigh.

Monica gasped, opening her mouth to tell him to stuff his filthy penis
back into his shorts where it belonged. Then she stopped. Her pussy was
simply dripping wet now, throbbing so hard that she could barely sit
still on the couch. And what better revenge could she take on Alison
Ross than fucking the horny slut's own son?

"Ummmm, Randy, dear" Monica said, with a bitchy smile. "Do you always
wear shorts that let your stiff cock stick out like that?"

Randy gasped, looking down at himself, immediately trying to stuff his
hard-on back into his cut-offs. But Monica slid across the couch next
to him before he could do it. Randy's eyes opened as wide as saucers as
the gorgeous blonde mother pushed his hand aside, and lewdly fondled
the pulsing knob of his prick.

"My, my, my! For a boy your age, you've really got a big one, haven't
you, Randy? " she purred. "Did this big ol' thing get all stiff and
hard from looking at me?"

Randy just stared at her and nodded silently, his eyes alternating
between her tits and crotch. Monica spread her legs to give the boy a
better look between her gorgeous long legs. His stiff young cock felt
so big and hard as she squeezed and rubbed it lovingly. A good five or
six inches now protruded obscenely out from the leg of Randy's tight
shorts, and Monica suddenly had a desperate urge to suck the delicious-
looking cock.

She slid off the couch, kneeling in front of him and calmly spreading
the boy's legs apart. Randy swallowed hard as she swiftly yanked his
shorts all the way down off his feet, letting his hard-on spring free
and throb up to slap stiffly against his stomach.

"Ohhhh, Randy!" Monica murmured huskily. "I bet all the little girls at
school just love you honey!"

Randy sprawled back on the couch, his long, stiff prick throbbing and
jerking with a life of its own, the dilated hole at the tip leaking out
little clear droplets of pre-cum. Monica wrapped her fingers around the
boy's cock-shaft and started jacking it fast, smiling lewdly as more
cum-juice oozed out of his rock-hard prick.

"Randy, what would your mother think if she walked in and caught me
sucking this big cock of yours?" Monica whispered.

"She wouldn't care," Randy moaned.

"She wouldn't care?" Monica raised her eyebrows. "Well, I guess that's
not surprising. I'll bet you didn't know that that horny mother of
yours fucked my son! What do you think of that, hmmm? She didn't care
how old he was! Your mother just wanted his hard prick up her slutty
little snatch!"

"I don't care either," Randy said, sighing as her pumping fist massaged
his huge prick. "Shit, she fuckin' told me!"

"She told you?"

But Monica didn't have a chance to think any longer. Suddenly the horny
naked boy grabbed her head, pulling it down forcibly onto his straining
cock. Monica opened her lips automatically. The next thing she knew,
her mouth was jammed full of the hard, pulsing stiffness of Randy's
young prick.

"Ummmmm," Monica moaned.

Immediately she forgot what they'd been talking about. The boy's cock
was so long and thick, and it was pulsing so hard on the roof of her
mouth. His cock-juice bubbled and oozed out of his piss-hole, and
Monica's mouth drooled over the salty, musky taste as she lapped it up
with her tongue. In fact, Randy's prick tasted nearly as good as her
own son's!

Monica shut her eyes, abandoning herself to the intense pleasure of
having the boy's man-sized cock fill her mouth. She flared her nostrils
for air, panting through her nose, then shamelessly started sucking
Randy's young prick extremely hard.

"Oh, shiiiit!" Randy moaned. He pulled her long, golden blonde hair
lightly, humping his hips excitedly off the couch. "Feels good, Mrs.
Walsh! Unnggghhh! Yeahhhh! Suck it! Ohhhhhh, shit, your body made me so
horny! Suck me off, Mrs Walsh! Let me cum in your mouth and I'll do
anything you want! Uuuuuhhhhhnnghhhh! Fuck!"

Monica slurped and slobbered and sucked, shamelessly relishing the
meaty, pulsing stiffness of Randy's big prick. Her fist clung tightly
to the root of his glistening shaft, jacking it hard and fast, urgently
beating his cock up into her hotly sucking lips. Harder and harder, she
sucked his gorgeous young prick, until the whole living room filled
with the wet, gurgling sounds of her wanton cock-sucking. Randy sighed
and moaned as the horny mom bobbed her face on his crotch, fucking her
lips with his big, saliva-coated fuckrod.

"Make me cum!" he moaned, his voice quivering with frustrated
adolescent passion. "Oh shit, suck it just like that! Uuuuhhh, yeahhhh!
Take it all, Mrs Walsh! Suck me off! Make me cum down your hot fuckin'

Excited by the young boy's disgustingly graphic language, Monica sucked
him even harder, her cheeks reddening with the effort as they puckered
sharply around his cock. Her tiny fist was a blur as it whipped up and
down Randy's aching prick, trying to coax his cum to fountain out of
his nuts and into her eagerly sucking mouth. Monica lapped and swirled
her tongue around his swollen cockhead, slurping up all the tasty juice
that oozed out.

"Jesus! Yessss! Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" shouted Randy and bucked his ass
wildly, nearly choking her as he jammed his cock down her throat. "Suck
my cock, bitch, suck my fucking dick! Uhnnnnghhhh! Shit! I'm cumming!
Ahhh! Ahhhh...Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh...hhhhh..hhhh! "

The boy's cock exploded into her mouth, spraying a huge load of rich,
sticky jism down the cocksucking woman's throat. The salty cream
blasted across her tongue, bathing her tonsils with jism. Hungrily the
horny mother sucked his gushing prick and swallowed his cum, wildly
beating his squirting prick, slurping and sucking until she'd cleaned
the last traces of teenage sperm from his bloated prickhead.

"Ummm, Randy, that was really a big one," she purred, as she slid her
wet mouth off his still-throbbing cock. "Do you always shoot out that
much spunk when you cum? Or is this a special occasion?"

"Special occasion!" Randy panted.

"Then let's see if you can shoot another wad just like it," Monica
purred sexily. She rose to her feet, her whole body trembling with the
wet need throbbing in her saturated cunt. "You like looking at my body,
don't you, Randy? Would you like me to take my clothes off, so you can
get a better look?"

Randy nodded eagerly.

Monica stepped out of her sandals, then wiggled her t-shirt up over the
swell of her tits, over her shoulders, leaving herself naked except for
her shorts and bra. Her large, firm, creamy tits filled the cups of her
brassiere to bursting. Monica smirked at the look on the naked boy's
face as she undid the front clasp. Her huge tits jiggled out of
confinement, capped with fat, red, suckable nipples. Monica dropped the
bra to the floor, smiling down at Randy's huge, saliva-coated cock.
Despite the load of sperm he'd just squirted in her mouth, the boy's
cock seemed even stiffer than ever!

"I guess you want to see my pussy now, don't you, honey?"

Randy just stared at her gorgeous naked tits and nodded.

Monica hooked her fingers under the elastic hem of her shorts, wiggling
them over her pert little ass, then down her long, sleek tanned legs.
Completely naked, she stood in front of the couch. Her furry blonde
pussy was obviously dripping wet, the juice shining on the lips of her
pink, pouting cuntlips.

"Now let's just see if that big, fat fucker feels as big in my pussy as
it did in my mouth..."

Bracing herself with her hands on his shoulders, Monica mounted him,
planting her knees on the couch either side of the boy's lean hips.
Randy looked up at her in wonder, he couldn't believe that this
gorgeous, naked woman was going to let him fuck her. His cock jerked in
her hand as Monica directed the cocktip into the entrance of her hot,
creamy pussy-slit and lowered her hips.



Both of them moaned as Randy's huge prick slid into Monica's hot, gooey
cunt. She was a lot tighter than his mother, yet his cock seemed to
have to no difficulty whatsoever in penetrating her furry, blonde twat
to the balls.

"Oooh, Randy!" gasped Monica, grinding her cunt down over the boy's
upthrust pole. "Come on, fuck me, honey! Fuck me good!"

Monica clutched his shoulders and wiggled her ass in a downward spiral,
grimacing with delight as Randy's huge cock stretched her tight,
little-used cunt wide open.

"Squeeze my ass, Randy! Oh, fuck, your cock's going in deep! Uhhhh,
yeahhhh! Now, I want you to fuck me, Randy! Fuck my tight little pussy
just as hard as you can!"

Monica began to hump her hips up and down, squealing with pleasure as
she forced his rigid young prick into her hot, clinging cunt to the
hilt. At first she wiggled her cock-filled pussy on the base of his
shaft, enjoying the feel of his hard pubic bone grinding against her
clit, but the need for a deep, pounding fuck soon got the better of
her. Within seconds Monica started humping the boy in a fast, furious
rhythm, her huge tits jiggling in front of his chest as her wet,
clinging pussy slid up and down his cock like a tight, gooey fist.

"Fuck me, Randy!" she screamed, "Uuuuhhhhhh, yeahhhh! Fuck me with that
big, fat cock, kid!" Harder and harder, she bucked her ass, hearing her
drippy cunt squishing and slurping audibly around the boy's thick,
swollen cockshaft. "God, I'm so wet!... Fuck it for me, honey!... Fuck
my cunt good!"

Randy clutched her madly-humping asscheeks, kneading and massaging the
succulent globes. Feverishly, he humped off the couch, spearing his
young cock in and out of the bucking mom's hot, clasping cunt.

"Unnghhh! Harder, Randy, harder! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can!"

Randy did as she asked, clawing her gyrating ass hard enough to leave
red welts on her tender creamy ass-flesh, pounding his cockshaft up
into the squealing woman's cunt with deep, powerful thrusts. Monica
humped furiously, meeting the boy's every stroke. Soon they were
pounding in unison, groaning and gasping together, lost in the
indescribable pleasure of a hot, energetic soul-fuck.

"Ooohhh, Jesus! I'm gonna cum!" Monica gasped. She clutched his broad
young shoulders and humped her ass in a frenzy, slamming her cunt down
again and again on the root of his cock. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard, you
gorgeous little bastard! I'm cumming. Randy! Ahhh, fuck... I'm
cummmmmming! Ohhhhhh, cumming so gooooooood! Uuuuunnngggghhhhhhhhh!!"

Her spasming pussy gushed juice onto his cock, rippling in a delicious
wave of contractions around the deeply hammering length of his young
prick. Randy clutched her tight ass and kept nailing her cunt brutally,
guiding her through the whole force of her orgasm.

"Ohhhh, God, that was good!" Monica panted. She kissed him lovingly,
giggling as she wiggled her hot, quivering cunt-slit on the root of his
still-hard cock. "Ummmmmmmm, Randy! You didn't cum! I guess you better
keep on fucking me, baby! You'll get blue balls if I don't make you
shoot your load pretty soon."

"No way! He has to save that for me," a female voice sounded behind

Monica squealed in surprise as she turned her head. Then her mouth
dropped open with the shock of her life. Alison Walsh had just entered
the living room, and Monica's son Paul was right behind her.

"W... wh... what are you doing here? Monica sputtered, her face
reddening as she glanced nervously back and forth between Alison and
her wide-eyed son.

"Well, in case you've forgotten, I happen to live here," Alison
giggled, stepping up to the fucking couple on the couch.

Monica's cheeks grew even redder with embarrassment and guilt as she
realized her position. Caught red-handed, so to speak, in Alison Ross'
living room, with her son, Randy's cock, buried to the hilt in her

"Do you like my son's cock, Monica?" Alison purred. Shamelessly, she
stroked Monica's asscheeks, making the blonde mom shudder as she dipped
her hand lower, feeling where Randy's cock disappeared in Monica's
gooey cunt. "Mmmmmmmm, that's in tight! He sure does have a big one,
doesn't he? I guess I can't blame you for fucking my son while you
waited for me to get home. What was it you wanted to see me about,

Monica was too shocked and frightened to answer, but she squealed as
Alison suddenly knelt to spread her asscheeks apart, exposing Monica's
pink, puckered shitter.

"My, my, my!" Alison purred, glancing over at Paul. "Your mother
certainly does have a pretty little asshole. doesn't she? Tell me,
Paul, honey, which do you like fucking better, your mother's asshole or
your mother's cunt?"

"Why, how dare you!" Monica sputtered. her cheeks flushing crimson.
"How on earth can you say such a terrible thing about Paul and..."

"Because Paul told me," Alison purred. "I made him tell me, Monica. I
picked Paul up on his way home from school today. I wouldn't let him
fuck me until he told me all about you. But I would have figured it out
eventually. I had an awfully strong suspicion that you were really a
horny bitch underneath."

Monica looked at Paul, and the look on her son's face told her it was
true. He had told Alison everything. Oh, this is awful! Monica thought
miserably. Horrible visions of prison cells and newspaper headlines
danced before her eyes. Alison would tell everyone. The whole world
would know that she'd had sex with her own son.

"You don't have to be worried, Monica," Alison purred. "Haven't you
guessed by now? Randy fucks me too!"

Without waiting for a reply, Alison suddenly lowered her head to
Monica's naked ass, making her shriek as she felt something hot and
moist on her asshole. It was Alison's tongue! Helplessly, Monica
wiggled on Randy's prick, trying to pull away from the hot, wet tongue
lapping at her rubbery, anal sphincter.

"Noooo, stop it!" she squealed. But her wriggling motions just made her
pussy suck more juicily around Randy's cock. "How can you do this?
Don't lick my asshole... noooo!"

"There!.... Now it's nice and wet!" Alison lifted her head, licking her
lips, seeming to enjoy the taste of Monica's asshole on her tongue.
"You can fuck your mother's asshole now, Paul. Go ahead, honey. You've
told me yourself how much your mom loves a big, hard cock up-her ass!"

Monica squealed in dismay, looking desperately at her young son. Then
she saw that Paul had already stripped off all his clothes. The boy's
huge prick throbbed before him as he crossed the the room, grinning
lewdly at the thought of invading his mom's tight, hot asshole in front
of Alison and Randy. Monica just stared at her son with disbelief as
Paul held his cock in his fist, aiming the fat, swollen tip at his
mother's lewdly-exposed asshole.

"No, Paul!" Monica whispered, trying to meet his eyes. "No, don't fuck
Mommy's asshole like this... not here... not with everyone watching."

"Come on, Mom! You're gonna love it," Paul whispered. "Twist her
around, Randy!"

Randy moved beneath the naked blonde, and lay sprawled on his back
length-wise along the couch, his huge cock still buried in her cunt.
Then, with a big grin he reached around and grasped Monica's asscheeks,
spreading them wide for his friend. Paul joined them on the sofa,
mounting his mother's ass, pressing the tip of his cock onto her
tightly-puckered little shitter.

"Unnggghhhh! Oh, Paul! Please, not while they're watching! Please don't
fuck Mommy's asshole now, honey! Oh, Paul... unnggghhh... oh, fuck,
Paul... unnnggghhh!"

Paul was already screwing his cock into his mother's tight anal grip,
grunting as he plowed inch after inch of his prick into her hot,
rubbery hole. Alison stood beside the couch and rapidly stripped off
her clothes, moaning with excitement as she watched her young schoolboy
lover shove his huge cock deep into his mother's squirming, resisting

Monica moaned and whimpered, grinding her pussy down onto Randy's cock.
Paul's hard-on was halfway up her asshole now. God, she couldn't
believe it was actually happening... she was taking two big, stiff
pricks at the same time! Suddenly Monica felt herself succumbing to the
most intense pleasure of her life. Their cocks felt so hug... so
long... so GOOD!. Only a thin, fleshy membrane separated the cock in
her pussy from the cock in her asshole, and now that membrane felt
stretched to bursting by the combined size and thickness of their hard
young pricks.

Her pussy was sucking and contracting around Randy's prick, and now her
puckered little asshole was throbbing too, lewdly gripping her own
son's cock. Despite her previous objections, Monica had never felt such
intense pleasure in all her life!

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Alison whispered. The brunette mom was now
squatting on the floor beside them, excitedly fingering her own pussy
as she watched Monica getting double-fucked. "Yeahhhh, that's it! Ram
that big cock up your Mommy's asshole, Paul! Fuck her, hard, baby! I
bet your mother loves getting her asshole fucked REAL hard!"

"I do! I dooooo!" Monica squealed.

Suddenly she started humping furiously on the two deeply impaled cocks,
grinding her pussy down onto Randy's with one stroke, then thrusting
her itchy-asshole back onto Paul's the next.

"Uhhhhhhh, yeahhhh! Fuck Mommy's asshole, Paul!" she groaned. "Yes,
yes, fuck it in deep, baby! Ooohhhh, God, I can't staaaand it! All the
way up Mommy's asshole, Paul! Come on, Randy, keep fucking my cunt!"

But Randy didn't move. Instead, Alison's son lay still, giving his
friend a chance to drive his huge cock all the way into her tightly
clinging rectal sheath. Monica moaned in intense pleasure as her son
fucked her asshole brutally, slamming his young prick into her so hard
that Randy's cock was almost forced out of her cunt.

"Ohhhh, Jesus! Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole!" Monica's face was
contorted with passion, her gorgeous, naked body writhing in a frenzy
of lust. "Yesssss! Both of you, fuck me... fuck meeee! Oh, shit, I'm
gonna cum so hard!"

Paul commenced a long, deep pounding rhythm, grunting loudly with the
effort as he speared his huge cock in and out of Monica's ass. He was
extremely excited.... fucking his own mother in front of Alison was
such a turn-on, and double-fucking her with Randy was totally wild! It
was actually a bit painful at first, because his mom's tight clinging
asshole was ungreased. However the harder he pushed the more excited he
got and soon, the pre-cum oozing heavily from the tip of his cock lubed
up his mom's asshole with spunk, making it easy for him to ram his huge
cock in and out of her tightly-clasping anus.

"Oh, shit, that's good!" Randy panted. He started fucking her too,
matching Paul's rhythm stroke for stroke, stuffing Monica's cunt every
time Paul rammed into her ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh, fuck!" Monica groaned. She felt helpless now as the two
virile young boys fucked into her body, writhing and bucking with
pleasure as her pussy and asshole spasmed around their twin stroking
pricks. "It's so good! I can't believe how good it feels! Fuck me
harder! Oooooooooooh come on, both of you, fuck me as hard as you can!"

Randy picked up the pace first, ramming his huge cock furiously in and
out of Monica's bouncing pussy. Paul soon caught up with his friend's
rhythm, grunting as he hammered his throbbing young prick into his
mom's tightly-stretched little asshole. Now Monica's whole body ached
in anticipation of her rapidly-approaching orgasm. She squealed and
writhed, whipping her asscheeks up and down... back and forth...
fucking the boys as hard as she could.

"Fuck my cunt, fuck my horny cunt!" she cried. "Fuck Mommy's asshole,
Paul! Harder, baby, Mommy needs it! Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cumm now! Fuck
me! Ouuuuuuuuhhhhh, God, fuck me! I'm cummmmmmmmmmiiinnngg!"

It was the most intense climax that Monica had ever had in her entire
life. For over a minute the powerful spasms throbbed through her naked
body, causing her pussy to contract wildly around Randy's deeply
plowing prick. Her asshole squeezed Paul's cock like a fist, trying to
him dry as her horny young son kept on fucking her ass like a demon.

Dots of color flashed before Monica's eyes as she hovered on the edge
of unconsciousness. She slumped on top of Randy, feeling his hard young
cock still bucking and jerking inside her cunt as Paul emptied his
balls up her ass. Finally the ecstasy subsided, and Monica lay still,
sandwiched by the two horny, panting boys.

"All right," Alison moaned, taking her hand from her drippy pussy. "Now
it's my turn!"

Paul pulled his cock out of his mother's asshole, his massive prick
dripping milky cock-juice from the tip. Exhausted but satisfied, Monica
rolled off Randy's cock and slid to the floor. Alison stepped over
Monica, staring greedily at her son's cock. Randy's glistening prick
looked stiffer than ever, throbbing over his flat, muscled belly,
soaked with the tasty juice that had oozed out of Monica's cunt.

"Oooooooh darling, your cock looks so delicious!" Alison purred,
leaning over her son. "Mommy just has to give it a little suck first!"

Monica and Paul watched as Alison sucked her boy's hard-on, slurping
feverishly on the swollen stiffness of his cockshaft. Randy just
groaned with pleasure, his erection swelling even bigger in his mom's
cock-sucking mouth. Alison was always eager to swallow her boy's jism,
but she knew she didn't want him to shoot off in her mouth this time.
She popped her lips off his prick, then climbed onto the couch to mount
him, planting her knees on the cushions either side of young Randy's

"Come on! Fuck me, Randy," she moaned, reaching between her thighs to
grasp his rigid prick. "Fuck your mother... "

Her words faded to a wanton moan as Alison rubbed her son's cockhead up
and down her wet, hairy cuntslit, then popped it into her gooey
fuckhole. She had become so aroused watching the boys double-fuck
Monica that she was going to go crazy if she didn't cum soon. Alison
leaned forward, her big firm tits, jiggling lewdly over her son's face
as she braced her hands on his chest. Then Alison eagerly started
wiggling and humping, groaning as she slid her tight, creamy pussy down
onto the satisfying stiffness of her son's huge prick.

"Ohhhhh, Randy, it's so big and hard!" she gasped. "It's going all the
way in, honey. Ummmm, darling, do you still love my pussy? Is my cunt
as nice to fuck as Monica's? Am I just as tight, baby!???"

Randy nodded eagerly, lifting his hips up and moaning as his mom's hot,
clasping twat slid all the way down over his prick. Alison sprawled
forward, crushing her tits on Randy's hairless young chest, at the same
time shamelessly grinding her cunt down onto her son's deeply-impaling
cock. With a smile of pure pleasure on her pretty face, Alison turned
her head, staring eagerly at Paul's prick.

Randy knew what his mother wanted. He reached behind her and grasped
her gorgeous ass-cheeks, spreading them wide, opening his mother's
asshole for his friend's stiff cock.

"Fuck my asshole, Paul!" Alison pleaded, bouncing her pussy up and down
on Randy's prick. "It's all swollen and horny for you. Come on, Paul,
fuck my asshole just like you fucked your mother's! Hurry, Paul!"

Paul climbed back onto the couch, almost falling over himself in his
eagerness to fuck two hot, clinging assholes in a row. Sprawled on the
floor, Monica felt her pussy beginning to itch again as she watched her
son getting ready to fuck another woman up the ass. She could hardly
believe all this was happening. Getting double-fucked by Randy and
Paul, then watching as another woman helped herself to her son's prick.
It was all to much!

"Come on, Paul! Fuck my asshole, baby!" Alison cried impatiently.

Paul mounted the naked mom, pressing his cum-oozing cockhead onto her
rubbery, puckered shit-opening. Alison shuddered with intense pleasure
as her asshole stretched open to receive his cock. In and in and in, he
pushed, stuffing the woman's tender asshole to bursting around the
long, hard thickness of his young cock.

Suddenly Randy's cock felt twice as huge in her pussy, throbbing all
the way up to her womb. It felt so good, that Alison started humping up
and down on her son's erection before Paul even had half of his prick
inside her ass.

"Fuck me, you horny little bastards! " she squealed. Her asscheeks
gyrated faster and faster, trying to make both of their huge cocks
pound into her body at the same time. "Oh, shit, Randy, ram that
gorgeous big cock up Mommy's pussy!.... Uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh! God!
Harder, Paul! Fuck my asshole! Your cock feels so good up my ass,
honey! Oh, my God, you two are really gonna make me cum!"

Randy grunted as he worked his ass in a circle, screwing deeper and
deeper into the tight clasping wetness of his mom's insatiable pussy.
Double-fucking Mrs Walsh had been great, but doing the same to his
gorgeous mom was fuckin' unbelievable!

Paul lay still for several seconds, gasping as Alison's ass-muscles
quivered juicily around his cock. Then he flexed his asscheeks and
started fucking her tight little shithole forcefully, slamming his
eager young prick in and out between Alison's blushing buns.

"Uhhhhhh yes, Paul! Shove that big fucker up my asshole!" Alison
gasped, her face contorted with raw lust. Not even her first torrid
fuck with her son had been as intensely arousing as this. "You to,
Randy, keep fucking Mommy's pussy, baby!.. God, I love this!!"

Alison was humping as fast as she could, hungrily trying to make her
twin fuck-holes swallow both the boy's cocks at the same time. Paul
fucked faster, moaning loudly as the horny woman's tight, clinging
asshole repeatedly sucked and squeezed his prick.

Shuddering beneath her as the cum-load built in his balls, Randy
started fucking his mom's pussy as fast as he could too, and it wasn't
long before both boys were fucking Alison as fast as they could, moving
in unison, ramming their huge cocks up her pussy and asshole at the
same time.

"Unnnghhhh! Shit! Fuck my cunt... fuck my asshole!" Alison screamed,
her slender frame shuddering under the powerful blows.

Her whole body seemed to throb in unison with her cunt and ass, her
twin fuck-holes spasming uncontrollably, around the two deeply pounding
pricks. Her face was very red, flushed almost crimson. The sweat poured
off Alison's nakedness as she humped and bucked and fucked her two
young lovers as fast as she could.

"Yessss, fuck the slut! Fuck her good!" Monica whispered. She was
sprawled on the floor, feverishly finger-fucking herself as she watched
Randy and her son double-fuck Alison on the couch. Her eyes were on the
other woman's tightly-stretched holes as the boy's huge cocks pounded
Alison's juicy cunt and asshole into a frothy mess.

"Ummmmmmmmmm! I'm gonna cummmmmm!" Alison gasped. "Faster, faster,
faster! I'm gonna cum now! Oh, shit, fuck me faster! Fuck me haaaard!"

Paul and Randy started ramming into Alison's shuddering body even
harder, making the couch casters skitter obscenely on the floor with
the fury of their rhythm. Alison shut her eyes, fighting not to pass
out as she came in a series of spasms that wracked her slender naked
body with incredible force. Her tightly-stretched pussy contracted
rhythmically around her son's cock, squeezing him like a vice, even as
her asshole sucked and clenched around Paul's deeply-pounding prick.

"I'm cummmmmmmming" she cried. "Oh, Jesus... fuck me! Fuck me, I'm...
Ohhh! Ooohh! Ooooooh, ohhh, ohhhhh, Godddddddddddd! Unnnghhhhhhhh!!"

The intense climax pounded through every inch of Alison's body, making
her pussy ripple around her son's cock, and her asshole grip the
driving stiffness of Paul's deeply plowing pole. Both boys kept fucking
her wildly, fighting to keep the cum pent up in their balls. For nearly
a minute straight, Alison humped and writhed in the throes of orgasm,
until the intense pleasure finally faded from her loins.

"No! Don't you dare cum in her!" a voice said from the door.

Monica was the first to turn her head to look. The door was open, and
standing there, grinning broadly, was Kate Sanders and her son, Marty.

"Having fun?" Kate asked.

Monica and Alison shared a long, fearful glance as Kate walked calmly
across the living-room to stand beside the couch. She glanced back at
Marty, who still stood in the doorway with his mouth hanging open,
unable to comprehend the sight before him. Kate giggled again and
wagged her finger accusingly at Alison.

"You know, Alison," Kate laughed, "you really should pay your tutoring
bill on time, if you don't want people barging in on you when you're
having an orgy. It's been at least five weeks since you sent me a
cheque for all those lessons I've given Randy. Marty and I were on our
way home from the supermarket and I decided that I'd better drop in and
get you to pay up. Of course, I had no way of knowing I'd catch the
four of you doing something like this!"

"Please don't tell," Monica heard herself whisper. "We'll... we'll get
in such awful trouble. Please don't... "

Kate smiled.

"Oh, don't be silly, Monica! Why would I tell on you when it would be
so much more fun to join in?" grinned Kate, leering at them. "Now boys,
don't you dare shoot your cum in her. I want you to save that little
present for me.... Just like your moms, I've never been double-fucked
before, but I've been simply dying to see what it's like!"

A slow, leering grin spread across Paul's face. Holy, Shit! Three in
one day! There really WAS a god, he thought. He rose from the couch
pulling his still-erect cock out of Alison's twitching asshole. Kate
licked her lips as she stared at Paul's enormous cock. Then she threw a
torrid glance over her shoulder at Marty.

"What're you waiting for, baby?" Kate purred. "You don't think Mommy's
going to have all this fun without letting you join in too, do you?"

Marty grinned and started to strip, eager to fuck his gorgeous mother
again, no matter who else was present. Alison rolled off her son's cock
with a wet slurp, joining Monica on the floor. Then squealed in
surprise as Monica suddenly pushed her onto her back, moving down to
push her head eagerly between Alison's legs.

Monica had never sucked another woman's pussy before, but this seemed
as good a time as any to try. All her guilt and shame seemed to have
evaporated. Monica just knew that she wanted to keep on sucking and
fucking all day and all night.

"Ooooh, Randy, baaaaaby!" Kate mewled, stepping closer to the couch.
"Your cock looks so big today!"

Then Kate started stripping too. A minute later the petite, freckled
redhead was naked, her full, round tits jiggling as she joined Randy on
the couch. Standing behind them, Paul stroked his huge cock in
anticipation of invading his third tight juicy asshole in a row. By
then Marty was naked too.

"Let's see if it feels as big as it looks, Randy!"

Planting her knees on the cushions to either side of his hips, Kate
reached between her slender thighs to grasp Randy's huge prick. She
moaned as she rubbed his cockhead up and down her wet, curly-haired
slit, finally popping Randy's cockhead unceremoniously into her cunt.
With a cry of lust, Kate started wiggling and humping her hips, sliding
her wet, gooey pussy down onto Randy's huge erection until the boy's
long, gleaming shaft was buried fully in her horny twat.

"Lick my pussy, you horny cunt-sucking bitch!" Alison demanded, forcing
Monica's head into her open crotch.

Alison was sprawled flat on her back on the floor, her large tits
quivering excitedly as she humped her ass up off the carpet, fucking
Monica's face with her curly-haired cunt. As Monica thrust her tongue
into Alison's pussy, Alison watched Randy's cock disappearing into
Kate's creamy pussy. It was so intensely exciting to watch her son fuck
another woman's cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, Randy, it's going in deep!" Kate cried. Wildly, the
redheaded mom wiggled and humped, grinding her drooling pussy onto the
fat root of Randy's cock until it filled her fully. "Now, Paul! Fuck my
asshole!" she hissed, looking at Monica's son over her shoulder.
"Hurry, baby! I want your cock up my ass!"

Kate leaned forward, keeping Randy's cock deep inside her pussy as she
sprawled flat on his chest. Randy reached around to grasp her plump
little asscheeks, spreading them wide to expose her pink little asshole
to Paul's cock. Paul's long hard prick was wet and glistening from
fucking two tight, hot assholes in a row. He climbed back onto the
couch, aiming his oozing cockhead at the rubbery entrance of Kate's
horny shit-chute.

"Ohhhhhhhh, fuck," Kate cried, gasping with pleasure as Paul's huge
prick plowed deep into her bowels. "Jesus, that feels good!"

Instantly, the naked redhead started moving her slender, girlish hips,
fucking her hot, clasping pussy onto Randy's more-than-eager young
hard-on, thrusting her stretched asshole onto Paul's cock.

"Fuck my asshole, Paul! Ummmmmm, your big cock feels good up there!
Deeper, baby, deeper! Fuck the shit out of my horny little ass!"

Paul grunted, hunching his muscular young body against the gorgeous
red-haired young mom, forcing his stiff prick further and further into
the rubbery, sucking tightness of Kate's asshole. Finally his cock was
all the way up her shitter, buried to the balls in the clenching,
spasming tightness of her bowels. Kate started humping like a bitch in
heat, trying to fuck both of their young cocks at the same time.

"Ohhhhhhhh, God, that feels good! I love it.. love it!" she squealed.
Her pussy and asshole burned uncontrollably, stuffed to bursting by the
pulsing stiffness of their cocks. "Fuck my pussy, Randy! Fuck my
asshole, Paul! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, I'm really gonna cum!"

"Lick my pussy!" Alison told Monica, holding the blonde's head with
both hands as they lay on the floor. "I'm gonna cum too!"

Randy and Paul both started fucking Kate fast and hard, impatient to
shoot their loads in the horny mom's tightly-sucking pussy and ass.
Then Marty stepped up to his double-fucked mother on the couch, his
enormous cock twitching in front of her face. Kate immediately opened
her mouth as wide as she could, whimpering with pleasure as she wrapped
her lips tightly around her son's huge throbbing erection.

"I'm cumming," Alison gasped, fucking her ass off the floor. "Uuuhhh!
Suck my cunt!.. suck my cuuunnt! Jesus, I'm cummmmmiiiingggg!"

Monica hungrily kept licking and sucking Alison's hairy, cumming cunt,
guiding her through the full force of her orgasm. Finally Alison let
her asscheeks drift back to the carpet. Monica never took her lips from
Alison's pussy. Instead, the blonde just twisted around so that her
knees were on the rug on either side of Alison's ears. Alison giggled,
knowing what Monica wanted. Monica kept licking Alison's pussy,
dropping her ass to grind her gooey cunt over Alison's sucking mouth.
Soon, the two naked moms were lost in the intense pleasure of a lesbian

"Harder!" Kate gasped, popping her son's cock out of her mouth long
enough to shout the word. "Fuck me harder!"

Paul and Randy immediately picked up the pace of their fucking, ramming
into Kate's tenderly-sucking pussy and asshole as hard as they could.
Kate popped her son's throbbing cock back into her mouth, sucking it in
until she nearly choked on his cockshaft. The triple-fuck lasted only a
few minutes longer. The pleasure of the two huge cocks ramming into her
cunt and ass was unbearably intense. Kate sucked feverishly on Marty's
hard-on as her whole body began to climax. She couldn't scream, she was
too busy sucking on her son's stiff prick. But Paul and Randy sure knew
that they were making the horny red-haired mom cum. Her pussy and
asshole contracted sharply, rippling and spasming around the driving
stiffness of their cocks.

Paul was the first to shoot his wad. The long pent-up load of sperm
blasted up Kate's ravished ass like a fire-hose, deluging her tight
little shithole with jet after jet of hot adolescent cum. Kate wiggled
happily, slurping at Marty's stiff prick, then groaning on it as
Randy's prick started squirting too. Both of their huge cocks shot out
jizz at the same time, one load spurting into her pussy, the other
pumping her tender asshole full of cum.

Paul pulled out of her first, sighing happily as he slid his still-
twitching cock out of her ass. Kate lifted herself off Randy's rapidly-
wilting organ and giggled as his cock slurped noisily of her well-
fucked cunt. She knelt on the floor in front of her naked son, looking
up into Marty's eyes as she feverishly jerked on her boy's massively-
erect young prick.

"I want you to cum now, Marty," she panted. "All over Mommy's face."

Ramming her son's cock down her throat, Kate shamelessly sucked Marty's
prick as hard as she could. Paul and Randy sprawled back on the couch,
watching, their virile young pricks quivering stiffly over their
muscular young bellies. By then Monica had already disengaged herself
from the lesbian sixty-nine with Alison. She loved sucking Alison's
pussy, but she wanted her own son's cock even more. Monica knelt in
front of Paul, tightly gripping his firm young prick. She didn't care
that he'd just fucked three assholes in a row. She just wanted to suck
her boy's cock.

Monica buried her face in his crotch, stuffing Paul's prick as far down
her throat as she could. She didn't notice when Alison started sucking
Randy's cock too, or even when Marty shot cum all over his mother's
face. All Monica knew was how desperately she craved the taste of her
son's prick. Not even double-fucking could rival the shameless pleasure
she derived in slurping on Paul's cock, or swallowing his hot, spurting
prick-juice when she made him cum.

As Monica sucked her boy to orgasm, her mind was on the events of the
past few hours. She didn't know where all this lewd behavior would
lead, but one thing was for certain.... she would obviously have to
share her son with Kate and Alison. At first she wasn't happy with that
thought, but then, Monica smiled (as best she could around Paul's eager
young cock). She had just realized something. She hadn't lost a son...
she'd just gained two more!!!

The End.